2016 Lexus GS Mileage Correction Tool Recommendation

Make: 2016-2019 Lexus

Aim: Mileage Correction

Ideal machine to use and test reports:

1. Dash has eeprom 93c86….very simple to calculate new mileage.

Most of the eeprom programmer are able to read that chip. Take it apart, desolder, read it and post on forum so someone can help you calculate. There is no tool that will do these by obd port.

2.  The safest way is by Hex editor and good programmer.

3.  Any eeprom programmer mate…even your dp3 can read this…it’s a simple 93c86 x 16 bits.

Related article: Toyota Auris 93C86 odometer correction with DP3.

4.  Yanhua Digimaster 3 is able to correct the mileage with no problem.


5.  Carprog Online Dashboard Odometer Programming for Lexus 93C86 successfully.

Brand: Lexus
Model: GX460
Memory type: 93C86
Category: Dashboard.

To be upgrading…