2012 Buick new LaCrosse engine idle learning operation method with launch X431 V X431 V+ (pro3) PAD

2012 Buick new LaCrosse engine idle learning operation method on launch X431 V/X431 V+ (pro3) PAD


Measured models: Buick LaCrosse 2.4L, Engine Model LAF, 2012 models,



  1. Select China General V48.90 or later.
  2. Select manual selection, note that you can not choose online programming.
  3. Select “Buick”.
  4. Select year 2012.
  5. Select “New LaCrosse”.
  6. Select “engine control module”.
  7. Select Engine Type 2 “2.4 liters (LAF)”.
  8. Select “Configuration/Reset Function”.
  9. Select “learning function”.
  10. Select “Immediately read in”.
  11. A prompt box appears, choose to confirm press Niu, as shown in Figure 10.


12.Enter the function operation interface, display the corresponding data flow value andoperation status value, the command status shows “None”, as shown in Figure 11.


13.Click on the “Reset” button below and the execution will be changed to “Reset”, as shown inFigure 12.


14.The key is closed, click the exit button, the operation is over.