2014 Ford F-150 error codes with autel im608

Problem: 2014 Ford F-150. PCM was exchanged. I did a parameter reset with Autel IM608 and the trouble codes are not cleared for the following: P0315:00-AF Crankshaft Position (CKP) system variation not learned. P1639:00-2F Vehicle ID block damaged, not programmed. With the CKP, the workshop can do this safely with their diagnostic device. I’m more worried about the vehicle block ID. Can I solve this with IM608? I have never seen this error.


Solution: You need to use FJDS and actually program the PCM module. Simply coding the module to the car will not work. If you don’t have nastf, program the module with Ford software and use autel for parameter reset and 2 keys. You have to get it right. First you need to get the inventory data, which you can get for free on the Ford website. Then you need to load the PCM data manually, then you’re good to go.