GM MDI 2 clone in 2021

Some technicians wanna know a trusted source from which they can buy a good 1:1 GM MDI 2 clone? It’s even better if it’s from Europe. If not, that’s ok too.

Someone may want to know if this is the MDI 1 in the MDI 2 case?

I’d like to say GDS 2 identifies it as a MDI2….

And someone want to know does MD2 cover 24V trucks?

My answer is: Sorry, no idea about 24Volt support. The GM MDI2 HDD has many different packages to install as needed. I have used on my Holden Commodore ok, will try on a Opel next time I have one to work on. If you could tell me how to create image for HDD & upload, maybe you could try & report.

MDI2 wifi version is good, in case someone is interested, these are the PCBs of Wi-Fi Version GM MDI 2 clone.