Xtool Tablet Series Car Diagnosis NISSAN V12.20 Update

Xtool Tablet Series Car Diagnosis NISSAN V12.20 Update:

Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian´╝îVietnamese,Arabic


1. Solve the problem that some Infiniti models enter some systems and cause the vehicle to turn off and turn on the fault light.

2. Added a total of 122 special functions, such as Around View Monitor (AVM), Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)/Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)/Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) 2, etc. for SYLPHY, TEANA, XTRAIL, QASHQAI and other models, such as STEERING ANGLE SENSOR ADJUSTMENT, INITIALIZE CAMERA IMAGE CALIBRATION, FRONT WIDE-VIEW FIXED GUIDE LINE CORRECTION, CALIBRATING CAMERA IMAGE 2 (FRONT CAMERA), CALIBRATING CAMERA IMAGE 2 (PASS-SIDE CAMERA), etc.

3. Newly added in China 14 years / 15 years Teana (L33), 12 years / 14 years X-TRAIL (T31), 15 years / 18 years Qashqai (J11), 16 years / 18 years SYLPHY (B17), 17 years SYLPHY (G11) ), 17 years of KICKS (P15), 14 years of Infiniti Q50 (V37), 17 years of Infiniti Q50L (V37), 18 years of Infiniti Q60 (CV37), 18 years of Infiniti QX50 (J55) and so on. engine system fault codes related functions: Purge control valve & solenoid valve P1493, purg vol cn/v p1444, TCC solenoid valve function P1776, vc cut/v bp/v p1491, air-fuel ratio sensor 1 (B1) P1273, air-fuel ratio sensor 1 (B2) P1281/P1282, etc.; American zone 14 Years of sunshine (B17), 14 years of pioneers (D40), 16 years / 17 years of Atima (L33), 16 years of VIP (E52), 18 years / 19 years of KICKS (P15), 16 years / 17 years Engine system fault codes of Infiniti QX50 (J50), 16/17 Infiniti QX60 (L50), 16/17/18 Infiniti QX80 (Z62) and so on,engine system fault codes related functions related functions: exhaust gas recirculation system P1402, exhaust gas recirculation system P0400 , AF sensor 1 (B2) P014E/P014F, purg flow P1441, engine power difference P1196, etc.18 years of KICKS (D15) engine system in other areas: diesel particulate filter relative pressure sensor, exhaust gas recirculation valve programming, air damping valve setting, exhaust gas fuel injector circuit, engine adaptability, cruise/speed limit setting, etc. 170 special functions in total.

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