Fiat Ducato 2012- Key Programming by OBDSTAR X300 PRO4

OBDSTAR x300 pro4 + FCA 12+8 cable does a great job in programming an spare car key for Fiat Ducato. It reads the pin, programs the dealer key, and learns them successfully.

For the all keys lost situation, OBDSTAR X300 Pro4 did the same good job.


* OBDSTAR x300 pro4(P001 programmeris in the package)
* The original key and one spare key.
* Good internet connection
* FCA 12+8 cable
* One screwdriver (used to unscrew the cover of obd2 diagnostic socket)

Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-1 (2)

Image 1: The original key can start the car.

Here we go for the procedure:

Unscrew the cover of obd2 diagnostic socket;

Plug the OBD2 16pin cable of the tablet into the OBD2 port;

Turn on OBDSTAR x300 pro4 tablet;

Connect P001 programmer to x300 pro4.

Insert the original key into the ignition and turn it on.

Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-2 (2)

Put the blank new key (or key chip) into the P001 programmer.

Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-3 (2)

Come to x300 pro4 tablet, select IMMO -> All -> Fiat.

Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-4 (2)

Select the newest version of Fiat software (i.e Fiat V32.58).

Select “Manual Select Model” -> “Program Keys ” -> “Europe” -> “Ducato” -> “2012” – “Blade” -> “Marelli MB91465P+95640 (ID46) ” -> “Type 1”.

Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-5 (2)
Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-6 (2)
Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-7 (2)

It pops up “This function is available by connecting the server, please ensure the internet connection is normal”, if yes, click on “Enter”.

Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-8 (2)

Note: Models equipped with SGW ECU, please connect the [OBDII 16] and [FCA 12+8] at the same time to complete the operation!

Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-9 (2)

Select “Make Dealer Key”, then it pops up “Please read the PinCode first. Alright, back to select “Read PinCode“, then it pops up “Switch Ignition On”, soon the PinCode is read out.

Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-10 (2)
Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-11 (2)

Next is to select “Make Dealer Key”.

click on “Enter” to confirm that “connect P001 programmer to diagnostic tool (OBDSTAR X300 Pro4) and Put the new key (or key chip) in the P001 programming, since we did it at the beginning.

Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-12 (2)

Generating the dealer key, meanwhile you can see the communication indicator is flashing.

Soon it pops up “operation success”.

Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-13 (2)
Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-14 (2)

Next is to select “Program Keys”.

If you have the original key, please program the original key first, otherwise the original key (7936) will not be programmed.

Turn on ignition on.

Please input 5-digit PinCode.

Turn off the ignition.

Turn on the ignition.

Turn off the ignition.

Insert a new key and switch ignition on.

Do you want to program more keys? click on “Enter”.

Insert a new key and switch ignition on (Take off the new key from P001 programmer and insert it into the ignition and turn on it).

Do you want to program more keys? click on “Esc”.

Alright, it pops up “Key Number:2”.

Program finish.

Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-15 (2)
Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-16 (2)
Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-17 (2)
Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-18 (2)

Pull out the new key from the ignition, and test if the remote works.

Alright, both can start the car Fiat Ducato 2012-.

OBDSTAR X300 Pro4 plus FCA 12+8 cable is really a decent key programmer.

Fiat-Ducato-2012-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-X300-PRO4-19 (2)