SKP900 Server No communication No More Token Solution


I can no longer add tokens to my skp900 as they have locked the server. I tried to add tokens on a SKP900 Key Programmer , tried multiple connection and different laptop , it says Server no communication.

Heard there is a way to upgrade to V5.0 but you need at least one token left. I ran out of token there is also a way around but I cant find it anywhere. Is anyone aware of this and can help me get back my skp900 with tokens… Thanks.



First of all, yes, SuperOBD SKP900 service is down and no more update/add token, so don’t expect they release a token free version V5.0.1.

If you fail to add token, the first step is update your SKP900 to latest version 5.0 (very important !!!).

Free download Key Programming SKP900 v5.0 update software

Then, if your device still have more than 0 tokens, download the file V5.0 ALL and V5.0 Little file containing SKP900 Update tool v2.5 and UpdateNew.bin!GkMUiY7A!BQMME5I5OqlsV9zj1R7e6hIupQV-qgxt-DTX8IgQ36s


Use the V5.0 Little File in this zip to flash your device, then it will be token free. Note it has to be V5.0 version.

If your SKP900 reaches 0 tokens, download the file to release the SKP900 tokens limitation!Ct00WSxY!fxGyzLf8Wyw1PxE_m5GAZLTvFfgwmHleJwey7IWoiFM


Q:How to see how many token do I’ve?

A: Down to about 8 or so, you will get notification.

Q: I try to update skp900 to 5.0 but it failed me and it had ‘white screen ‘ show no connection again , any solution?

A: Keep updating until upgrade success completely.

How to program Audi Q3 2013 key with Lonsdor K518ISE

Audi Q3 2013 key to program with Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer in step by step.

The car model


The key



1.  backup car EPROM data;
2.  Restore EPROM: copy the backed up EPROM data onto the car computer,to restore it to the original state;
3.  Make dealer key: use the backed up EPROM data to write a blank new key to be a dealer key that can be programmed directly;
4.  Add key (OBD): use the customized or generated dealer key to directly program key, applicable for the smart card;
5.  Directly add key: use the customized or generated dealer key to directly program key, applicable for the folding key;
6.  Delete key: delete the programmed key;
7.  Reset dashboard
8.  Odometer adjustment: to correct mileage;


1.  During all the system operation, the dashboard will be in the extinguished state, that is normal;
2.  Delete key process:

Step 1. Read immo data; Step 2. Select an existing key; Step 3. Write back immo data.

Car & key info:
Chip model: Dedicated 48 chip
Remote type: 220G 315 frequency
Key embryo no.: No.31
PIN code requirement: Backup EPROM data
Remote generation: Program smart key complete, remote will automatically generated.
OBD position: Under the steering wheel:



Backup EPROM
1.  This function can read the device EPROM data and save in Key Programmer K518ISE;
2.  For smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK;otherwise click OK directly;
3.  The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;
4.  Getting system data, it takes about 2 min, please be patient;
5.  Read the vehicle PIN code and other info;
6.  Please enter the file name to be saved;
7.  EPROM data is saved.

Restore EPROM
1.  Note: Write the wrong EPROM data may lead to the car can not start, please confirm that the data to be written is the car EPROM data backed up via K518ISE;
2.  For a smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK;otherwise click OK directly;
3.  The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;
4.  Please confirm the current data is the car EPROM data;
5.  Writing EPROM data, about 2 minutes, please be patient;
6.  Resetting the dashboard, EPROM data is restored.

Make dealer key
1.  This function can generate a dealer key to be programmed, then use this key to perform “Add key” operation;
2.  For a smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK;otherwise click OK directly;
3.  The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;
4.  Getting system data, it takes about 2 min, please be patient;
5.  Please choose to vehicle brand;
6.  Please insert the blank key to be programmed into the K518ISE card slot;
7.  Make dealer key success.

Add key (OBD)
1.  This system is suitable for directly programming smart card dealer key.Directly add key(suitable for folding dealer key directly programming)
2.  This function can directly add a dealer key to the immobilizer system, please put the new key into the coil, and connect the host to the car OBD port;
3.  For a smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK;otherwise click OK directly;
4.  The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;
5.  Getting system data, it takes about 2 min, please be patient;
6.  Writing immodata, about 2 minutes, please be patient;
7.  Add key complete.

Delete key
1.  This function can delete an existing key;
2.  The process of this function:
Step 1. Read anti-theft data Step 2. Select an existed key Step 3. Write back immodata;
3.  For a smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK;otherwise click OK directly;
4.  The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;
5.  Getting system data, it takes about 2 min, please be patient;
6.  Please select the key to be deleted;
7.  System communicating, delete complete.

Reset dashboard
1.  Establishing communication, the system is resetting the dashboard;
2.  Reset complete.

Odometer adjustment
1.  This process can read and calibrate the odometer mileage;
1.  if the car is a smart key, please turn off the ignition and then turn on the ignition, and then click OK, otherwise click OK;
3.  Read the current mileage;
4.  Going through security certification and loading external code, getting data, it takes about 2 minutes;
5.  Please enter the new mileage needed to be calibrated ;
6.  During writing… write complete.

Lonsdor K518ISE not access to any testable car model solution

If the Lonsdor K518ISE can’t access to any testable car model, the OBD cable should be the main reason after testing again and again by the Lonsdor engineer.

Here is the method to test the OBD cable (Verified working great):

1.Unplug the K518ISE main unit and turn it off


2.Connect the DB25 cable(OBD cable) to Auto Key Programmer k518ISE main unitusing amultimeter and switch to the diode stalls.


Note: there are 3 connectors on the OBD cable:

Connector 1: connect K518ISE OBD port;

Connector 2: connect KPROG adaptor

Connector 3: connect the vehicle OBD port


Pic: 3 connectors on OBD cable

3. Use the red pen to touch the metal part(as shown in pic 2 in red)


Pic: Metal part on K518ISE OBD port


4. Use the black pen to test the resistance of each pin of the vehicle connector (As shown in pic 3) , make sure that you hold the vehicle connector in the way just as the pic shows:


Pic : 16 pins on the vehicle OBD connector


PIN 1 and 8 should have no resistance; PIN2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 should have resistance.

If all pins have no resistance, the problem should be the DB25 cable.

If all pins are tested ok but the machine still can’t access to any supported car model, then you can ship back the machine, adapters and DB25 cable for testing.

MB SD Connect C4 requires to update VCI

We have a customer whose MB SD Connect C4 diagnostic system runs great but suddenly require an VCI upgrade.

He rename the VCI update file, but still failed to run Star diagnostic self test (Error screenshot attached)

12-1 12-2 12-3


Re-install mb sd c4 battery, update MB SD C4 firmware to V2.3.2.

Some users feedback that SDConnect from OBD2TOOL with serial number 101044 will take firmware update risk. If you use our DAS software without internet connection, it will work.

SDconnect C4 DTS-monaco user manual

MB SD Connect C4 DTS-monaco user manual:

1.What is DTS-monaco?
2.Which MB sw version comes with DTS-monaco?
3.Why do you need DTS-monaco?
4.What’s the difference between DTS-monaco and Vediamo?
5.Where to get DTS-monaco confirmed to work?
6.Where to download DTS Monaco for free?
7.How to install DTS Monaco on Windows 7?
8.Any good success with DTS Monaco?
9.How do people think of DTS Monaco?

1.What is DTS-monaco?

DTS Monaco enables the comprehensive testing of diagnostic communication, diagnostic data and diagnostic sequences in the areas of engineering, testing and preparation of manufacturing tests. It can be adapted flexibly both for a whole range of different test tasks and for different user groups.

2.Which MB sw version comes with DTS-monaco?

12-2017, 03-2018, 05-2018 (newest)


3.Why do you need DTS-monaco?

1)Areas of Application
* Development of diagnostic and control functions for ECUs
* Function test and validation
* Integration and system test
* Preparation of test sequences for Manufacturing and Service
* Analysis of returns and Quality Assurance

2)Flexibly Adaptable to the Relevant Task

DTS Monaco is part of the Diagnostic Tool MB Star C4 Set product family and is based on the DTS Base System. Monaco stands for Modular Analyzer for Vehicle Communication. A clearly laid out start page enables simple and fast access to the functions required most frequently. The actual workspace is divided into two: one area with a fixed layout and one with layouts that you can toggle between. A status display below shows communication server messages. The various functions are realized using special, configurable interface elements. These “HMI Controls” can be arranged freely in the layouts in configuration mode and comprehensively configured.

3)Early Detection of Problems and Errors

In execution mode, a configured workspace can be “started”. In doing so individual functions can be started automatically and communication can be established in advance if so required. Self-generated test sequences enable both simple and very complex function tests. This makes it possible to detect, and remedy, communication problems and function errors at an early stage. Communication data and test results can be documented in entirety in the process.

4)Fast Results

For typical use scenarios predefined templates including an universal database for the OBD self-diagnosis as well as various protocol templates (WWH-OBD, J1939-73 among others) are supplied. In Demonstration mode, all functions can be tested, even without an interface and a license, using a detailed example including simulation. Furthermore, the tool has a completely integrated OTX runtime for running complex test sequences in accordance with ISO 13209. An authoring tool for creating such OTX sequences can be started directly from SD Connect C4 DTS Monaco.

4.What’s the difference between DTS-monaco and Vediamo?


DTS-monaco vs. Vediamo


DTS-monaco wins, definitely!

5.Where to download Star Diagnostic DTS Monaco for free?!p9ZDGKwS!VTn9fB80Z9-YKpV8aj9PkRXR3KinAT6RFiW13GGdOHI It’s free but with unknown security.

6.Where to get DTS-monaco confirmed to work?


Here you go.

7.How to install DTS Monaco on Windows 7?

When installing DTS Monaco to communicates and works with SD connect c4 all user installed SDconnect Toolkit version 2.1.3. And no one tried to force the work SDconnect Toolkit version, which is installed together with the installation of Setup_Addon_DAG. And I did it.

Checked only on the system without DAS/Xentry.

DTS Monaco 8.03.12.

Windows 7 x64.

Follow the next steps:

1)  Install Monaco
2)  Install Setup_Addon_DAG
3)  Go to С:\ProgramData\I+ME ACTIA\Toolkit\
4)  Open and edit toolkit.ini



1)  Save file and reboot Windows
2)  Connect SDconnect MUX via cable
3)  Start System Configurator
4)  Go to Licenses and you will see your MUX as DCDIPartW with your serial number. After editing in Interfaces type of MUX will change to MVCI_IME_ACTIA_GmbH_SDconnect
5)  Go toInterfaces


Interface name – > SDconnect_SMR
Bus system interface – > D-PDU API
D-PDU API version – > I+ME ACTIA GmbHXS_D_PDU_API_FOR_DTS_8_03_12
Module type – > MVCI_IME_ACTIA_GmbH_SDconnect
Physical links: CAN1, CAN4, CAN8

1)  Click Save and close System Configurator
2)  Now you can connectto the car or single ECU

8.Any good success with DTS Monaco?

DTS Monaco works good – Mercedes W205 coding
Mercedes-benz W205 coding with DTS Monaco

PIWIS II tool now for sale

After surfing the net looking for some goodies for my ’06 C4 I cam across Porsche Piwis Tester II. This company is selling the PIWIS II system, it has offline and online functions, to support ONLINE function, valid certificate must be available for Porsche Piwis Tester II.

Additional settings enabled for TPMS system with a borrowed gray market PIWIS. My 2006 C2S did not come with the TPM option. The hardest part of the retrofit was manually running wires as the wires were not in the front and rear main harnesses in my car. Then it needed programming with PIWIS to activate.

The biggest difference with the track tire settings is you define the target pressures. The other settings are predefined base on summer vs winter, 18 vs 19, partial vs full load. Not positive but I think the size option was also enabled.

The “Track Tire” is the special setting. There is an option in car diagnostic scanner PIWIS to rename it to whatever you want. My OCD struggled with “Track Tyre” to match the other settings or “Track Tire” as it’s properly spelled where I live. I settled on the latter



How to read VW POLO pin code from EEPROM by XTOOL X100 PAD

Here share with you steps how to read VW POLO pin code from EEPROM 95080 by XTOOL X100 PAD Tablet Key Programmer? Hope it helps!

Step 1: To connect the engine ECU Megneti Marelli 4MV with XTOOL X100 PAD

XTOOL X100 PAD EEPROM connect diagram here:


Power on XTOOL X100 PAD and make sure all connection is ready.

Step 2: Choose “EERPOM Adapter” function to start

Click “EERPOM Adapter” icon on main menu.

XTOOL EERPOM Adapter Software is now open.

Choose “Read pin code” function.


Find car brand “VW” then select “Polo” model.


Then select engine ECU type: 95080


Now just wait a while, OBD2 Scanner X100 PAD read VW Polo EEPROM pin code successfully!


Want to know more about XTOOL X100 PAD review, download XTOOL X100 PAD car list and XTOOL X100 PAD special reset functions ?


How to Use the X-100 PAD

1. X-100 PAD Activation

1.1 Please activate X-100 PAD before you use it to test vehicles.

1.2. Input activation code, product serial number (each device will have a serial number and activation code), nickname (workshop’s name or user’s nickname), login account (can be your email address or cell phone number) and password, the system will then save it. Activation is a one time process. The diagnostic application will start after activation.

2. X-100 PAD Main Interface and Functional Buttons Descriptions 2.1. Main Interface
Tap on X-100 PAD application icon, the main interface and sub-menus will be shown as below.

2.2. Sub-menus and Function Buttons
Diagnosis: Open the XTOOL Diagnostic Tool X-100 PAD diagnostic application. It can read diagnostic information, view live data, perform actuation tests and special functions etc.
Diagnosis Report: Users can view all the diagnostic reports and diagnostic data generated in the diagnosis process.
Setting: Users can access the language setting and other system related settings.
Xtool Cloud: Online Communication Platform for X-100 PAD users.

2.3. Toolbar Function Buttons

3. Special Functions
After the VCI box is connected to the vehicle and paired with X-100 PAD mainframe via wired or wireless connection, diagnosis can be performed. The diagnostic interface is as shown below:

Update: after connected to the internet, you can download the latest diagnostic software directly to the X-100 PAD.


Remote Diagnosis: Users get remote assistance from Xtool Technical Assistance Center.

4. Settings
By selecting Setting users can set the language, unit and other system related options:
4.1. Languages: select the language. Please tick the required option from the multi-language options on the right.


4.2. Bluetooth:
Enter homepage to find and pair the VCI serial number with the mainframe. If it needs input the pairing password, you can input the last five numbers of the serial number. (e.g: 00005).


Select the VCI serial number and X-100 PAD will pair with it automatically when running X-100 PAD APP.


4.3. Units: Select unit of measurement. Users can select Metric or British Unit.


4.4. Device Self Test
Self-test the VCI interface. Please send X-100 PAD from back to our factory for repair if self test fails.


5. Diagnostic Report
Provides vehicle maintenance documents including Automotive Technical Manuals, Maintenance Cases, Circuit Diagram, Common Trouble Codes, etc.


6. One Click Update
X-100 PAD updates directly via the Internet using WiFi or wired connection. To access the update application open the X-100 PAD application and click UPDATE , shown below:


7. Xtool Cloud System(English Version is coming soon)

The Xtool cloud service platform allows X-100 PAD users to look up maintenance information, share and access diagnosis test results and fault finding solutions, communicate with other X-100 PAD users in our forum, and also access various online databases of maintenance and diagnostic skills and vehicle maintenance plans.


8. Remote Diagnosis
If users encounter problems and are not able to solve them, they can open this application and ask for remote assistance.
How to get remote assistance from Xtool Technical Assistance Center:

a.    Open X-100 PAD
b.    Click Remote Diagnosis and open the TeamViewer interface. Generate and display device ID.
c.    Your partner will also need to download and install TeamViewer.
d.    Inform your partner of your TeamViewer ID and password to enable them to begin remote access of X-100 PAD.


SDconnect C4 (C5) 2018 05 Software Released Notes

Since 03.2018, DTS-Monaco and Vediamo were added to 05.2018 SDconnect C4/C5 software. That is the biggest difference from old versions.


05.2018 XENTRY/DAS Released Notes:

* DAS Standalone Activated.
* W(2014) Activated in DAS.
* Offline Programming Activated.
* LKW EOL OFFLINE MENU & VMAX for Tucks activated.
* Smart Cars VIN reconfiguration PassFree Activated.
* Added SMART 451 & 454 OFFLINE KEY TEACH-IN program
* Added Development Data & Development Data (inside control unit adaptation) SAM451(SMART)
* Added Development Data & Extra Coding(inside control unit adaptation) ESP451(SMART)
* Added Development Data and Read coding-string in ESP 454
* Add extra functions: Writing VIN & Development Status (inside control unit adaptation).
* Audio Video Navigation and telematics – add Dev menu in DAS COMAND APS menupurpose: Add developer menu in DAS Command APS menu.
* Audio Video Navigation and telematics – HU Exchange Audio 50 to COMAND password free
* purpose: No password required, F3 to continue.
* DAS Special Function Password Free PKW and SMART. special functions, e.g AB or ABR ecu in DAS W204, you are asked to insert password. With this system, you can enter any character, minimum “1” and F2 to continue.
* Erase SCR/ADBLUE fault code (in MR) with correct New FDOK XN.
* * – Erasing of emission-relevant (SCR/ADBLUE) fault code: No need FDOK encrypted random number, F3 to continue.
* * Calculate correct nueu-FDOK XN internally, and change the encrypted random number to correct one in memory
* NFZ SonderFunktion Password Free purpose: password free for NFZ when doing SonderFunktion (Flash/Programming).
* Nox Torque Limit Setting (FR/CPC0) with correct New FDOK XT
* purpose:
* – Nox Torque limit Setting: No need FDOK encrypted random number, F3 to continue
* – Calculate correct nueu-FDOK internally, and change the encrypted random number to correct one in memory
* – Added value: UNLOCK Legal speed limit direct edit without going to special function
* Special Function Password Free Transporter
* -purpose: Special Function Password Free for Transporter
* TRANSMISSION or GETRIEBE – EGS1 Special Function password free
* purpose: No password required, F3 to continue.
* TRANSMISSION or GETRIEBE – EGS2 Diagnosis Routine password free
* purpose: No password required, F3 to continue.

05.2018 Xentry/DAS 100% Tested with MB Star Diagnosis SD connect C4 (C5):

12-2 12-3 12-4 12-5 12-6 12-7 12-8

Why can’t I get VAG-COM to communicate at all

Check the following:

1.Is the adapter plugged into the car? An Serial Interface that is not plugged into the car will always be “Not Found”. It gets power from the car!

2.Is the car’s ignition switch in the ON position?

3.Is it plugged into the correct serial port? Some PC’s have the ports mis-labeled.

4.Are the serial ports on your PC properly configured?

5.Disable Palm HotSync or Microsoft ActiveSync software!

6.If you have a 1997 or newer car with an aftermarket radio or if you have used your ISO-COM Interface on a car with an aftermarket radio, read this page.

7.Check our Issues page for any special configuration settings that may be necessary for your vehicle
If you are using a power supply for a laptop, it should be one specifically designed for that purpose, NOT a “universal” adapter.

Note: If you test the Vag Com 18.2 port, but an hourglass appears, you may have an IRQ conflict. This may not show up in Device Manager as a conflict. But, try this:

(1)Start>Run>MSINFO32.EXE to bring up the System Information utility.
(2)Go to Hardware Resources>IRQs This should show a list of all devices by their IRQ, so you can see if there are any repeated or shared IRQs.

If all else fails, feel free to call or email us, making sure to provide the brand and model of vehicle, brand and model of PC, and version of VAG COM Cables.