Jaguar Land Rover KVM reset CG100 can read & write 9S12XEQ384

Confirmed! CG100 programmer is able to reset Keyless Vehicle Module (KVM) from a Jaguar or Land Rover. It can read and write Motorola 9S12XEQ384

The KVM:

cg100-programmer-jlr-kvm-reset-1 cg100-programmer-jlr-kvm-reset-1

It’s the Remote Function Actuator(RFA )/Keyless Vehicle Module (KVM)
Pls remove it from the car
Wiring connection to CG100 programmer:


All ready for KVM reset!
Steps to reset KVM:
Run CG100 app
Select CG100-III->UniProg (Universal Programmer)->Motorola->9S12XEQ384
cg100-programmer-software-1 cg100-programmer-software-2 cg100-programmer-software-3
Then read to check if the chip is encrypted
Erase to clear chip data
Adjust CPU
This function is used to adjust the DFlash/EEPROM space size and replace the chip can be used to.
Adjust value: DFLASH:4K,  EEPROM:2K

Then write EEPROM, DFLASH, PFLASH one by one]




Free Download CGDI BMW AT200 Software & Car List (Full)

Here OBD2TOOL share the Free download source of CGDI BMW AT200 Programmer software and full vehicle list,and at end of article list some test video projects on how to use CGDI BMW AT200 read ISN for BMW DME.

What is AT200 Programmer:

AT200 is a BMW ECU programmer and ISN code reader.

Part 1:CGDI BMW AT200 Software Free Download

Part 2:CGDI BMW AT200 Car List

Part 3:CGDI BMW AT200 Read ISN VIN for BMW DME MSV90, MSD85, MSD87

Part 1:AT200 Programmer Download Free:!rQpWXYKT!M1MZOPoqmBu4iCQl2AKVw1TferCBrusrDPHbhR2eZ-E

Version: 05.04.2019

Password: Not required

Security: Tested 100% with AT-200 programmer


Part 2:AT200 Programmer car list:









at200-programmer-bmw-vehicle-list-9 at200-programmer-bmw-vehicle-list-10 at200-programmer-bmw-vehicle-list-11 at200-programmer-bmw-vehicle-list-12 at200-programmer-bmw-vehicle-list-13

at200-programmer-bmw-vehicle-list-14 at200-programmer-bmw-vehicle-list-15 at200-programmer-bmw-vehicle-list-16 at200-programmer-bmw-vehicle-list-17


Program Honda Jade 2014 Remote Key by SKP900

Here is the instruction on programming remote key for Honda Jade 2014 MPV by using SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer.


The Honda Jade is a compact MPV produced by Honda Motor Company. It was first introduced in the Chinese market in September 2013. Starting February 2015, a hybrid version is to be sold in Japan with a 2+2+2 seating layout.


Connect SKP900 Key Programmer with vehicle

Insert new remote key to turn ignition on, security light goes on because the remote key has not been programmed

Go to Function selection menu, select Immobilizer


Select vehicle make: Honda


Select Immobilizer 3


Select Immobilizer System


Choose OBDII adapter  and turn ignition ON


Communicating…please wait

Select All Key Lost Add Remote


Insert key and IGN ON

Enter key number to be programmed and confirm

Turn ignition OFF

Turn ignition ON

Turn ignition off within 15 sec

Turn ignition ON

Turn ignition OFF
Turn ignition ON

Indicator light off? If off, press yes, otherwise press NO

Turn ignition OFF
Turn ignition ON

Add remote key success via SKP900
Test the remote


Start car with new remote key

How to copy 46 chip with SKP900 key programmer

Original SuperOBD SKP900 English/Portuguese automotive key programmer alone cannot copy 46 chip, you need extra 46/4D/48 adapter plus for SKP900.

The function of 46/4D/48 Adapter for SKP-900 Key Programming:

1) Read chip.  Identify the chip type, chip ID, empty and locked.
2) Write chip. Connect to PC and edit chips, write special position for chips
3) Make key when all car keys lost
4) Create special chips, like Mitsubishi 46 (Duplex communications chips)
5) Unlock some chips so it can be used again
6) Decode the original chip and then copy it

Here is the instruction on how to copy 46 chip with SKP900 and 46/4D/48 adapter.

1. Well connect SKP900 and adapter. Plug the SKP-900 key programmer into the vehicle OBD socket. Prepare to copy the original car keys and 46 chips.

2. Special features into the SKP-900—-chip key copy—46 chip copy, which has four options, according to the order entered were 1-2-3-4.

3. Firstly enter 1 and read original key ID, then place the original key near the adapter and press YES, the original key ID will be read. If it says reading error, please check if the key chip is 46, or adjust the position of the key and reading coil, and re-read the key ID. After reading key ID, press NO to return.

4. Enter 2 and get collector information: place the collector already with collected data near reading coil (refer to the user manual for the collector user manual), press YES to go on. At this situation, the collector data indicator (green) will flash, the screen displays the collector data. Then press NO to return.

5. Enter 3 and decode original chip, press YES to continue. The screen will display: working, please wait…… It normally takes about 5-30 seconds. (need about 4 minutes in some case). If the decoding failed, please re-collecting data and re-do step 3 and step 4. If the decoding successes, please press NO to return.

6. Enter 4 and create clone chip, place the copy-able 46 chip near the reading coil, press YES to continue, copy successes 1 second later; if not, please adjust the position of the coil and chip, or replace the chip can be copied.

Program Maserati Levante 2016 Smart Key with Lonsdor K518ISE

Another test report: Lonsdor K518ISE can do Maserati Levante 2017/2016 lost key.

How to add a Levante 2016 smart key with Lonsdor?

Step 1: Backup Immo Data

Turn ignition to ON position

In K518ISE, select Immobilizer->Maserati->Smart key(2016-)->Smart key->Backup Data (via OBD)



This function will read and save immo data


Turn off ignition and turn on the emergency indicator


Getting data about 2 minutes


Save  EEPROM data.


Step 2: Add a Smart Key with Lonsdor K518


Select Add Smart Key

Select EEPROM data just saved


Confirm VIN


Turn off ignition and turn on emergency indicator. Press OK to continue


Keep only one smart key to be programmed inside the car, take other smart keys outside the car


Press Lock or Unlock button of the smart key


Put the smart key close to the Start button within 30 seconds and press Unlock button once


Programming complete


Test the new smart key. The key works.


Lonsdor New Product LKE emulator for Toyota Lexus smart key

Lonsdor LKE emulator is new released product by Lonsdor Company, It is for Toyota Lexus smart key all lost, working together with Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer.


The Feature of Lonsdor LKE emulator:

Lonsdor LKE emulator has many capabilities such as: collect data(sent from automobile ignition coil) to detect the coil fault and decode car keys; simulate key chip(4D and 46 chip are supported currently and more.

LKE adopts low-power design, and has CR2032 button battery installed externally, which is easy to replace batteries and can avoid damage to casing.

Lonsdor LKE emulator has the following capabilities that SKE emulator doesn’t have, that means Lonsdor LKE is more powerful than SKE emulator:



No need to dismantle
Can work without network connection
Localized computing

2.Generate chip

LKE can be used to work as an emergency key to program when no dedicated chip.

3.Copy chip

By collecting data to decode and copy chip, LKE currently supports some 46 and 4D chip copy.

4.Simulate and convert chip

Use Lonsdor K518ISE[Generate chip] to make various chips, part of 4D/46 and SKE Toyota
currently supported.

5.Decode chip

Decode 46 and 4D chips to obtain SK.

6.Identify ignition coil and key chip type(all key lost)7.As K518 helper:

Achieve programming key without PIN for Hyundai and KiaAchieve programming key without PIN for BYD
Achieve programming key without PIN for Porsche Cayman(2005-2010)and boxster.

Lonsdor Newest Update European Model

Lonsdor Newest Update European Models-1 on Mar.28,2019

Software update:

Renault Trafic III-System 2

Opel Vivaro 2014-System 2

Software Optimization:

Renault Master III (2010-2015)

Renault Trafic II Ph3 (2010-2014)

JMD Super Remote Frequently Answer Questions

JMD Technology Co.LTD will release their new product,called “JMD Super-Remote”.And before the official release, JMD made a questionnaire survey with the locksmith. In this survey, the car locksmith mentioned many question on the “Super-Remote”. JMD also responded to these questions one by one. Here OBD2TOOL shares some hot question and answers,hopes it makes auto locksmith fully aware of this new product.

JMD Super Remote FAQs:

Q1:When does Surper-remote  come on the market?

A1:Surper-Remote control will be available in late March 2019 and can be purchased by contacting agents.

Q2:How much is the Surper-remote pricing?

A2:No pricing.

Q3:How many models and functions of remote control are there?

A3:Now there are three types of remote control: DS, Ford and Buick Encora.

The three styles have different shapes and the same functions.


Q4:What are the Super-remote supported Vehicles?

A4:The type of chip supported by Super remote is the same as that of Super chip.

Including 4D/46/47/48/T5 chip types.

Specific support for remote control models can be seen in mobile phone APP[Remote]-[JMD Remote][JMD ELE-Remote]






Q5:Does the Super-remote control contain chips?

A5:Super remote control is a combination of chip and remote control, including chip and remote control functions.

Q6:How does Super-remote control generate electronic subcomputers?

A6:Electronic subcomputers can be directly generated in Handy-baby II.

——Handybaby II [chip-fun]

——[Remote Transfer]

——Choosing the Corresponding Vehicle Type

——Analog key for Handy-Baby II antenna

——Matching with equipment on board

——When the matching is successful, the super remote control is put into the coil to generate the remote control.

Q7:Is Super-remote control wired or wireless?

Super-remote supports both wired and wireless burning.

A7:After selecting the corresponding model, APP will prompt you to choose the burning mode.

(Some models only support wired connections.

Q8:How does the Super-remote control generate the corresponding remote ?

A8:Cooperate with Auto Key Programmer Handy-baby II and APP to generate remote control.

——APP [Remote]

——[JMD Remote]

——Choosing the Corresponding Vehicle Type

——Choose the generation mode

1.Connect Handy-baby II generation (wired)


2.Remote Placement in Handy-baby II Recognition Coil Generation (Wireless)


Q9:How to match the Super-remote copy to get on the car?

A9:Super remote control matching methods include manual matching and equipment matching.


Matching remote control or all loss with JMD OBD

Q10:Does JMD have ordinary remote control?

A10:Super-remote control can be used as ordinary remote control. Ordinary remote control is planned.

Guide on Yanhua ACDP Renew the eeprom data of CAS1 – CAS4

Free update! Yanhua Mini ACDP can renew the eeprom data of CAS1 – CAS4, this post is on how to operate it.
CAS1 (0K50E) eeprom data renew
CAS2 (2k79x) eeprom data renew
CAS3  (0L01Y/0L15Y/0M23S) eeprom data renew
CAS4 (1L15Y / 5M48H /1N35H) refresh & coding by ICP.

Images mean a lot:
1.CAS1 (0K50E) renew

2.CAS2 (2k79x) renew


3.CAS3 (0L01Y/0L15Y/0M23S) renew

4.CAS4 (1L15Y / 5M48H /1N35H) ICP renew.


Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW eeprom data renew functions :

Renew the EEPROM data of CAS1-CAS4. New EEPROM data can be generated by loading EEPROM data of other cars, modifying vehicle frequency, VIN, ISN code and other info, to solve the problem of replacement a CAS module because of missing EEPROM data of CAS module or failed reading EEPROM data of CAS module.

Step 1:
Prepare the EEPRON data for the corresponding chip model and copy the data to the APP path: “:/ Atmatch/bmw/CAS4/CAS_Renew’, then select the corresponding EEPROM file for parameter calculation.


Step 2
Enter the VIN number, vehicle frequency, ISN code, etc that need to be modified, modify the loaded data and save it, the Key Programmer Mini ACDP will automatically clear the CAS mileage.


Step 3
Write the saved new EEPROM data to the CAS module, then load the CAS module

Step 4
After the module is loaded, if the vehicle cannot be started, or the “Direction lock” is displayed on the meter, please synchronize the ELV or DME according to the situation.

Step 5:
Use professional equipment to clear the trouble codes of the vehicle.

The original car key is invalid and you need to relearn the new key to start the car.