MDI 2 Available through GM Tools and Equipment

The GM MDI 2 released earlier this year is the next generation Global Diagnostic Interface tool for both current and future GM vehicles. It’s a compact communication module with increased processing power and security that manages the transfer of data between a vehicle’s onboard network and a service technician’s PC.


Available through GM Tools and Equipment

The new MDI 2 is not an essential tool, so it has not been shipped automatically to all GM dealerships.

The GM MDI 2 kit (EL-52100) is available for purchase at the Special Service Tools website,, or by calling 1-800-GM-TOOLS. The tool comes with a two year supplier warranty.

Designed for the Future

The MDI 2 is the main diagnostic tool for GM models — including Global Architecture, or Global A, vehicles — and was designed to handle future vehicle protocols and architectures as well. It’s expected to be the diagnostic communication tool used in dealerships for many years to come, but it also is backward compatible, so it can be used to perform Pass-Thru programming on all vehicles built since 1996.

Current plans call for the original MDI, introduced in 2007, to continue to be supported. However, the MDI will not work on future Global B models.

The MDI 2 supports diagnostic applications — GDS 2, Data Bus Diagnostic Tool, and Tech2Win — as well as Pass-Thru programming applications — TIS2Web–SPS.

EL-52100 MDI 2 Kit

The MDI 2 connects to the vehicle via the J1962 connector using a DLC cable. Connection between the MDI 2 and the PC running the GDS 2 software can be accomplished via a standalone connection (USB), the dealership network (CAT5), or through a new Point-to-Point wireless Wi-Fi interface feature (a simple plug & play).

The EL-52100 MDI 2 kit (Fig. 9) includes:

• MDI 2 Unit
• SAE J1962 DLC Cable
• 10-ft. USB A to USB B Cable
• Ethernet Cable
• D-Link Wireless USB Adapters (Dongles) (Optional; for wireless connection)

F09 MDI 2 kit


MDI Manager Software

The MDI Manager must be installed on the PC in order to configure, update and run the diagnostic applications. The MDI Manager software is used to set up the configuration of the MDI 2 and to update the firmware on the MDI 2. Visit the TIS2Web/Global TIS website to determine if an updated version of the MDI Manager software is available.