How to Program Honda Air Blade Motorcycle All Keys Lost with OBDSTAR

Here is the instruction on programming Honda Air Blade Motorcycle Key when lost all keys using OBDSTAR tools.

Tool required

OBDSTAR MS80 motorcycle diagnostic tool

or OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus/X300 Pro4 with Motor IMMO license and adapter

9-digit pin code from dealer

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Connect OBDSTAR X300 or MS80 with Motorcycle via P002 adapter and M053 special harness

Go to Moto IMMO function- click All– quick search Honda brand – select latest Honda motor software version- Manual Select Model –  AIR BLADE – All Keys Lost

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How-to-Program-Honda-Air-Blade-Motorcycle-All-Keys-Lost-with-OBDSTAR-2 (2)
How-to-Program-Honda-Air-Blade-Motorcycle-All-Keys-Lost-with-OBDSTAR-3 (2)
How-to-Program-Honda-Air-Blade-Motorcycle-All-Keys-Lost-with-OBDSTAR-4 (2)
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How-to-Program-Honda-Air-Blade-Motorcycle-All-Keys-Lost-with-OBDSTAR-6 (2)

Confirm connection is okay

Tips: press Operation Instruction to check operation steps;

How-to-Program-Honda-Air-Blade-Motorcycle-All-Keys-Lost-with-OBDSTAR-7 (2)

Switch all keys to the disable mode, click Enter

Tips: within help data files of Switch Key Mode in AIR BLADE menu.

How-to-Program-Honda-Air-Blade-Motorcycle-All-Keys-Lost-with-OBDSTAR-8 (2)

OBDSTAR will ask a 9-digit pincode to access, manually enter pin and confirm

How-to-Program-Honda-Air-Blade-Motorcycle-All-Keys-Lost-with-OBDSTAR-9 (2)

Switch the new key to the working mode, click Enter;

How-to-Program-Honda-Air-Blade-Motorcycle-All-Keys-Lost-with-OBDSTAR-10 (2)

Program successfully;

Test new key.

Note: Strictly follow your device tips in your operation process.