GM Diagnostics FAQs (MDI, GDS2, Tech2win)

Good questions and answers of GM diagnostic test. Just share some i think good to share with you all. Hope it helps.

Question: That screen does look exactly like my Tech II menus. Some sort of emulator I’m guessing. Nice find.
Edit: Curious how you connected the laptop to your obd 2 port?

Answer: you plug the device into the OBD2 port, and then you either use Wifi back to the laptop to connect that way ($129), or you can use a usb cable instead ($119).
Even through the device is using GDS2, MDI and Tech2win software on the laptop side, the only thing that I have to question is if you can drive firmware upgrades through it to reprogram modules if needed as well?
Now the bad news that maybe the op can bring us up to speed, did you mange to get the tech2 win to install on a 64 bit machine with 64 bit windows, or did you install tech2win and the rest of the software a 32windows machine only isntead.

Question: First GDS2 works with the included software as a virtual machine with VMWare running in a decent hardware, no low end Pentiums or Celeron, please Core2Duos and up, Minimum 4GB Ram, etc..
Second and thanks for the seller assistance, Tech2Win works ONLY in a physical system with Windows Xp or Windows 7 x86 (32Bit) installation. It does not work any other way. It DOES NOT WORK in a x64 (64Bit) environment. Did I say only 32Bit?

Answer: Truth is, for $119, would just about cover what most are using the tech II for on the vet anyways, but still back to the question if you have to have a X86 machine (32 bit machine with 32 bit windows software) to load the needed tech2 win software to, since it does look its a no-go on a X64 machine with window 64 bit windows install , and even a no go of trying to VM a X86 shell to run tech2 win that way on a X64 loaded version of windows on a 64 bit machine instead.
So the real question since most of the newer laptops are 64 bit, and running windows 10 64 bit, is this what you loaded the software to, and had no problems running it? Or did you have a 32 bit machine laying around to load the software to instead.
Note, there is a work around to get a 32 bit program to run on 64 bit software, but it no joy, and not sure how its going to reach to GDS2 running in a VM shell at the same time.

Question: I am no IT smart but still have to ask, how do you make the connection between the GM VXDIAG VCX Nano and the computer?
Answer: it connects via a usb cable that comes with the device and then the device itself connects to your cars OBD2. Yes you can even reprogram modules. Its basically the same you would do it with the clone tech 2. You use the GDS2 software. It comes with the device, but i’m not sure if its a cracked version and would still require one to obtain a subscription from the ACdelco website (some one will correct me if im wrong). I’m not sure if there is some kind of test i could do to verify that without actually reprogramming a module???

Question: Now that I do have the tool, and living in a high humidity area, how to turn the HVAC after blow on.
Answer: Connect the scan tool.
Turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF.
Select HVAC Module.
Select HVAC Systems Automatic.
Select Special Functions.
Select HVAC.
Select Afterblow Option.
Select ENTER to enable the afterblow.
When done, use the soft key to save changes.
When afterblow has been enabled by the scan tool the blower motor will operate between medium and high speed for 4 minutes after the engine has been turned off.
Good deal. Not gonna lie, wish i had more stuff to do with my car so i could play with mine further. But i will look at the HVAC option.
I fired up the GDS2 software and that indeed runs off Windows XP. But it does come with the VM software. So far everything works under my Windows 10, but like i said the GDS2 is running in the VM software.