Autel IM608 and XP400 Program 2018 Range Rover Sport All Keys Lost

This article shares the tutorial about how to program smart key to 2018 Range Rover Sport when all keys lost by Autel MaxiIM IM608.

Car: 2018 Range Rover Sport
Issue: All keys lost
Case: Program smart key by Autel IM608

What will you learn?
1.Cover the special tools and skills required
2.How to prevent your XP400 from being “fried”
3.Getting familiarized with the RFA/KVM module and how to properly connect it to the XP400
4.The difference between secured and unsecured circuit boards
5.Complete step by step instructions on how to add a key with IM608

Tools needed:
Smart key
Soldering kit
Autel MaxiIM IM608 tablet
XP400 programmer
APA106 cable
Autel MaxiIM IM608 APA106 cable

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-2 (2)

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Make sure to connect the device by correct connection:

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-3 (2)

Before programming new keys, do the work below:
1. Remove the RFA/KVM module from vehicle

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-4 (2)

Note: The Remote Frequency Actuator (RFA) also know as Key Vehicle Module (KVM)
The security circuit boards have crystal quartz and a capacitor.

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-5 (2)

De-solder the crystal-> capacitor-> connecting to the APA106 cable to do the key programming procedure. When having done that, out the crystal quartz and capacitor back to the tablet and put in the car.

Note: If eight circuit board doesn’t have the capacitors that means it’s unsecured.

2. Landrover after 2018 has an OTP which means one time programming, so need to check the key chip status before key writing
Then start to add new smart key with Autel IM608 and XP400.

Main steps:
Step 1: Read chips status
Step 2: Read MCU data
Step 3: Write MCU Data

Go ahead…

Select IMMO function
Accept the disclaimer about the use of product and software
Select LandRover

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-6 (2)

Establish connection to the VCI…

Tap Manual Selection-> Range rover->2015–> Smart key-> Start key writing

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-7 (2) Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-8 (2) Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-9 (2) Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-10 (2)
Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-11 (2)

Pay attention to the instruction of start key writing

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-12 (2)
For detailed operation, you can press the Operation Guide button at the bottom right corner to operate.

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-13 (2)
Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-14 (2)

Step 1: Read Chip Status
Follow the connection diagram to connect to the programmer XP400

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-15 (2)

There are two chips status:

If it’s “Locking”, you should click on Read/write Chip Data (Secured).
If it’s “Unlocking”, you should click on Read/write Chip Data (Unsecured).
Read out the chip status is locking

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-16 (2)

So enter Read/write Chip Data (Secured) menu
There are two options: Read MCU Data and Write MCU Data

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-17 (2)

Step 2: Read MCU data


D-flash stands for “Data Flash” where you store nonvolatile data. Nonvolatile memory is a type of computer memory that can store the data regardless of the memory has power or not.
Read data successfully and then save it

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-18 (2)
Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-19 (2)
Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-20 (2)

EEPROM stands for electrically erasable programmable read-only memory and is a type of non-volatile memory used in computers, integrated in microcontrollers for smart cards and remote keyless systems…

Save success

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-21 (2)

Start to write key
Select the D-FLASH and EEPROM file
Then select the key position-> Add key

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-22 (2)

Make sure the XP400 key programmer has been connected well, and place the key to be added in the key sensing area of XP400

A dealer key is created successfully

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-23 (2)

Step 3: Write MCU Data
Follow the prompts on-screen to write D-FLASH and EEPROM separately

Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-24 (2)
Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-25 (2)
Autel-IM608-and-XP400-Program-2018-Range-Rover-Sport-All-Keys-Lost-26 (2)

Finally, de-solder APA106 from RFA, solder back crystal quartz and capacitor, install the RFA back to the vehicle and test the key functions

That’s all!