Will VXDIAG VCX NANO GM work for A Canadian Yukon


I’m in the USA and have an Canadian Yukon. Will VXdiag vcx nano gm work for a Canadian Yukon as well? 08 Denali?


Yes, at the start up of Tech2win, your going to get the first pop up screen, and since it a GM car from the states, select North America,


Next screen will be MDI 1,


then USB device (the Nano).


As for how deep you are going in tech2win, it will ask you if the car is a export in some screens such at in fob programming, and your going to take the export path then.
So quick walk through in tech2win for it in diagnostic.
LD truck
GMC truck
C type body

Also to point out, depending on what was changed to make it an export, there is the option of just going into BCM programming to change the car back to non export model instead. Hence export Fob programming has a 10 min wait timer before you can program a Fob in, will with the BCM set to USA, no wait time instead. Hell, if you don’t want the day time running lights to come on, easy enough to change the BCM to mexico use to bring up the DRL RPO code to shut it off.