GM Saab PSG16 Programming by Tech2 via SPS

I need to program a psg16 pump vp44 (the Opel Vectra 2.2 dti car got several electrical errors due to a PSG16 change). I see that gm tech2 scanner can do it. If I buy a new PCMCIA card, can I get it working? the MDI/MDI2 can I also program?
You can flash/swap PSG16 pump via SPS original software.
If you want to program PSG16 you can easily do it with tech2 and TIS2000, GlobalTis v32 or Tis2web. You can buy any card because you can overwrite the software that you need from TIS.
You also can use GM MDI or GM MDI2 or AVDI or any good/approved J2534 tool can be used to do SPS Programming in PSG16.
You download sps on PCMCIA card then cut from card read.

EDC 15 / PSG 16 Reprogramming by Tech2 via SPS

Follow the description below carefully to ensure success.


1. Connect TECH2 scan tool to the data link connector.

2. Start TECH2 and select F5: Service Programming System (SPS).

3. Select F0: Request Information.

4. Then select: model year, vehicle type, group, system

5. Follow the instructions in TECH2.

6. Disconnect TECH2 from the vehicle and connect it to the COM port of the computer (flat cable). TIS2000 must be installed on the computer.

7. Check that the software of the computer is newer than that of EDC 15/PSG 16. If so, download it to TECH2.

8. Disconnect TECH2 from the computer and reconnect it to the vehicle.

9. Start TECH2 and select F5: Service Programming System (SPS).

10. Select F1: Program control module.

11. Follow the instructions in TECH2.

12. Wait until programming is complete. This takes approx. 7 minutes.

13. Once programming is complete: switch off the ignition.

14. Test start the engine.

15. Read and clear any DTCs in the control unit. A DTC will be generated because the pump control unit loses communication with EDC 15/PSG 16 during programming.

16. Final check:

Clear DTCs in all systems.

Execute one operating cycle (run the vehicle at varying engine load and speed for five minutes).

Evaluate the operating cycle (check that DTCs were not regenerated).