How to Use Ford VCM II VCM 2 IDS For Ford V101.03 Mazda V94

OEM FORD VCM II is one of best recommended diagnostic scan tool that works with the Ford IDS diagnostics application running on a PC to diagnose Ford, Mazda —so on vehicles.Ford VCM II VCM 2 IDS For Ford V101.03 Mazda V94 also has WIFI version available,see here : Ford VCM II With WIFI .And now both version in at a great price. And following is a step by steps guide on how to use Ford VCM II VCM 2 IDS Diagnostic Tool For Ford Mazda,hope it will be useful.

2017 Ford VCM II Preview

Notice Tip Customers Need to know before installation VCM 2 For Ford & Mazda

1.Disconnect the internet and close your anti-virus software。

2.TWO Software(For Fd/For Md) must be installed on different PC with WINDOWS XP DSP 3 or Win7 32bit system.

3.Assure th working voltage is 14V

Ford VCM 2 For Ford IDS V101.03 User Manual

1. Turn the computer time to January 1, 2016.
2. Open IDS-91.01-FULL,start to install V91 first,choose the language you want.Accept all,and press next.Install and save it in C disk,don’t change the save route. And the software need about 4GB space to install.Usually it will take 30mins-1hour to Update database.

3 Open the Ford IDS logo in your desk now,put information(ignore),then it ask for your computer time is not right.(if you have change to 2016.1.1,then ignore it here)Then it tell you only have 3 days,need activated it.(Ignore it now,press next)

4.Open the CD disk folde, Install V101.01_FULL, then install V101.02, and then install V101.03, then running IDS_V101.03, you can also got 3 days trial.
4. Activated the license,copy your key from DFstd-key.Then ready to install the Deep Freeze,this software will come out automatic.


5. When 3 days trial used, Adjust the computer time to the date of installation(1/1 2016) will get another 3 days.

OEM Ford VCM II For Mazda V94 User Manual

VCM2 chip board is for IDS software V101, if you want to work with for mazda v94, need downgrade the firmware first.And following is a step by steps downgrade guide

1.After opening the software,insert the device’s USB interface.
2.After waitting for the program to connect to the VCM2 device,the eject is shown in figure,select X.


3.In the second pop-up dialog box,select the hook number.


4.Disconnect all the connecting device, unplug the black glue sleeve from the USB port,and then select the hook number.


5.To find the small buttons next to the SD card slot,press the button,and then insert the USB, waitting for the device buzzer sound,release the press button,select hook number.


6.Pop up as shown in the dialog box,waitting for the progress bar read finished


7.As shown in figure,select the hook number,the device has been successful brush machine to V94


How to activate Ford VCM2 IDS Special Function

Ford VCM2 IDS Special Function

With Ford VCM 2 clone with IDS, how to enable or activate Special Function in the menu Module Programming/Programmable Parameters/Car Configuration Parameter(s)? Here is the how-to guide from a CT member. It’s a customer experience; try at your own risk.

Ok just had a play and i managed to get to enter the code (here: 60274)

I found where IDS stores these codes:
C:\Program Files\Ford Motor Company\IDS\Runtime\Registry.xml
Under <key name=”UPDATEFUNCTIONS”>
Going to try them out.
Enter the code
71863 – IDENT_MCP1

2-1 2-2
Enter the code 60274
It changes the ccc option in module programming to a different list with more options and also appeared to give me icons to read and write dumps,
But I ran out of time to play more and see what options did, I did try to disable my seat belt off warning buzzer but it failed to work, Other peoples input would be nice once you test it…
See my photos, get the first page up as shown then click update/ special functions on your right hand side
As for getting nothing to appear in special function through VCM2 IDS, i had two option in there, read config file and modify, Also for me the tool box module programming, 3rd option down had changed to allow what i would normally alter within ccc as well as a as built option which i do not normally see on this year of car, It had speed items for one listed, were as this is found on later fords than mine in the pcm on first page.


Ford Vehicle Communication Module II (VCM II)

V138 JLR VCM II VCM2 Jaguar and Land Rover Diagnostic Tool

Authentic Ford OEM diagnostics scan tool that works with the Ford IDS diagnostics application running on a PC to diagnose Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles.  VCM 2 are used under license from Ford Motor Company

Drug iatrogeny is important but could be decreased if contraindications, cautions for use, drug interactions and adverse effects of drugs described in drug monographs were taken into account. However, the physician’s time is limited during consultations, and this information is often not consulted. We describe here the design of “Mister VCM”, a graphical interface based on the VCM graphical language, facilitating access to drug monographs. We also provide an assessment of the usability of this interface.

So you want to buy a scan tool or diagnostic device or programer to work on your car, or other peoples cars.  You begin to look at the cost of buying a tool from a reliable and reputable vendor and find out, WOW!  These things are expensive!  So you end up here, on Ebay to look for an used unit and you find that people from all over the world are selling these things for WAY LESS MONEY than the OEM manufacturer.  There is a reason for that.  This is why we are here today to teach you what the differences are and how to spot fake devices.  We will also discuss WHY you should NEVER buy one of these cheap China clones, even if you only plan to use it once and a while.

Notice for ford vcm ii diagnostic tool:
1. This VCM II only support Mazda, for other car models, please check other VCM II.
2. Please do not use original Ford V93.01 software,the device will not work.
3. For module programming, if it gets the error “Selection not available”, please contact us, we will send you the ExtendProgramming file to solve.
4. Comparison among all VCM II Diagnostic Tools

VCM 2 Mazda IDS V96 Support WIFI

This is guide for Mazda IDS V96 WIFI Test; that is, your WIFI version ford VCM II must set wifi as follow for its use.

Video help:

Detailed instruction:

Connect VCM 2 to the car. Do no need to
connect with USB cable.

Insert the VCM 2 WIFI card to the computer.

Click the wifi icon and connect “VCM II

Open the file “Mazda IDS” on Desktop.


Click  on the
top right, and select the “wireless default”. Then click the tick button to
make an association between this PC and this VCM II.

And click the tick button on “Device
Selection” interface.

Establishing communication with the VCM

Then select the device line.

Turn to this interface, and select “Start
New Session/All other”, then click the tick button.

Establishing communication to PCM…

Select “Yes” for the vehicle specification.

Select “No” and click the tick button.

Click the tick button.

Turn to this interface to select “DataLogger”
and click the tick button.

Select “Modules/PCM” and click the tick

Establishing communication with the ECU…

Select “TIRESIZE(NUM)” and click the tick

Then you will get the engine coolant

Turn to this interface to see the vehicle
specification and then select “Delete (delete session)” .

Exit the software Mazda IDS V96.


A++ quality ford vcm FAQ

Hello. Working your version with software IDS 80 ? Thank you for info.

Replied, by admin, at 18:06:00, 2012-10-10

Sorry, our version is v79.


how much shipp to acapulco mexico zp 39670 by EMS… thanks noel

Replied, by admin, at 17:43:00, 2012-10-24

Hello, the shipping fee to mexico by EMS is 88usd, by UPS is 54usd, by DHL is 56usd.


The license link isn’t working. Also where is the link to the ids V80? Also do you supply the calibration files or a link to them? Thank You.

Replied, by admin, at 11:51:00, 2012-11-3

Sorry, there is no link because it is too big. Do you have new order, we can send cd to you.

Replied, by admin, at 15:36:00, 2012-11-6



I bought several interfaces and different from your
including the Ford IDS VCM red rotunda clone (not fly). I’m interested if I can upgrade the computer software to version 80 or 81. because the program still asks me if I want to upgrade … I have a PC installed Mazda IDS V79 and works perfectly. So what? interface is BRICK OR OK ? if I upgrade to V80 81?
me interested to buy a 2013 full upa usb have in stock?
what is delivery time ?

Replied, by admin, at 15:16:00, 2012-11-22

Yes, you can update online. But you need keep its power on always when update, and do not run it.
Yes we have 2013 full upa, we can send soon


all fixed,used another computor all works

Replied, by admin, at 16:50:00, 2012-12-18

Ok, thanks!


Hello! Is there a program of Ford and Land Rover Russian. thanks

Replied, by admin, at 18:23:00, 2013-1-8

Sorry, no.


i recived the tool but no software no manuals nothing

Replied, by admin, at 11:22:00, 2013-2-16

How come? Is there no CD in the package?
Send email to me, i will handle this problem.


why does the jlr134 patch come up as 133 and i was under the im under the impression that you cant use anything newer than 131 with quality clones?

Replied, by admin, at 17:11:00, 2013-7-17

what do you mean? Send email to me.


IF i have more higher software version(original), V85 , can be installed on this kinds ford ids?

Replied, by admin, at 17:29:00, 2013-8-9

Sorry, you would better work our software. Thanks!


my vcm doent work with late modle cars im not sure id purchased this
lets see if theyll make this good

Replied, by admin, at 18:10:00, 2013-11-28

Hello, which car model and year? Thanks!


Hello I just ordered new VCM and it does not communicate with Laptop. The realteak driver is installed properly. Number 1 and 5 amber and number 3 red LEDs are on fixed they never change or blink. This is my third VCM so I am familiar with the operation of it. Can you help me Do I have to return it is it defective

Replied, by admin, at 17:04:00, 2014-1-6

Hello, can we ask our engineer to remote to check it for you?
Service time
Monday ~ Friday from AM 9:00 to PM 6:00 in Peking time
Saturday from AM 9:00 to AM12:00 in Peking time


I bought FORD VCM II, but it doesn not work. Problem – after connection to the car it does not recognize that inigtion switch on and does not start diagnostic window. I check over internet and found that it is common problem for some not original tools, reason – IC probably broken inside the tool.
How I can resolve the problem

Replied, by admin, at 15:03:00, 2014-3-19

Could you kindly send your teamveiwer ID and PW to our support.
He will give you a remote help


Hi, for sames key progrmman the original Ford account!! can i do all keys with this scanner

Replied, by admin, at 09:13:00, 2015-4-9 has same functions as the original ids. but it can not do all keys with this scanner