Mercedes Benz C6 Vs SD Connect C4 review

Today we will look at the new generation Multiplexer C6 or to give it is actual designation mercedes Benz VCI and how it will compare to the SD Connect C4 or SD connect C5


To start with both the clone and original C6 or VCI are of lower quality outer shell, yes the genuine one from Mb looks and feels much worse than C4 or C5 copies, because it has a plastic cover and feels very cheap and nasty, yet the only advantage we are aware of so far is the C6 VCI has the DOIP protocol for the latest cars and mainly to communicate with the new wide screen command system, but we have the real C5 which also has this new car diagnostics protocole.

MB Star is undergoing some major changes and many of the services are moving online.
This started last year with EPC Electronic Parts Catalog, which is now online only.

also, noted the Mercedes Xentry made for SD connect C4, C5 will not work with C6 VCI because the chinese manufacturers have built their C6 VCI to work with only the software they produce which can be expensive when updating

We anticipate more changes in the coming few months, but here at Pro Auto Diagnostics we are ready for all the changes and we will have solutions for the independent Mercedes specialists and the services garages alike.

in conclusion we think the C4 represents better value for money for the novice user who should wait until they can use Xentry software with confidence before moving to more advanced Vehicle Communication Interface, The C6 VCI seen in the photo is what a good high quality clone should look like and not the VCM2 encased version which is of lower quality
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