JLR Mongoose SDD V160 Software Win7 Win10 Free Download

How to do if the JLR Mongoose SDD installation package was damaged or could not be opened? Here we have provided SDD V160 software free download that works for Windows7/ Windows10.

Where to free download JLR SDD V160:
Step 1: free download SDD V160:

SDD 160.00_FULL.exe: It applies to the user who requires when the SDD machine does not have the previous SDD software installed.

SDD 160_159 UPDATE.exe : It applies to the user who requires to update an SDD machine from the previous SDD software to the latest SDD Software.

SDD 160.01.exe: Contains SDD application enhancements and vehicle software updates and is to be installed after the FULL SDD Software

Step 2: free download SDD V160 driver:

—-> For VXDIAG NANO SDD driver, download here: www.vxdiag.net

Step 3: free download SDD V160 patch:
Compatible system: Win7, Win10
Note: V160 version does not support the XP system.

Compatible system: Win7, Win10
Note: V160 version does not support the XP system.


How to solve JLR Mongoose Pro installation error?

Error case 1:
End Program – SDD 160 (D:)

This program is not responding.
To return to Windows and check the status of the program, click Cancel.

If you choose to end the program immediately, you will lose any unsaved data. To end the program now, click End now.

Solution: the computer system is not compatible with SDD V160, please try other computers with Win7/ Win10.


Error case 2:
This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows installer package.

Solution: SDD installation package was damaged. Please re-download it from our link. Tested and safe.


Hope it works.