How To Code BMW Injectors With Autel Tool

In short, manufacturers have introduced injector coding because they are facing evertightening controls on emissions. Fitting some new injectors means we have to tell the ECU what we have done so that it can make the appropriate calculation to allow the engine to run to its optimum state once the injector is fitted – this is achieved by ‘coding’ them.

This article will explain how to do injector coding on BMW with Autel MK808BT.

1. Connecting Vehicles via VCI
2. Select “Service” Option
Next select “service” on the main menu of the Autel scan functions.

3. Select “Injector”
You will see a series of icons. Click the labeled injector icon.


4. Select Vehicle Make

5. Select the BMW icon


6. Read the Vehicle VIN

7. First you will select “automatic selection”. Then you will have two options for the VIN entry. You can either manually enter the VIN or let the scanner read it for you. I recommend letting the scanner read for you. If it works, it will enter the VIN. Verify that the VIN matches and then select “OK”.


8. Verify Vehicle Information

9. After you fill in your vehicle information, there will be a complete display in the next interface.


10. Load System Data

11. This may take a minute or two. You will see a page shortly after with communication data as well as a loading bar. Sit tight and let the scanner process


12. Select “Hot Function”

13. You will have an option between “diagnosis” or hot function. Select the “hot function” option.


14. Select “Injection Quantity Compensation”


15. Was a New DME Installed?

16. This next page asks if you installed a new DME. Unless you replaced it, click no as you will be overwriting existing calibration numbers on the DME.


17. Review Existing Adjustment Values

18. Not much to see here. This is just a list of each adjustment value for each cylinder currently stored. Select “continue”.


19. Select “F2”


20. Enter Which Cylinder You Want to Make a Compensation Adjustment On

21. You can either enter the cylinder number or use the drop down option. You can only calibrate one compensation value at a time.

22. Enter the Top and Bottom Number From the Compensation Values on Injector in one row of numbers

23. Look at the values you wrote down earlier from each injector. Take the top number and bottom number and enter them in a single row. After entering, you can select “OK”.


24. Verify the Adjustment Value
If everything matches up properly, select “yes”. Once you’ve completed this, you will then be prompted to turn off the ignition.

At this point you will get a page that shows the stored compensation values. Please note that these values do not match up one-hundred percent to what you entered, as the DME will change these numbers slightly. This is completely normal and part of the coding process. You will repeat the process for each cylinder that has a swapped injector. Compared to the BMW specific software and much more expensive scan tools, Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT gets this job done easily and affordably. The menu system is straight-forward enough that anyone can complete the re-calibration process.

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