How to change GEM settings in Fiesta 2003

How to change GEM settings in Fiesta 2003 ?
I need to check or change the settings of the GEM in an Fiesta MK6 (build 2003).
Anyone knows a software tool to do this?
I have an ELM327 (clone) adapter at hand. Also an UCDS interface.

There are two software tools to do this:


In details:
Ideally you want IDS/VCM for this.
At this age you can do anything to this car using a VCM with Ford IDS v86 and C81 calibrations.
Advise the best VCM2 Ford IDS V101 (with double pcb, no wifi):


Capable alternative: Forscan
ForScan is working fine. I had this, but an old version without capability to program. Downloaded the recent version from and all worked like charm! This is a really great tool and all for FREE!

Another working alternative: FORScan Scanner clone
Test reports: China clone bought two days ago, but DTC, direct coding and other functions work.