ICarScan VCI Precautions on operation

ICarScan VCI Precautions on operation

Before using this product, please read the following information carefully.

  • The illustrations herein are for reference only and are subject to change based on the smart mobile terminal you are using and / or software updates.
  • Always perform automotive testing in a safe environment.
  • The instrument is a precision electronic instrument. Pay more attention when in use, NEVER have it dashed.
  • Do not connect or disconnect the VCI connector while the ignition is on or the engine is running.
  • Do not keep the VCI connector plugged into your vehicle overnight, be sure to always remove connector once testing and/or diagnosis is complete. Failure to do so may result in drained or weakened battery.
  • Do not drive the vehicle and operate the X431 IDiag connector at the same time. Any distraction may cause an accident.
  • To avoid damaging the VCI connector or generating false data, please make sure the vehicle battery is fully charged and the connection to the vehicle DLC (Data Link Connector) is clear and secure.
  • Keep the VCI connector dry, clean, free from oil, water or grease. Use a mild detergent on a clean cloth to clear the outside of the connector as necessary.
  • Attention: The purchasing agreement for the software is for ONE year subscription.

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