mb sd c4 xentry data can not save? how to solve?

The MB SD C4 i bought can not save the xentry data, each time i need to reactivate it and then paste the code again, it is too much time-costing.

i chat with chinacardiags.com online services, chat with seven, and she helped me to solve the problem.

Just share with you.

Firstly: find  the directory:  C:ProgramData/LicDir and then delete the other files except:

only keep the three files,

and  secondly activate the xentry by yourself with keygen or send to seller’s Email: sales@obd2tool.com to get activation code to activate it.

thirdly: go to  C:ProgramData/LicDir and find the data lic_key_2.dat, copy it and paste it, and then rename the file to  lic_key_2.x4711.

and then click it yes. and right click it and make it as read only.