How about the Pathfinder and SDD password

Hello,Recently so many friends received the JLR Pathfinder and SDD Diagnostic tool,and they asked the pathfinder and SDD Password,how to solve this problem?

JLR DoIP VCI SDD Pathfinder Interface for Jaguar Land Rover Diagnostic & Programming from 2005 to 2022
The Jlr have two softwares,one is the pathfinder software,another one is SDD Software ,details as below .

The Pathfinder software
It is the only unit that will be compatible with the Pathfinder software and all JLR vehicles with the new vehicle architectures found in 2017 and newer vehicles (from the Range Rover/Range Rover Sport L405/L494). In addition to the 2017 and newer vehicles, the DoIP VCI will also be capable of interfacing with 2014 through 2022 Multi-CAN architecture vehicles (see application list below).
Note:The Pathfinder software  (If you want to do programming ,you must have a online account)

The SDD software(Support the diagnostic and offline programming)
All 2014-2018 with no DOIP and earlier (2006 to 2014) land rover and Jaguar will still use the SDD JLR software.

When you operate the two softwares.the username and password as following :
SDD software:

Pathfinder software:
Independent account: abcdef
Password: 123456
Enter a random number for the work number
Individual account
Note: 1. Set the computer time to the current time; 2. Computer networking

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