ODO Master Program Mileage for VW Tiguan 2012

Odo Master is a nice obd mileage correction tool,here China OBD2 show you guide on how to use OBDSTAR ODO Master to correct mileage for Volkswagen Tiguan 2012.

ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-1 (2)

This example test on bench,and you can do it by obd port directly.
Enter “Cluster Calibrate” menu to select “VW”

ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-2 (2)

Press “Select from Type”

ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-3 (2)
Select “Identify Odometer Types”

ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-4 (2)

Press “Enter” button

ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-5 (2)

Select “NEC+24C64”

ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-6 (2)

Select “VDO-2012”

ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-7 (2)

Then select “Mileage Adjustment”
ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-8 (2)

Then OBDSTAR ODO Master will read the data,just wait

ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-9 (2)

Now input a filename to save,here is “24C64VDO”
ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-10 (2)

Then exit and input new value “91000”,and press “Enter”

ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-11 (2)

ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-12 (2)

ODO-Master-Program-Mileage-for-VW-Tiguan-2012-13 (2)

Now new odometer correction done!