Digiprog 3 Reviews Feedback cars that work & cannot work

Here OBD2TOOL collect newest Digiprog III Digiprog 3 real customers feedback what can work and not work vehicle models.Hope it helps!


Digiprog Cars that work:

W204 (C) EZS – DIAG ok , 2 min
W204 (C) – TACHO – DIAG ok, 2 min
W204 (C) – ASSYST – DIAG ok, 15 min
FIAT BRAVA 2008 OBD work
GOLF 5 2008 kombiistrument 3HL , OBD -OK 1min
GOLF 5 2008 ECU DIAG R4 1,9L EDC 000SG OBD-ok 10min
VW Sharan 2008 dash OBD –ok
EDC 16 U31 via OBD not work( can`t write new Mileage Correction)
PASSAT 2011 Colour Dash OBD – OK !!! 5 min
Golf 5 2006 odo and ecu OK
Fiat bravo 2009 odo OK
Fiat 500 new odo ok
caddy 2011 work without an problem.

Same as suppliers say :
BMW 1er / E81/E82/E87/E88 CAS3 Diagnostic OBD
BMW 3er / E90/E93 CAS3 Diagnostic OBD
BMW 5er / 60/E61 CAS3 Diagnostic OBD
BMW 6er / E63/E64 CAS3 Diagnostic OBD
BMW X5er / E70 CAS3 Diagnostic OBD
BMW X6er / E71 CAS3 Diagnostic OBD

Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDI PD 08.2008 year
Dash~1min OK
DSG ~30sec OK
ECU~ 5min OK

VW Touran 2007 1.9 TDI PD
Dash~1min OK
ECU~ 5min OK

DASH 95020 OK

laguna 2005- 9s12 ok

BMW EWS 3 (OD46J) with ST35 , works perfekt!!

Audi A4 RB8 correction OBD ok (1min)
Tried ECU(like Passat B6) read km good, but after 5 minutes of reading-writing got same km.
Yes correct. Now read and inserted new correct km. . On golf 5 edc16 i do so and all ok

Focus 2009 today, went OK..

Golf 5 2007 ODO AND ECU EDC16 ok

A4 8K 2008- by obd.Yep! Ok!
is there anyone who tried A4 8K 2008- by obd.
for me never work with that car
funny thing i do all with the vag k + can ( blue toy )

Polo 4 magneti ok
Passat b5.5 ok
Audi rb4 ok
Micra 2004 ok solder points

A class 2001 not work(shows new km for a second and returns old)
did you use the right version in software A Class
A class w168 works but only with engine running

Peugeot 306 by dashplug working good

w211 2006 years by obd it work good
no need to remove ezs and dash; only by obd
2 munite
Only flash dashboard old km still in EZS and many other module on W211 . Neither device can not do km in EZS on OBD

(w203,w211) Mororola 9s12 and 912
i tried the w203 2001 years no connection but the w211 work good i use the programm tacho diag by obd the digi reads

actuel mileage correct ,i put the new mileage it work fine no need to remove any fuse and the programm fehlerspeicher work good also Audi Q7 2007 works ok 30sec. (I accidently used touareg 2004 up menu in digi vigi and it recognized old km and changed no problem)
Read all posts and you will find the answer,
I tried it on a A3 M73 dash (first make backup with upa) than i tried with Digi Prog.
As i could remember i reads good milleage but does not change the milleage, removed battery for a while and milleage stayed the same.
Finally changed milleage with good old TU by cluster plug.

Ecu 3.0 tdi wrote no connection. Dp3 cant do it either.
Focus 2010 10sec ok

Passat 2009 – 1min OK

Passat 2012
Fiesta 2011
Fiesta 2008
Works OK
is the 2010 fiesta just the same

***353;koda 2007 tacho diag ok 1 min
ecu diag ok 5 min

VW Golf MK5 2.0 TDI 140cv DSG BKD Engine

Dash kms : OK
DSG kms: OK
ECU Diag: Unknown version, not read
Service: OK

Peugeot 308 2011 odo 95080 and BSI 95128ok

VW Polo 2012 only obd ok

Yamaha R1 2008 95lc56 work ok.

citroen c2 2004
digiprog 3,plug1
tacho siemens c46
bsi siemens 95160
read ok
write ok
psa bsi tool not respond tacho and bsi

audi A4 2010 ok.

with Visteon work good

Golf6 m.m 2011 done by obd in 5 minutes,work

Skoda Fabia 2007 1.9 Dash and Ecu by obd work ok

Digiprog 3 clone in mercedes w204. Thanks, working 100%
Dash diag is for doing dash only when using CAN blocker

Fiat 500 obd work ok.
Audi A3 2010 obd Work ok.

Can someone please post the Digiprog working CAS lead schematic as the one ive got looks like its been totally

bodged as expected. I allready have the schematic for direct cas plug in pins, but im looking for the “Dash plug

connector schematic” if that makes any sense.
Also can someone please confirm if they have managed to do a facelift 2007 BMW E65 CAS yet with Digiprog clone ???
Thanks in advance
black pin 13
white pin 12
orange pin 9
red pin 10
on the dash plug check tracks
this picture shows you track repairs
Black and white tracks just need repair
Red and orange tracks discard and use wire to put to the right pins
Audi Q5 2011 Takes 30 min Diag OK

Audi a6 2005 Obd work ok

2007/2008 polo with c86 crypto through diag, first i took out dash made backup with upa and then put back and

programmed all ok.
i also did a 2008 polo with 9s12 with soldering back on board all ok.
so i think you can try but make a backup first.

skoda octavia 2012 diag ,ok,5 min!! 4.82 version ,octavia 2008>
after write km,must connect diagnosic and erase faults airbag

VW Bora 2008 micronas + 24c32 via OBD OK!
VW Jetta 2012 Nec + 24c64 via OBD OK!

Golf5 Dash Visteon 95160 less than a minute OK
Golf5 ECU EDC16 – 6~8 minutes OK

mercedes a-class A160 , 2000year ,obd diag ok ,1 min!
meni w168,diag not read old km, write new,tacho restart!
service not work!!

Caddy 2012 ok, polo 2012 ok
If it was polo johnson controls screen goes black

Audi TT `00 M73 diag – read old ok and write new ok

Quote Originally Posted by 88diablo View Post
Land Rover Freelander2 2008 -Dash and BCU OK
Ive beed tried one but bad calculation on BCU.
dash ok.
The one I did was 57 plate 2008 model. It was BCU diagram 1 in the PDF. I took the 2 boards apart first and read

with UPA to be safe but then put back together and did with Digi in circuit. Did all the fuses and drive 2km

procedure and all was fine.
Full marks for energy………..and with eyes like that it must be difficult to drive 2km
its amazing what a couple of hundred quid can get you.

touareg 7L 2009 ok

Dodge Caliber 2008. HC12 with plug 48 OK 2 min. Removing cluster not fun.

Scoda Fabia 08 dash k-line 5J0 crypt , obd2 read old-? , write new km OK !!!

edc15 works only direct to chip, not obd. use simple kkl cable for them
edc16 works obd with digiprog

Scoda Octavia 2011 NEC 24c32 5min OBD fine

and T5 07 dash (full MFA) obd write-Ok
ECU EDC16 read and write- 7min ALL FINE

did corsa c 05 without problems, only you have to hold trip reset button while programming, and after that

disconnect battery for a few seconds


corsac obd OK

ford fokus 2002,read old km—-not write new km

opel insignia obd ——-not comunicate do via chip


Tried to do e71 X6 but no joy. Read correct miles and went through procedure and asked to reinsert dash etc but old

mileage return in dash when done.you mean cas try obd dont work?
Yes I did dash then tried to do cas with obd but no joy.

Honda cr-v 2007 93c76 plug 1, read old km ,write ok

Q7 2007-2008 r/w ok
A4 2007 r/w ok (and exact km )
c1 2008 r/w ok
touran 2005 r/w ok

Skoda Fabia VDO 6Y0 920 883M B41, 93c86 by OBD OK, DIDN’T READ

Golf 6 2011 read/write ok in 5min

Fabia read ?????? but write ok ( 2002y)
Focus 2003 24c16 by eeprom clip read/writes OK.

yes, dont read the original, but can write new km, skoda fabia 2004, 93c86 inside, do it by OBD

opel Meriva 2004,obd ok 5 min!!
not read old km write new,but mast hold trip Yes same procedure for corsa c

Citroen xsara 2004 dash sagem 93c66, bsi valeo 95040,
by eeprom clip
read/write km OK

Astra G ’99 with TRW dash.
Dash with 24C02 eeprom. Read/Write OK with eeprom clips

Originally Posted by norbisko View Post
2006 Ford fusion obd- not work
2006 VW Jettta – dash read wrong mileage (34,xxx miles )
ecu – unknown version
dsg- read wrong mileage ( 22,xxx miles)
Btw for Plug 1 am I suppose to have a eeprom clip ? I just have the board that says 01/04.
yes eeprom clip or use the board

Audi s5 2009 reada write ok about 30 min

Porsche Cayenne 2005 Read & Write – OK

A6 3.0 tdi 2006 dash OK
Edc 16 Not OK.

Audi A4 2011 obd OK
Vw Caddy 2007 OBD OK
Opel Corsa 2004 OBD OK
Opel Meriva 2007 OBD OK

Mk4 golf obd ok
Mk5 golf obd ok
2010 passat ok
2006 a3 ok
2009 a4 ok

Passat B5 year2000 vdo,no connection.
But under golf menu are OK.

did 2008 transporter,
old mileage show ????,enter new OK
try ecu,read OK,write OK(take 10min) but still old mileage.
later done ecu with bluevag in couple minutes.

stilo 03 with cable 51 OK,
CAS2 with direct cas plug connection OK
CAS3 read crazy mileage something like 23143236,did not try to change(try just for play).

Volvo v70 2011 read write ok and mileage didn’t jump back!

Golf 5 obd ok
octavia 2007 obd ok
vw lupo obd ok
astra 2000 obd ok

2008 superB obd ok
2006 Suzuki swift eeprom ok

passat CC 2009 dash OBD ok
DSG read wrong kilometer do somebody have solution for this use vcds for dsg you can reset is with vcds to 0, i

think digiprog does the same. procedure is explained here on forum i try to DSG vw passat b6,yes read wrong km but

put in 0000000
and read again 0000000!Can confirm that digi put 0km to the DSG (in Octavia at least)Just put 0 in DSG

DSG km reset with VCDS

Golf 6 2011 MM5 obd ok

kienzle 1324 with adapter 47 on solder points,went fine and quickly.

ford ranger 68hc05 ok

punto 2004 obd ok
doblo 2005 obd ok

Golf 5 2006 1,9 tdi –obd OK
Focus 2007 1,8 TDCI –obd OK
Passat 2002 1,8 20v –obd OK
Mercedes A 2004 1,7 CDI — obd OK

cables and adapters used to digipro3 tacho 2008 clone would need to know if the cable 42 of digipro is the same

tacho 2008 908
im confused…

I can confirm that EDC16 work.

I did
VW Golf 5 => ok
Audi A6 => ok but with Golf 5 menu. When i tryed with in Audi A6 menu, it didnt worked. So i readed it with Golf 5

menu, KM that was read was ok, so i changed it it worked !!!

Volvo XC90 2011 MC9s12DG128 ok

Audi A4 09 diag, 2011
Ford Focus diag,
Peugeot E7 BSI and dash,
Fiat Doblo diag,
Honda Accord,
Peugeot 407 06,
Peugeot 406 bsi and dash,
ford Transit
Just done a merc 204 and 212 Diagnostic mileage and assyst
A4 I did one yesterday
merc 204 212 tried and tested
Audi A3 2006 Diag
Mercedes 212 Diag
Mercedes 204 Diag
Mercedes 204 assyst Diag
Mercedes Vito MM Diag
Ford Focus 2008 to 2011 Diag
Ford Fiesta 2008 up Diag
Ford Mondeo 2008 Diag
Fiat Doblo Diag
Nissan Navara 9S12
Peugeot 307 912 BSI
Peogeot 307 95160 BSI
Old Toyota Avensis Diag back of cluster
Seat Leon 2006 Diag
Toyota Dyna contact points using Hiace
Volvo V70 Diag
Volvo V70 error clear
focus 2011 diag
2002-2010 (diag and 24c08)
2010-up -only 95640 eeprom
New Volvo goes by OBD tried and tested
2008 up I did V70 the other day and error clear works
Even on 211 you cant make assyst by OBD
Astra-j (2009) works OK via OBD
VW Passat 2007 works OK via OBD
Astra-H works OK via CHIP
Audi A8 2007 works OK via OBD
Ford C-Max and S-Max work OK via OBD
Ford Fiesta & Focus works OK via MCU, not Dash Connector ?!?!
Golf 3 & Golf 4 works OK via dash connector and via OBD
Reading 93Cxx, 24Cxx, 95xxx, 912, 9s12 works OK.
Vw T5 DASH -2009 OBD OK
EDC16 T5 – 2009 OBD OK
EDC T5 -2005 OBD OK
bMW 5 – BY DASH PLUG 1998 OK
Golf 6 2009
renault megane 3 only dash ,abs 95160 does not work
Megan 3 ABS, work only with ESP unit ,without ESP not work
Golf 5 2005 2006 2007
Seat leon 2007
peugeot 207 95128 but you must select citroen C3 menu
Skoda fabia 2001
clio 3 2009
c4 2006
i try ford smax work fine i think with fords work fine
Volvo S 80 from 2009 done in 5 minutes,
vw eos 2007 in menu -2009 (1F) dignostic
read and change km in tacho and DSG
t5 by obd worck ok,dash and edc
citroen c2 dash & bsi ok
galaxy 04 plate ok
mondeo 04 ok
golf mk 5 06 ok
Golf 5,2008 ok,
golf 6 2011 ok,
ford focus 2007 ok,
t5 ok,edc 16 ok,
seat leon 2007 ok
BMW E46 by 20 pin DLC work ok year 2000
Insignia work by Eprom direct,OBD get acces denied
Mercedes 2008 by OBD work ,dash only!
Nissan quascai 2008 by eprom direct working
tested on 211 2008 work with flashing option(block syncro with EZS in dash flash)
audi a4 ,2.7 benz, 1999 year!
93lc66 , b5-dash 8d0 vdo with BC!!!!!
audi a4 1994-2001
diagnostic connect,not read old km write new km ok
2011 ford focus like a dream obd2
golf4 19tdi 2000year
Rb4 audi a4 make today ,worck like a charm,
seat ibiza 2004 the same worck ok
skoda octavia with nec inside work ok by obd
T4 2006 obd ok (meni:vw T4 98-/diagnostic connect,not read old km write new km ok)
jumper 2008 obd ok read old km write ok
Peugeot 406 VDO Dash done by cluster conector…ok
Focus 2001 Done with cluster connector ………….ok
Audi A3 ,2000 year, M73 works OK via OBD
mb w204 2011 obd2 work ok take 2 min cleare error work ok
Passat 2012
Fiesta 2011
Fiesta 2008
tested on audi A8 4E-work ok;
ford focus 2010-OK ;
tuareg RB8 dash-ok and EDC16-OK
2009 Audi R8 done OK
2009 Insignia done OK
Chrysler 300C
2008 Mondeo Colour screen
did mb w204 2010 w212 2011 2 min joob done. work very good.
insignia 2010 by obd 1min job
audi a4 2008 …. by obd 30min job
audi a6 2004…. not from first try but ok (q7 the same )
audi a3 2003…. obd 1min job
mb ml 1999 obd ok
a4 1996 vdo obd ok
volvo xc 70 2008… obd ok
focus 2008 obd ok
sharan ….2001 with and without bord cpu obd ok
mercedes w 204 2009 year
W204 (C) ***8211; EZS – DIAG ok , 2 min
W204 (C) – TACHO – DIAG ok, 2 min
W204 (C) – ASSYST – DIAG ok, 15 min
Tested ok on vw polo 2007 crypto
punto 2004 old shape
seat cordoba 2003 old shape
scenic 2004 johnson control with c56
e60 dash with 35080 eep all ok.
mazda bt50 2009 ok
ford escape 2008 OBD ok
vw golf 6 ,2011 , VDO tacho obd 2 min !!ok!!
for the audi a4 2008 demand 1 min for reading and 30min for writing
a4 2008 30min job work ok by obd
I did a Audi A8 with Digiprog clone by obd the other day… worked perfect… it was 2008.
Vw polo 6r 2011 obd OK
VW lupo obd OK
Vw passat B6 -2008 obd OK 1min
Tested on VW Passat EDC16, working
Golf4 vdo ok edc 15 not work
tested on a 2001 corsa and all ok
try it the golf 5 ecu works diag
I read and write to obd VW T5 2007-8 year tacho and edc16

Digiprog 3 Tool Cars that not work:

You made 221 without can filter?
off course with can filter

mercedes w221 2007 cluster ok assyst ok
mercedes w164 2006 cluter ok assyst ok
astra 2010 cluster ok
bmw e60 cas by cluster plug km changed in wrong adress and red dot on cluster remain !!!
corsa c ecu eeprom direct not work
space star 2002 eeprom pointers dont work after !!!
ford connect 2002 with 912 with cable 48/2 cluster dead mcu not readable even with etl !!!
What you mean bmw e60 cluster plug?
You mean you did cas try dash plug
Cable 62 and you have dot.
Dot will desapere after 19 km.

with dp3 cas 3+ work try obd with out any problem.
cas2 with dp3 dont work i try like 11 cars no luck
e65 with dp3 obd dont work.
Freelander 2 2008 wrong calculation
the only one not on is Audi A1
jeep cherokie 2004 908as60 plug 42 not work
VW polo 2005 dash VDO not work
Audi A6 2003 dash not work
Audi A6 2005 dash work( test only if is read i not change it)
VW T5 EDC16 read km ok by OBD,write … but km still not change,i removed ECU and mod eeprom
vw lupo 2002 with rb 4 dash not ok
get message “unknown version rb4”
try old 912 bsi 307 with this tool and now bsi dead
fiat punto 2000 read good milleage when programming is finished it says verify new milleage but milleage still the

Tested on Audi A4 EDC16, not working.
Ibiza 2007 dash MM with 912h256 inside, can’t do by OBD

Tested on W212 ecu year 2010 commender not read
W211 ZGW not work
dash eeprom 95020 citroen berlingo 2012 dont work “unknown version
FIAT PUNTO 2008 OBD not work
Mercedes CLK W209 from 2003 did not work by obd.
Evo no
C-Max 2005 with 590k km both digiprog and carpog 4.01 sing – “Unknown version”.

Focus (old shape) not good just checked cable and the massa is on the wrong pin after that i did not check anymore.

2004 Touran 1.9 tdi ecu km… not working, dash is ok. On ecu reads Km ok after writing new km value still old km

touran 2004 is edc16, do it manually

A6 ,4G, 2011 obd ,no success
read old km not corect

MB CLC 2009 dash plug don’t work …

Ford Fiesta 2002 via obd not work

Ford F150 2002 with HC11… N O N E S !!!! wasted time… Not working… After try connection show E R R O R !!!
F150 2002 i have do 2 weeks ago with digiprogclone and works fine. have you make wrong job

Opel Astra 2.0 DTI from 2001 with VDO, and when I try to connect with OBD cable, screen shows “unknown version

vw polo 2012 didnt work
i have make Polo 5.2012 and work

Chev Kalos / Aveo HC08 does not work on “Clone”
HC08 not work on any dash ….
tested on many
Hi guys 908 work fine on mine done many I guess you just need to know how to work it !!! Take note most of the leads

that come with it are either poor quality or wired wrong

not work with golf 6 2011 Nec 24c64

Today do Golf6 2011 Dash MM read old value ok and write ok, But dash now say: Error and not show value
Try different value and double check which version of dash is
Yes, this car work whitout dash

Q5 2012 don’t work
EWS3 don’t work

Ford Escape 2007, no work obd2, cable 16
error unknown dashboard

corsac obd OK

ford fokus 2002,read old km—-not write new km
opel insignia obd ——-not comunicate
Cable ford focus not ok.
Check with scheme or compare with other programmer.

2006 Ford fusion obd- not work
2006 VW Jettta – dash read wrong mileage (34,xxx miles )
ecu – unknown version
dsg- read wrong mileage ( 22,xxx miles)

Btw for Plug 1 am I suppose to have a eeprom clip ? I just have the board that says 01/04.

Mercedes c200 cable 8/9 no works
cas plug 35pin(black) to digi 10pin
cas plug 34pin(green-red) to digi 25pin
cas plug 26(yellow) to digi 9pin
cas plug 12(braun-black) to digi 13pin

for 48/2 i think this:
brown pin 13 gnd
white pin 7 +5v
green pin 17 Reset
yellow pin 18 BCKND
work on 307bsi,no work on rexton dash(did with carprog).more not tested.

I have read from various users that most EDC15-16 not working… Is that right? I only got one to try on…Touran

2005 EDC16 and did not work… Somebody that is using his one more often, what are your experiences? Thanks.

Have you cleared DTCs with Digiprog ?
customer called me and ask me to help him.
some guy have change S80 with clone didgiprog for him
and after he had this problem. the guy tryed to clear error but problem remain.then i tryed with ori digiprog and

DSP 3 and smok and smelecom and diag tool to clear error but no joy.
after spend couple days trying this and that i have extract the flash repair it and then all problem was gone.
on this forum also other members had the same problem with volvo’s using clone digiprog.it damage the flash!

jeep cherokie 2004 908as60 plug 42 not work
dont work at all, I try with two models of boards

Megan 3 ABS, work only with ESP unit ,without ESP not work via epprom

Download GDS2 v19.0.04100 with GDS2Java v14.0.00000 for GM MDI

Free download GDS2 v19.0.04100 version with GDS2Java v14.0.00000 copied from original GM MDI software installation:


1.How To install?
2.How To use deliverable packages?

3.install GDS2Install then install GDS2JavaInstall
4. Put the zip file called deliverable_OpelVauxhall v2017.5.0 into the below folder:
C:\ProgramData\GDS 2\PersistentData\Downloads\DataBackups
5. Open GDS2 and click ManageDiagnostics Packages
6. click on browes
7.then go to C:\ProgramData\GDS 2\PersistentData\Downloads\DataBackups
8.then click on deliverable_OpelVauxhall v2017.11.0 click on open
9 gds2 will restart

Test successfully?

Good job here see the photo …. the only problem I have with that is javom- problem with MDI interfae when I install the version of MDI - after the restart VmWare application that passthru MDI is not ready. When connecting Bosch Kts Pasthru then is ok, Abritus Audio Passthru and that’s ok. MDI-Passthru is not ok not see it.





Note: this be installed with global tis v32 but gds2 packed 2011 year establishes

For tech2win you can try with an other emulator.exe found on www.obd2tool.com.
Because emulator tech2win on this vmware don’t propose To choose interface.

If you want to use GDS2 on GM MDI with relief, you’d better get a tested version:

gm-mdi-gds2-download-success-5 gm-mdi-gds2-download-success-6 gm-mdi-gds2-download-success-7

Exploring the MB STAR C3

This thread will be devoted to a thorough explanation of the Mb Star C3 system in depth, over time. Another good reference thread can be found here.

First off, some history and background about the system. The MB STAR C3 is a diagnostic system that is provided by the factory for dealerships and independent repair shops, and is used to interface with the cars’ computers to diagnose systems and pull/reset codes, and even to program certain elements of the systems on more modern cars. The system costs upwards of $20,000 from OBD2TOOL, and is applicable for MBs from model year 1989 and newer.

Of course, cars of model year 1989 only had 2-3 computers in the car; however all successive MBs have had an increasing number of computers, and this is where the MB STAR C3 system really comes into its own — with the newer cars. For the purposes of the cars that are the focus of this forum — the 124.036 E500E — and to a lesser extent the 400E/E420 and the later C126 coupes, the computer setups are rather crude and limited when compared to cars starting with the W210 models, which debuted in model year 1996 in the USA.

What I’m saying is that the MB STAR C3 systems are much more suited and capable, coming into its own, the newer the car that it is used with. However, the good thing is that it is able to fully exploit the built-in computer diagnostics as found in the E500E. It does this using a compatibility mode that emulates the Mercedes-Benz Hand-Held Tester (HHT), which was a diagnostic tool that was used for the 1989 and up cars, commonly until about 2001 when the MB STAR system debuted. The HHT is literally a hand-held unit (it is actually quite a handful) that allows the user to pull and reset codes, provides access to “live” engine data on the M119 and M104 engines (though a larger array of live data on the M119s), and generally pull compete diagnostics of the computer systems.

Mercedes Hand-Held Tester (HHT)

The MB STAR system, when it made its debut, was much more capable because it was PC-based (IBM T30 laptop), but it was also very versatile because it incorporated a HHT emulation mode (for backward compatibility) along with a “multiplexer” intermediate unit between the PC and the car, which allowed the connection of a variety of different diagnostic connection cables, depending on which diagnostic system the car in question happened to use. For the oldest cars (i.e. the C126, early R129 SL models, early W124s and W140s, etc.) a “four-pin” diagnostic cable was provided. For second-generation cars, such as the E500E, 400E/E420, middle and later R129s, middle and later W140s, the familiar “38-pin” plug is provided. There are also OBD-2 interface cables for model year 1996 and later cars, as well as a 14-pin cable for European diagnostic systems. All of these cables allow the combination of the MB STAR with the in-line multiplexer unit to fully interface with any particular car’s computers.

As I said, the MB STAR system debuted around 10-11 years ago, in 2001. Because of its expense, it has been very much “out of reach” of most MB owners and enthusiasts. To pull codes and get information about the car, owners were forced to buy limited testers from companies like Snap-On, Trisco, and others that perhaps allowed one to pull and reset codes, and a couple of solutions provided some limited “live data” where the car allowed it. These systems would typically run from $500 to well over $1,000. The other option was to somehow obtain a used HHT (they are occasionally available via eBay, and are quite expensive) or a used MB STAR system – still a huge expense of multiple thousands of dollars used.

In recent years, Chinese forgers, who excel at making fake copies of everything from Louis Vuitton purses to Guess Jeans to Rolex watches, have set their sights on the MB STAR market (and other automotive diagnostic systems for other marques). This has resulted in a cottage industry whereby one could purchase an MB STAR system for anywhere between $600 and $1,200. Over the past year or so, as Chinese copies of the MB Star C4 system have come onto the market, the prices of the MB STAR C3 system have come down to a typical range of $250-450, depending on the vendor and the items included in the package.

These “clone” systems are easily available on sites like eBay and also Alibaba.com from hundreds of vendors. As with any Chinese copy of anything, quality varies and quite often — but not always — one gets what they pay for. The recent reduction in price of the MB STAR C3 systems has made even relatively good quality systems very very affordable for the DIY mechanic and/or MB enthusiast — providing them with the same diagnostic power as the dealership mechanic (but not the same level of training and knowledge). Typical options that are available with MB STAR C3 systems available on the Internet include: an array of cables; a multiplexer; a hard drive containing the MB STAR software package; and instructions on how to set up the system. The software typically includes: MB Xentry, WIS, EPC, STAR Utilities; EWA net; Star Browser; Star Finder; and a recent MB parts price list (which goes out of date quickly). Quite a number of vendors also provide Internet support, including the ability to remotely control systems over the Internet (with the user’s permission, of course) to diagnose installation and software problems.

There has been precious little information on the Internet about the Chinese MB STAR C3 systems, how they operate, and in general how the system operates. This thread will be a thorough, methodical investigation of how the system works, what it looks like, and how it can be used with the E500E (and by extension, the 400E/E420). It is up to the individual owner as to whether they need or would want such a unit. It would be overkill for many if not most owners. However, there are a number of owners who do want to do their own maintenance and want the tools to help them do this properly. For these owners, purchasing an HHT or MB STAR system may be a good idea.

I will not go into the nuances and details of ordering the system. All that should be said is that one should do their research carefully, and pay attention to the ratings from other buyers as to the honesty of a particular vendor. Most of these vendors are based in Hong Kong or on Mainland China. Quite often they speak decent English and are quite responsive and communicative when inquiries and requests are made. It would be recommended that prospective buyers utilize an escrow service to complete the transaction, so as to maximize honesty and straightforwardness of the transaction from both sides.

Some vendors offer free air-mail shipping via DHL or other international shipper. These packages can arrive in as little as three or four days after a payment goes into escrow and the seller is notified by the escrow company that they have received the cleared payment. Once the package is received by the buyer, they inform the escrow company that the package has been received in good order, and the money is then released to the seller. Pretty seamless, and because of the escrow service — a fairly safe transaction. Certainly better than sending off a Western Union or Credit Card payment to an unknown party in a foreign land.

So, the photos below illustrate what is commonly received with an MB STAR C3 package. It is a 4.5kg (10-lb) box that is nicely packed, and includes all of the items described in the seller’s site. A typical package will include the cables, a USB hard drive (or internal hard drive for an IBM or Dell computer, if specified), a multiplexer box and a packet of adhesive stickers that are placed on the multiplexer and the computer-to-multiplexer cable. The box is unpacked and the contents are checked against the web site’s description to ensure that all contents were included. Some sellers also sell individual pieces of the sets, if they are ever needed.

Next, after the contents of the package are ascertained to be correct, the recipient should install the software on a computer. It is HIGHLY advisable that a standalone, separate laptop computer be used for this, seeing as it will be used in a garage (next to the car) environment. For versatility (and because most people don’t own the specific IBM and Dell laptop models that are needed for the internal drives) it is advisable that the buyer specify the external USB hard drive model of the MB STAR C3. This way the hard drive can be plugged into any qualified laptop and used.

Requirements for a laptop that can be used with the MB STAR C3 system are generally as follows:

Must have a SERIAL port
Must have a processor frequency rating of 1.8 GHz or higher
Must have at least 1 GB of RAM; more is highly desirable
Must have a USB 2.0-compatible port
Must be running Microsoft Windows XP

It is best to just purchase a used laptop via eBay or Craigslist that meets these specifications, and use this computer SOLELY as a DEDICATED computer for the MB STAR installation. It can be kept in the garage and used for these purposes. It really doesn’t even have to be connected to the Internet. One can also put the laptop on a dedicated cart, which allows the computer, cables and a printer (if desired) to be rolled around the workshop/garage next to specific cars. Although the cables are quite long, it’s nice to have the computer next to the engine when using it.

PIWIS III Developer

Porsche Tester III opens the box and the CF54 computer is on.
The PIWIS-III diagnostic system is starting up.


PIWIS-III how to switch the developer mode


Select the system


Some models selected: 991,981,918,970, Cayenne \ Macan, select the rest of the new models: the other models series diagnostic configuration


Select mode


Select the operating mode


E: Developer mode P: Production mode V: Maintenance diagnostic mode(Can not choose P)
Select E mode


F8 save, the upper left corner shows the success of the save. Can exit.
Select the home page, select the diagnosis, and now the developer mode.



How to get GM TECH2 CANdi module to work

355The Candi Module should not plugged into your GM Tech2 unless you’re working on a later car ..generally 2005 plus. Olders car from 96 should NOT have the Candi Module attached.

OBD I only has 1 ground, so 12 pin adapter connects signal and chassis ground to the Tech 2 cable.

OBD2 has chassis and signal ground and they are connected in the cars wiring.

How I was trying to get GM TECH2 CANdi module to work:
Nothing on CANdi end of cable.


Boot screen not showing CANdi present, diagnostics for CANdi says it isn’t seen.


Here I connected OBD I adapter to end of CANdi cable:
OBD I adapter connected.


CANdi module shows up at boot screen.


Green LED flashes about once every second.


Diagnostic screens for CANdi now present. Hit ENTER, 4, 7 to get to this screen.


POST Results.


Self Test Results.
The weird looking screen is because I have not removed the protective plastic yet.


Autel maxisys elite FAQ


Question: Does the Maxisys Elite scanner comes with troubleshooting feature?
Answer: Yes, it does. The Autel maxisys elite diagnostic scanner can diagnose vehicles, read and clear DTCs. Also, it can do ECU coding and programming. As a matter of fact, the maxisys elite scanner is one of the most advanced tools on the market with a wide range of outstanding features. It can used on the different car make and performs all OBD2 functions.

Question: Can I use this Autel Scanner to calibrate seat sensors?
Answer: Of course, you can. This Autel maxisys elite scanner can do on most cars. But before you buy it, get in touch with Autel and find out if it’s compatible with your car make or model. Some users have reported compatibility problems and you don’t want to be one of them.

Question: How important is the freeze-frame feature in a diagnostic scanner?
Answer: This is a standard feature built into all OBD2 systems that normally takes a snapshot of data when an emissions-related diagnostic trouble code sets. By default, there are some scanners that may only retrieve one frame of captured data on demand. But some manufacturers build in expanded freeze-frame data capture routines that show more than a standard frame. In order to pull this expanded data, it normally needs a scanner with expanded freeze-frame retrieval capabilities or an original equipment diagnostic scanner.

How To sovled V2018.12 MB SD Connect C4C5 HDD blue screen


Xentry Connect C5 provides complete diagnosis for newest hybrid W222,with a qualitative improvement in hardware and software by authorization of diagnostic interface to control the software,it will allow you to work on windows xp, win7/8/10 system.

Customer’s problem:
We had purchased one set MB SD connect C5 with internal HDD from obd2tool.com, We really appreciate the faster shipment, all is well packed dhl week quickly received. But when we install the HDD to our computer, we have blue screen and doesn’t access to computer windows. We are wondering if we get the broken HDD……

Our Answers:

The BMW ICOM ICOM A2 A3 or MB Star C4 C5 drives we assign to our customers are generally AHCI-mode hard drives with SATA port.

If your laptop BIOS is not set to the same hard drive mode (AHCI mode), if you connected to our hard drive to your computer, there will be a blue screen or can not find the hard drive.Please make sure your HDD is set to AHCI in the BIOS.

To check this you turn the laptop on and press F2, it will enter the BIOS. Now go to “ONBOARD DEVICES” or “SYSTEM CONFIGURATION” then go to “SATA OPERATION” press enter and make sure its set to AHCI not ATA or any other option.

Please have a minimum of 2GB of ram/memory in your laptop, a lot of people only have 512mb or 1gb, it is OK but the new system may run slow and its recommend to really have 4GB ram, but 2GB also can be enough.

– We can supply Laptop + Software all ready for you.
– We can supply FULL package C4 SD + Laptop + Software for you. MB Star Diagnostic Tools
– We can carry out some C4 SD repairs.
– Remote installations available (if you supply the correct HDD size and install the correct Windows OS).
– Teamviewer remote support available.

Lonsdor K518 Smart Key Programming for Chevrolet IMPALA 2014

Here comes a guide on how to use Lonsdor K518 key programmer to perform smart key programming for Chevrolet IMPALA 2014.



Connect Lonsdor K518 to from OBD2TOOL vehicle and enter the immobilization menu to select “Chevrolet” brand


Select “Cruze”


Select “-2016”


Select “Smart Key”


Select “Add smart key”


Please turn on the ignition switch (do not press the brakes,hold down the start button for about 8 seconds till the dashboard is fully lit ,[OK] to continue



Insert the smart key to be programmed into the key slot,take the others out of car,the slot position generally lies in:

1.Inside the arm hand

2 .Under the cup

3.Next to the ashtray

4.In the hand box



Press [OK] to continue

Current key count:3

Press [OK] to continue,it will prompt you “Communication connecting,please wait…”

Enter the PIN code:2782 we read before,and then press [OK] to continue


Configuring system,about 10 minutes,please wait…


After the process completing,press the start button twice within 5 seconds wait for 2 seconds each time,click [OK] to continue


Then Lonsdor K518 prompt “Program successful,continue to program the next one?’


Hold down the start button for 10 seconds


Release the start button and wait for 5 seconds


Press and hold the start button until the dashboard lits (if not lit,press and hold the start button for about 15 second ,then release,click [OK] to continue



Press the start button and switch ignition off,click [OK] to continue.


The new smart key test ok


Open and close the driver door,make sure all the electrical appliances are off,click [OK] to continue.


System configuring,please wait about 30 seconds…

Remove the key,press the lock and unlock buttons together,and then release,click [OK] to continue


Programming complete


SKP900 key programmer adds Ford Focus new key

Obd2tool.com engineer has successfully added 2 new keys for Ford Focus with original SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer.


check the connection with the car and SKP900 Key Programmer

Start skp-900

Insert the key and turn ignition on

Step 1 Delete keys





























Step 2 Add new keys
















The same way to add another key



Step 3 Test keys

Test the two keys newly added

They’re WORKING!


Done! Ford Focus key programming succeed! Unplug the SKP900 key programmer.

Tech2 Diagnostic Tool for GM SAAB OPEL SUZUKI ISUZU Holden New Car Scanner

Tech 2 Full Set With All the Accessories Without Plastic Box


Software list:
GM-English        33.004  1991-2013
GM-Spanish       32.007   1991-2013
GM Germany      32.007  1991-2013
GM Franch          32.007 1991-2013
GM Portuguese  32.007  1991-2013
OPEL-English    173.00 1997-2013
OPEL-Germany 167.00 1997-2008
OPEL-Spanish   133.001 1997-2012
Opel -Italian         133.001 1997-2012
SUZUKI-English   01.210.02   2001
SAAB-English      148.000 1998-2012
HOLDEN-English   139.000  1999-2012
HOLDEN-Australia 143.000  1999-2012
Isuzu-English          11.620 1998-2011

Product Description:
GM Tech-2 PRO Kit is the same tester GM Technicians use to diagnose GM vehicles. The Car Diagnostic Tool comes with Authentic GM software and provides support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992 thru 2008——  only do diagnostic function

Gm tech two product Features:
1.Authentic GM software in the Tech  Flash means the most comprehensive diagnostic
software available for late model GM vehicles.
2.Support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992 thru current year—- means only do diagnostic function
3.Removable hardware modules provide insurance against scan tool obsolescence.
4.Large, easy-to-read backlit screen.
5.RS232 & RS485 ports provide the avenue to connect future devices to your Tech  Flash.
6.Ability to capture stored DTCs, Freeze Frame, and Failure Record for later review.
7.Ability to view the status of vehicle diagnostic tests as they run.
8.Bi-directional The authentic GM 1992-current year software will provide full bi-directional
control when performing power train, chassis, and body diagnosis.

Tech two Product Specifications:
– Vetronix Tech Scanner Specifications
– Dimensions:12x6x2cm
– Microprocessor:32 bit, 16 MH
– Memory:32 MB flash type II PCMCIA. Type III slot available for future expansion
– Communications:Integral RS232 communication port
– Screen:3.8×2.8 backlit monochrome with full graphics
– Capability:320×240 pixels. Displays up to 9 vehicle parameters at once

An industry change in protocol from OBD II to Controller Area Network (CAN) has begun.In order to perform diagnostics on a vehicle that uses the CAN interface;you will need the Tech Flash and a CAN diagnostic interface module. The module connects between the Tech Flash’s diagnostic link cable and the OBD adapter. Once the module is connected, it can be used on all GM vehicle applications, even those vehicles using other platforms such as OBD I and OBD II.
(1) (GM,opel,SAAB,Isuzu,Suzuki,Holden) card for your choose
(2) Full set not include tis2000, if you need , you need buy , please know this
(3) We send you CD it is tis2000 software as a gift
(4) Comes with a vci module and card that we put inside main unit

GM vehicles utilize the CANdi module interface:
05 Buick Allure (3.6L)
05 Buick LaCrosse (3.6L)
05 Buick Rainier (5.3L)
04-05 Buick Rendezvous (3.6L)
04-05 Cadillac CTS (3.6L)
04-05 Cadillac SRX (3.6L / 4.6L)
04-05 Cadillac XLR (4.6L)
05 Cadillac STS (3.6L / 4.6L)
05 Chevrolet Cobalt (2.2L)
05 Chevrolet Corvette (6.0L)
05 Chevrolet Equinox (3.4L)
05 Chevrolet TrailBlazer (5.3L)
05 Chevrolet SSR (6.0L)
04 Chevrolet Malibu (Body/Chassis only)
05 Chevrolet Malibu (3.5L)
05 GMC Envoy (5.3L)
05 Pontiac G6 (3.5L)
05 Pontiac GTO (6.0L)
05 Pontiac Pursuit (2.2L)