How to solve porsche piwis tester 2 software stuck when running

Recently, a customer reported that when using Piwis Tester II to test porshce, the software was stuck and could not proceed to the next test.

Below is the video sent by the customer:

Customer feedback:

No … it just does load the piwis tester properly … it gets stuck on the point where it says loading OBX and now the tablet see anything

1. Connect to the car, Piwis Tester II host works

2. Run the software and select the model

3. Finally the software is stuck in the interface below

The analysis found the reason: The software of Piwis Tester II is version V18.1500, this version is the version before 2021, and the date of the computer is now 2021, so the software cannot run normally.

The solution is: adjust the computer date before 2020, restart the computer, and then run the software, the operation is OK
As shown in the figure below, whether the date has been adjusted successfully, open the software and look at the arrow at the position of the date to make it clear. If the date before 2020 is still displayed, the software can be used normally.