Compare Nissan Consult-3 III Plus with SVCI ING Nissan/Infiniti/GTR Diagnostic and Programming Tool

SVCI ING= Consult III Plus + Security Card + GTR Card + Bluetooth 4.0


SVCI ING Nissan Scanner:

  1. Support all the INFINITI NISSAN GTR models diagnostic, immobilizer and programming functions from 1996 up to now.
  2. Improve 500 % speed for programming modules than OEM Nissan Consult 3 Plus
  3. More stable and zero mortality for modules programming
  4. Support USB power supply and Bluetooth v4.0 connection.
  5. Build-in security card and GRT card functions, immobilizer bypass password.
  6. Provide mobile android software and Windows software (BAOCHI cloud diagnostic)
  7. Language:  English, Japanese and Chinese


SVCI ING Nissan Scanner VS Nissan Consult-3 III Plus

Item SVCI ING Nissan Scanner Nissan Consult-3 III Plus
Price US$158.00 US$539.00 including shipping
Language 4 languages available: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese 11 languages available: English, French, German, Spanish,  Italian, Japanese, Russian, Finnish, Greek,  Chinese, Portuguese
Programming times About 3 minutes About 15 minutes
Programming mortality 0% 0%>
Immobilizer functions Immobilizer bypass password Immobilizer with  password
Security card functions Build-in Security card functions Need to purchase
GTR card functions Build-in GRT card functions Need to purchase
Support the model years 1996 years up to now 1996 years up to now
Mobile android software Contains Null
Bluetooth Contains Contains
Software update Automatic online upgrade Uncertain update (update free by download link)