OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus on 2014 Audi A3 MQB mileage adjustment [via OBD]

[Via OBD] OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus /Key master DP Plus is tested 100% OK for 2014 Audi A3 MQB mileage adjustment. This post shares the whole operation procedure in words and images.

Here 2014 Audi A3 with MQB IMMO.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-dp-plus-01 (2)

Have current value: 48728KM on the dashboard.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-dp-plus-12 (2)

Connect OBDSTAR key master DP Plus to the OBD port of Audi A3, turn on the machine, select ” Immobilizer”, then “Audi”, then newest “Audi V31.74”.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-dp-plus-03 (2)


Initializing diagnostic data…


Select “A3“.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-dp-plus-04 (2)

Select ” MQB 2014.06 –”

2014-audi-a3-mqb-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-dp-plus-05 (2)

Good to know “Only MQB dashboard of Continental and VDO supported”.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-dp-plus-06 (2)

Switch ignition on.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-dp-plus-07 (2)

Mileage adjustment.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-dp-plus-08 (2)

Ensure the current mileage is 48728KM.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-dp-plus-09 (2)

Input 50000 (KM)

2014-audi-a3-mqb-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-dp-plus-10 (2)


Logging in system…

Data backup…

Adjust Success…

2014-audi-a3-mqb-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-dp-plus-11 (2)

Have 50000KM on the dashboard, it’s correct.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-dp-plus-12 (2)