Attention of Launch X431 Icarscan

The iCarScan scanner will not come with software in the package, only hardware. But we will offer you Launch X431 register name & password. You can free download Any 10 softwares ( Car softwares with specica function software) from APP. If you need more car software, please contact us to purchase or buy it from app store directly.


1.Car Software Brand List:
America car List:
USAFORD, Chrysler, GM.
European Car List:
Asia Car List:
China Car List:
2.Special function Software Brand List:

HONDA Immobilizer \ Keys Support List:

(If you want the full supported vehicles, Please contact our sales.)

2CG 2013 – 2014
ACCORD 2004 – 2014
ACTY VAN 2011 – 2014
AIRWAVE 2007 – 2014
ASCOT 2007 – 2014
AVANCIER 2007 – 2014
BALLADE 2012 – 2014
BRIO 2012 – 2014
CAPA 2007 – 2014
CIIMO 2012 – 2014
CITY 2007 – 2014
CIVIC 2007 – 2014
CR – V 2007 – 2014
CR – X/DELSOL 2007 – 2014
CR – Z 2010 – 2014
CRIDER 2013 – 2014
CROSSROAD 2007 – 2014
DOMANI 2007 – 2014
EDIX 2007 – 2014
ELEMENT 2007 – 2014
ELYSION 2007 – 2014
FIT 2007 – 2014
FIT ARIA 2009 – 2014
FIT HYBRID 2011 – 2014
FIT SHUTTLE 2011 – 2014
FR – V 2007 – 2014
GB – 1 EVERUS S1 2011 – 2014
HR – V 2014 – 2014
INSIGHT 2007 – 2014
INSPIRE 2007 – 2014
INTEGRA 2007 – 2014
JADE 2014 – 2014
JAZZ 2007 – 2014
JAZZ HYBRID 2011 – 2014
LAGREAT 2007 – 2014
LEGEND 2007 – 2014
LIFE 2007 – 2014
LOGO 2007 – 2014
MOBILIO 2007 – 2014
MR – V 2007 – 2014
N – BOX 2012 – 2014
NSX 2007 – 2014
ODYSSEY 2007 – 2014
ORTHIA 2007 – 2014
PARTNER 2007 – 2014
PILOT 2007 – 2014
PRELUDE 2007 – 2014
RAFAGA 2007 – 2014
RIDGELINE 2007 – 2014
S – MX 2007 – 2014
S2000 2007 – 2014
SHUTTLE 2007 – 2014
SPIKE 2007 – 2014
SPIRIOR 2010 – 2014
STEP WGN 2007 – 2014
STREAM 2007 – 2014
THAT’S 2007 – 2014
TODAY 2007 – 2014
VAMOS 2007 – 2014
Z 2007 – 2014
ZDX 2010 – 2014
ZEST 2007 – 2014


Special Functions:


Order Feedback:

icarscan-13 icarscan-14

Launch iCarScan Obd2 Scan Tool Features:
1.I/M Readiness Monitor
2.Read DTC’s
3.Clear DTC’s
4.Read Freeze Frame Data
5.Read and Graph Data Stream PID’s
6.Full System Scan
7.Actuation Tests
8.Special Functions

ICarScan X431 Tool Available again


I own a Durametric. I haven’t used it in about a year – since I got the ICARSCAN.

ICarScan is much easier to use than the Durametric since it works with my Android smartphone, no need to boot up a computer and plug it into the computer. It connects via Bluetooth to the phone. I carry it in the Cayenne since it’s tiny and can be used anytime I have my phone along (about 100% of the time.) So far I haven’t found anything I can’t do with it that could be done with the Porsche PWIS. Doesn’t mean there isn’t – but I haven’t found it yet. It resets all the different service reminders. Resets adaptatations. Reads out real-time values and can plot them. Can read and clear codes stored in any of the vehicle modules.

DISCLAIMER: I get nothing for posting this except hoping to encourage the company to continue producing it, since that means there will be software updates for the one I already own. I like it. I think it’s good value. YMMV – but I don’t think so.

ADDITIONAL INFO: (05/05/17) People have reported that the iOS application apparently is difficult to impossible to get working. Before buying it – if all you have is an iPhone – I’d suggest reading the thread and talking to some of the people who have tried it on iOS. Other people have mentioned success or difficulty getting the Android application working. I suspect part of the problem is the number of versions of Android on the user market. If you’re using an Android phone, or tablet – Launch X431 might be worth checking or asking who got it working with what. I also should note – it appears I’m running an earlier version of the software on my Android phone (Droid-Turbo-II) and tablet (Verizon Ellipsis-7). I have not tried downloading the new version since I don’t like to muck about with a working thing. Again – check and ask people what works if you have a concern. My final warning – communications with the vendor are almost non-existent. When I first got mine (about a year ago) I emailed them about a problem getting it to install on my tablet (which apparently isn’t listed as compatible with the software at the Google store) – and got a few brief replies. Since then – I’ve emailed asking about renewing my subscription – and have gotten no answer. Despite my “subscription” expiring – the software I originally downloaded (5 vehicle brands and the other free stuff) continues to work. It has also updated the firmware on my dongle despite my subscription being expired. What I have not done is open the store feature of it to see if there is a subscription renewal option there. I may do that sometime. Or not. Right now – it’s working fine for me.
Don Eilenberger, Spring Lake NJ USA
About 50 cars and motorcycles formerly owned..
’06 Cayenne S TiS edition (SOLD)
’11 Cayenne Turbo, White with blackout package – whoosh..
’11 Lexus RX-350, the reliable truck.
’12 BMW R1200R – two wheels, the real BMW..

I recommend that you buy icarscan on They are cheap, shipping is fast, and after-sales service is also very good. I have been using it for a year and there is no problem with the quality of the product.

(Solved) Log in to the Launch Icarscan APP and run the model software appear ErrID:-6

Log in to the Launch Icarscan APP and run the model software appear ErrID:-6

The customer gave us the following information:

A: Generally, this version of the software has a bug and needs to be contacted by us.
We will solve this problem within two working days. (We will fix the bug and re-release the new version of the software)
A new version of the software has been released and we will notify the customer to update the software of the app.

OBD2TOOL All rights reserved this article.

How is the icarscan different from the icarsoft POR II i960


I was hoping to do the hybrid clutch fluid replacement and clutch adaptation service myself, and was wondering if this is what’s needed, since the alldatadiy manual points to PIWIS for this service and doesn’t provide much of any info on how to perform it.


I have been in touch with the Launch X431 iCarsoft maker and they are working on new software for Boxster/Cayman that will provide much more functionality across all areas.

I only mention ICARSCAN now (since this thread is not about that model) as once the new SW is available, I will work on setting up a GB in hopes of saving us some money.

No details on the discount, but we’d need at least 15 units so we can order directly from OBD2TOOL at the distributor price.

Does new icarscan conclued 5 cars and 5 special functions?

I’ve gone to the ICARSCAN page supplied by the seller and of course I’m more confused than ever. It says 10 downloads, does that mean 5 cars and 5 special functions?

Here is a brief introduction of special functions in the main menu and that under a model.
1. Special function in the main menu
If users choose special functions in the main menu and select one, then users can perform this function for all models developed in the list.
For example, users go to Special Functions in the main menu for oil reset, they can reset oil for all cars listed there like BMW, Toyota, Honda and cannot go to diagnosis or others.
2.Special functions under a model
That is a special function like oil reset after users go to BMW software.For example, users go to BMW OBD Software, there must be lots of functions incl. Special Functions. Then, they can select oil reset for the BMW mode
Does that mean if you pick oil reset under the main menu it is a function of all cars listed, but if you don’t pick it you can maybe find it under a specific car brand?

So here is the list of special functions Do we get to pick 5 or 10? . I would guess I want
1. reset oil,
2. I’d be willing to try the key function in hopes it will work with some car on my list.
3.What does the Battery MS one do?
4. What is the difference between Bleeding and rest brake?

I’m trying to do the 100k service and so I”m changing the oil and all air filters, I”m just curios what I”m going to get for my $225 from obd2tool,


you can pick any 10 you want. 10 car brands or 3 special functions and 7 car brands etc. whatever adds up to 10. I have an iPhone and had to choose all 10 at the start. Tried selecting just porsche and then continuing. Wouldn?t let me do it.

The Porsche specific one resets oil and tons of other stuff. That?s what I used for my reset yesterday. Next time I?ll try the special function to see if it works the same.

I just selected car brands I or family members have, then did the rest as special functions in case a friend needs a reset etc on a car brand I didn?t select. I have no idea what brands the special functions do and don?t work on, but I?d imagine it works on most. I was mostly concerned with the brands I own. As for the reset brake vrs reset bleed I have no idea the difference and haven?t played with that yet. Also have no idea for the resetBMS…. Only played with the Porsche specific side so far and it does all the special functions as far as I can tell specific to Porsche.c

Launch X431 iCarScan Test Reports

Is Launch ICARSCAN a better OBD2 fault code reader? One of our customer has tested Launch iCarScan scanner (iDiag’s replacement) on several models

Tested tool:
Launch X431 iCarScan

Tested model:
Mazda 6 GH 2.0 diesel 2008

Tested results:

To be honest, Launch iScan have a lot more options on that car then vpecker, for example on engine it can only read few parameters and it can read and clear trouble codes thats it nothing else on engine not even dpf regeneration, idiag have more to offer for that car, i tested on few more cars. I think what it can do more with special functions is for Toyota,Honda,Scion. But since it is original interface and software price is ok for it.

iScan fault code reader is updated online via Win XP~Win 10 system. Very very easy to update. So they can work for all cars until 2015.

English, French, Russian, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese

That’s it. I should say, each one has its own merits and demerits, Auto Diagnostic Tool Launch X431 iCarScan work ok until now. A successful purchase from China.

ICarScan user introduction

1.ICarScan User registration and login

Enter your email address to apply for a user account

2.iCarScan device activation

Enter the S/N and A/C (Activation Code) in the password envelope to activate the iCarScan device.

3.iCarScan device installation

Step 1: Find the OBDII port, which is usually located underneath the dashboard;
Step 2: Plug the iCarScan into the OBDII port of the vehicle and the LED indicator will light up to show the operating status.

1.Remove the iCarScan device after using. Do not leave it in the OBDII port;

2.Turn off the ignition before plugging or unplugging the iCarScan device.

4.Purchase diagnostic software

Stepl Tap on “Full-System Scan” to enter the car line software list or “Special Tools’ to enter the tool software list;

Step2 Select the software, tap on the vehicle name or tool name to see more software details;

Step3 Tap on “Buy It Now’ to enter the purchase confirmation page;

Step4 Tap on “Pay” and follow the instructions to complete payment.

LAUNCH X431 ICARSCAN VS M-Diag VS Idiag VS Easydiag

LAUNCH X431 ICARSCAN for Android/IOS with 5 car software and 3 specica function software free .

ICARSCAN is a professional automotive diagnosis tool which manufactured by LAUNCH company. This is a specially designed auto code reader.ICarScan is a smart phone based vehicle OBD2 and full sysatem diagnostic tool designed with the professional technicians and DIY enthusiasts in mind.


There are 5 reasons for you to get icarscan amazon :

1.Launch Icarscan Build-in bluetooth, easily connects with Android/IOS smart phone and tablet. The device is small and portable, yet powerful enough to rival its competitors.

2.Launch Icarscan replacement LAUNCH X431 IDIAG , LAUNCH X431 Easydiag and LAUNCH M-Diag. Users have the option to purchase manufacturer spceific carline software based on their needs. LAUNCH ICARSCAN Support the generic OBD, CAN bus, and proprietary protocols of over 70 car manufacturers and 2, 500 car models. 8 free brand of software for your selection:5 car line choice(fullfunction software), 3 special function software choice. If you need more other softwares, pls buy it from APP store.


3.Launch Icarscan Support Special Functions like RESET SAS, RESET BMS, RESET BLEED, RESET BRAKE, RESET DPF, RESET ETS, RESET GEAR, IMMO & key programming, RESET INJEC, RESET OIL, RESET TPMS and so on.

4.Launch Icarscan from WBTOOLS on amazon Support Multi-Language:English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian. You can choice the language by yourself.

5.Launch Icarscan (M-diag) Update Software Online. You can free to download any 5 software with 3 special functions in any time.


How to purchase launch icarscan software on Android / IOS smart phone

launch icarscan is the best launch scanner.  the newest launch icarscan version with 8 software free.  if you need more than 8 software, you can purchase others software . Now we share how to purchase launch icarscan software.

1.  Run launch x431 icarscan APP “EZdiag”


2.  login in your LAUNCH ICARSCAN account ( if you have not register it, please register a account  first , then login in )


3. After login in your account, you enter main menu. click ” full system scan ”


4. then you will see there is a ” purchase more ” button, click it .


5.  you can select the car software you want to purchase. fox example. we select TOYOTA


6. after you click ” toyota ” button, you enter the launch icarscan purchase interface


8. click ”  buy now ” and pay it , there are three payment terms.  papal. credit card, paypal credit card, you can see in the following pictures



9.   after select the payment terms, please submit it. fill in the payment information. and pay it.