Piwis 2 For Porsche Scanner Diagnostic Application Guide

Piwis 2 for Porsche Scan Tool with V18.150.500 Piwis Tester 2 diagnostic software support diagnostic for Porsche till 2017. How to use the Porsche Piwis Tester II for Porsche diagnostic function?

Obd2tool.com Share Piwis Tester 2 Diagnostic Application Guide as follows:

Selecting Piwis 2 Basic Application Mode and Defining Other Settings:

1. First set the corresponding basic application mode (Standard mode, View mode, Simulation mode) as well as all other parameters by means of the control application.

Selecting the model range:

First, you must select a valid model range. This is selected in the PORSCHE basic system before starting the diagnostic application. After starting the Piwis 2 basic system, you can select the corresponding vehicle model ranges under the menu item Diagnosis. The diagnostic application is then started with the data of the selected model range.

Please refer to the corresponding documentation for information on operating the PORSCHE basic system. The following steps describe the basis procedure.


2. Secondly, we can start the basic system. The general interface is displayed where you can make basic settings.

3. Select the corresponding model range under the menu item Diagnosis. As an example, the Cayenne model range was selected here:


4. Application start with the data valid for this model range r selection of the model range,.

Piwis II diagnostic application can be continue to do Piwis tester 2 for Porsche scan tool diagnosis detail.

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Mercedes Benz Star C3C4C5 Buying Guide


Mercedes benz star scanner is a very popular auto scanner in the market. However,Many customer are confused to choose when they want to buy one, because there is four version of mb star:Mercedes Benz star c3,benz star c4, Benz Star SD Connect Compact 4 C4 and super MB benz star C5.

So now,i will summarize their similarity and difference,hope it will helpful for customers to choose.


1.Benz star C3/C4 and MB star sd connect c4,Super MB Star c5 use same software.

V2019.3 MB SD Connect Compact C4 Software WIN7 500GB HDD DELL D630:


V2019.3 256GB SSD Software for MB SD C4/MB SD C5 MB Star DELL D630:


2.For the hardware, Benz star C3/C4/C5 is same function in diagnosing.


1.For the functions, MB star c3 and c4 are almost the same,C4 can do all the works what C3 does and it is the replacement of Compact C3.
Just benz star c4 size is small and weight is light,much convience and the anti‐interrupting ability is better.
One more thing, as customer feedback, the advantage of c3 is can do trucks best.

2.MB starC3, C4 just can support Mercedes Benz cars manufactured after year 2000. Super MB star c5,Benz SD Connect C4 can support all current and new coming MB vehicles.

3.Benz star c3,c4,SD connect C4 update by Harddisk.That means when customer want to update,they need to send back harddisk to supplier,after finish update,then send back to them again or just buy a new HDD.For the long international distance,it may need about 2 weeks can complete one time update,so it is very trouble and inconvience.

Under this suitation,Super mb benz star c5 is release, it is can update through super mb star official web directly, which will be much convience and time saving.

In addition,Super mb star C5 work with W204, W207, W212, 405, 451, 452 and 454. Besides the software c3 and c4 own,it added three more software: SD Media, Xentry and Smart TAN Code.

SD Media: Video and PDF lessons;
Xentry:New software released by Benz Company after 04/2009 by diagnosis new cars. Xentry software for diagnosing W 204,W207 and W212 which C3 and C4 does not support;
Smart TAN Code: Opened special function in DAS program with Smart cars 405/ 451/452/ 454.Besides, it also opened more special functions, such as engineer mode, remove limitations,etc, which Star C3 and Star C4 do not have.

4.Now we turn to MB star SD connect C4 again.MB Star SD connect C4 not only support KL diagnosis and three lines CAN BUS diagnosis, but also support UDS diagnose protocol, Because it have UDS chips. Star C3,C4,c5 don’t have this chip, so they can not support UDS.

The most advantage of SD connect c4 is: It can connect to PC by wireless or Lan cable.So it will be much more convience than Benz star C3/C4/c5.

Besides, Professional Diagnostic Tools mercedes star diagnostic SD connect C4 interface components used the military quickly inserted techniques that can support one million times plug, more stably;And all of the its core components adopt new original packaged chip, plus 24 hours fatigue test, to ensure its stable release.

So in all,each version have its advantage,just see which one is most suitable and interested you.

Possible to get Piwis 3 program work with Piwis interface tester 2

This answer for the question whether Piwis 3 diagnostic program can work with Piwis interface tester II

It may be an interesting subject, I’m sure there is some information about this out here.
The Piwis 2 interface is a lot more robust piece of equipment, compared to the cheesy and flimsy looking and feeling interface produced by Actia for Piwis 3.
Originally designed for the VW ODIS system,  the VAS 6154 VCI is quite the service needy piece. [Breaks easily] not a hard comparison to make.
Porsche went cheap on this VCI for Piwis 3. [my humble opinion, way below Porsche standard!]

There is a service from Poland and Ukraine [If I remember correctly] that can make the Samtec based Piwis 2 VCI,  to work with Piwis 3, unfortunately their charges are just as much and frankly cost prohibitive as the New Piwis 3 VCI.  2-3-4 thousand  dollars for these VCIs is simply not reasonable for small  operators. They will come down in price just like the Chinese VCIs did for all manufacturers as the markets get saturated and folks are not buying them as eagerly as in the beginning of the Piwis 3 phad.
They will get as much money as the market bares. [as much as people are willing to pay]

Your more pointed answers will not come in this tread Ibi.
This is CarsFan’s money making tread, he will not volunteer any information, but if U start your own tread, U may be more likely to find out stuff.

Regards, Albert.

p.s. links

Porsche piwis 2 china clone:


Vxdiag Prosche piwis 3:


porsche-piwis-tester-iii-download-1 porsche-piwis-tester-iii-download-2 porsche-piwis-tester-iii-download-3 porsche-piwis-tester-iii-download-4 porsche-piwis-tester-iii-download-5

Renew Chervolet Cruze 7952E Smart Key by OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS

How-to:  Renew Chervolet Cruze smart key 7952E by OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS (Key master DP Plus) tablet.

Chip Type: Chip 46

Smart key type:  7952E


Frequency:   434MHz


Disassemble the remote key

In X300 DP PLUS, select Diag Program-> Renew Key->GM->Buick Smart Key 315MHz->

obdstar-x300-dp-reset-steering-module-4 obdstar-x300-dp-reset-steering-module-5



Then check the wiring connection



Connect test probe with OBDSTAR P001 adapter and X300 DP PLUS



Press Enter to write data


Renew key success


Lexia 3 full chip vs Diagbox vs Peugeot Planet PP2000

What the difference is among lexia 3 full chip, Diagbox and Peugeot Planet PP2000, which would be a good idea for a total newbie in car diagnostics software that lexia 3 full chip cable required.

Both Diagbox and PP2000 are used to connect to the car’s ECU and carry out diagnostics and manage settings. Which is a better software, however?

lexia 3 full chip: Citroen
Planet: Peugeot
Diagbox: Citroen & Peugeot

lexia 3 full chip3 – hardware
lexia 3 full chip – Software for Citroen
Planet – Software for Peugeot
Diagbox – Front end which contains variations of both of the above

Diagbox is the only one which is still updated.

The hardware is currently on Revision C.

Diagbox: newer, PP2000: quicker

PP2000 and Diagbox are roughly the same thing , Diagbox being the newer software ,

PP2000 is a quicker software but will become obsolete over the next few years as Peugeot will stop using it this year ,

no point in getting PP2000 then having to change to Diagbox

Peugeot Planet: easier and faster

I have planet and also being a newbie installed planet then diagbox they both worked fine though diagbox was a lot slower (you have to start diagbox then choose planet off the option list) so basically if its just for use on your own car then using planet on its own is easier and faster though if your going to attempt using the interface on other vehicles may as well install diagbox with planet and lexia 3 full chip

lexia 3 full chip + PP200 = Diagbox

lexia 3 full chip is for citreon

planet pp2000 is for peugeot

put both programmes into one software = diagbox

if your going to buy it you might asswell get diagbox which most new interfaces come with anyway.

Both lexia 3 full chip & PP2000 available within Diagbox

They are the same…. the discs supplied usually contain PP2000 and Diagbox on one disc (PP2000 is also available within the Diagbox installation), and lexia 3 full chip for Citroens on the other. lexia 3 full chip is also available within Diagbox.

So if you find an interface with rev C, the software discs will contain everything you need and more.

PP2000 on 32-bit, Diagbox on 64-bit

Planet will only run on 32-bit. Diagbox will run on 64-bit, but when you try to call Planet through Diagbox it will crash because it must have 32-bit.

What I do is install VMWare Player (free). Using that, create a virtual machine XP SP3 32-bit (you will need the disk and key). Then install Planet into that. Works well. Sounds very techy, but it is surprisingly easy, because VMWare is so well documented. When installing Planet, do not plug the lexia 3 full chip interface in to the PC until prompted.

Planet & Diagbox are software lexia 3 full chip cable required

The lexia 3 full chip is the cable required to use the software. Only the cable.

To use the cable you will need software as well, Peugeot Planet and Diagbox are the 2 pieces of software to choose from.

Diagbox is much newer software that supports even the latest cars. However I prefer the interface of Peugeot Planet, much easier not to get lost in there.

Generally when you buy a Mileage Correction lexia 3 full chip software will be included on a disk. As to whether it is genuine or not, you should check with the seller before purchase.

How to Reset VW Steering Assist 1S1909144P with OBDSTAR X300 DP

Vehicle model:
VW Polo 2015 (or other Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW with unit 1S1 909 144 P)

Control unit for steering column electronics VAG?1S1 909 144 P (1S1909144P) eeprom 93C86.

After an accident, the EUR did not work, airbag was cleaned, the error P1609 is not erased in the EUR. Any know how i can solve this fault? is possible reset memory?

steering-module-error-1 steering-module-error-2

How to reset steering column module?

You can reset the module using VCD-S or ODIS.

If use the ODIS is possible to clear crash information by OBD. But ODIS stays online.  Some said it can be done offline, but don’t the procedure.

Here’s the guide to reset EUR by using OBDSTAR X300 DP/Key Master DP (You need EEPROM Adapter to read dump).


Remove and disassemble the module, find out EEPROM chip 93C86

Read dump and reset


EUR indicator went off.



Guide on Yanhua ACDP Renew the eeprom data of CAS1 – CAS4

Free update! Yanhua Mini ACDP can renew the eeprom data of CAS1 – CAS4, this post is on how to operate it.
CAS1 (0K50E) eeprom data renew
CAS2 (2k79x) eeprom data renew
CAS3  (0L01Y/0L15Y/0M23S) eeprom data renew
CAS4 (1L15Y / 5M48H /1N35H) refresh & coding by ICP.

Images mean a lot:
1.CAS1 (0K50E) renew

2.CAS2 (2k79x) renew


3.CAS3 (0L01Y/0L15Y/0M23S) renew

4.CAS4 (1L15Y / 5M48H /1N35H) ICP renew.


Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW eeprom data renew functions :

Renew the EEPROM data of CAS1-CAS4. New EEPROM data can be generated by loading EEPROM data of other cars, modifying vehicle frequency, VIN, ISN code and other info, to solve the problem of replacement a CAS module because of missing EEPROM data of CAS module or failed reading EEPROM data of CAS module.

Step 1:
Prepare the EEPRON data for the corresponding chip model and copy the data to the APP path: “:/ Atmatch/bmw/CAS4/CAS_Renew’, then select the corresponding EEPROM file for parameter calculation.


Step 2
Enter the VIN number, vehicle frequency, ISN code, etc that need to be modified, modify the loaded data and save it, the Key Programmer Mini ACDP will automatically clear the CAS mileage.


Step 3
Write the saved new EEPROM data to the CAS module, then load the CAS module

Step 4
After the module is loaded, if the vehicle cannot be started, or the “Direction lock” is displayed on the meter, please synchronize the ELV or DME according to the situation.

Step 5:
Use professional equipment to clear the trouble codes of the vehicle.

The original car key is invalid and you need to relearn the new key to start the car.


How to solve Scania VCI3 V2. “Activate Software Key” message

Scania VCI3 V2. got this activation message shown as below, that means you need to install and crack correctly.


Solution offered by obd2tool.com:
Install and crack Scania VCI3 V2. by following this video

Works on window7 32bit
Apply to VCI3 for Scania Wifi Wireless Diagnostic Tool


Go to Computer/DVD/CD-ROM Drive (E:) SDP3 V2.31


Step 1: Open “AdbeRdr920_en_US.exe” to install Adobe Reader 9.2


Step 2: Open “NDP46-KB3045557-x85-x640-allOS-ENU.exe” to install .NET Framework 4.6.2

Step 3: Open and install “Scania Diagnosis & Programmer 3 2.31.exe”


Step 4: Copy folder “sdp3 patch 2.31” from disk E: to Desktop

Right click on Desktop

Select Personalize

And go to Control Panel->User Accounts and Family Safety->User Accounts

Change user accounts control settings: Never notify


Then open folder “sdp3 patch 2.31” on Desktop

Run “tmode” Windows batch file as administrator

Restart your computer

Step 5: Run “install_driver” windows bactch file in Desktop/sdp3 patch 2.31/drivers

Run as administrator


Run “install” in Desktop/sdp3 patch 2.31

Run as administrator

Windows security: Install this driver software anyway

Driver installed successfully


Step 6: Crack SDP3 2.31 software

Copy all files (SCOMM_SSK.dat, SCOMM_SSK_HL.dll) in Desktop/sdp3 patch 2.31/FIX SDP3 2.31

Open SDP3 Properties

Open file location: Computer/C:/Program files (x86)/Scania/SDP3

Copy and replace files


Step 7: Run SDP3 then exit


Step 8: Change a language via SDP3 Configurator

Run SDP3 Configurator as administrator

Select a language to use

SDP3 languages: German/ English/ Spanish/ Finnish/ French/ Italian/ Japanese/ Korean/ Dutch/ Polish/ Arabic/ Portuguese/ Russian/ Swedish/ Turkish/ Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/ Romanian

Here: Chinese

Step 9: Run SDP3 Chinese


It’s in Chinese

Change the language successfully

So, you can change Scania SDP3 language as you want, with SDP3 Configurator