Cummins releases new telematics app, Inline 7 service tool

Cummins recently introduced two new tech tools, one for subscribers of its telematics service and another for technicians.

The engine maker’s new Connected Diagnostics (CD) app is available on both Apple iOS and Android devices for free to registered users of the telematics service. Cummins says the app is designed to complement its fault monitoring app.

A status page lists all of a customer’s connected equipment organized by the engine system’s current fault code status. Each status tab has a count reference giving a quick glance at overall fleet health.

The app also displays a complete fault notification report including a derate notification banner, prioritized fault codes and the suggested root cause of the fault. It also provides links to information on the nearest Cummins service location and Cummins Care contact information.

You can download the app on your iPhone here and on your Android device here.

Cummins also released INLINE 7, a wired and wireless datalink adapter for technicians.

Cummins says the Inline 7 is the only adapter that offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a wired connection via USB. Heavy Duty Scanner Inline 7 features a faster processor, improved algorithms, larger memory buffers and better filtering than previous models while simultaneously accessing multiple vehicle data channels.

The OBD2 Scanner is designed to work with a wide array of OEM and third-party service and innovation tools and supports three simultaneous CAN connections and 250K, 500K and 1M baud rates. It also supports several other protocols such as J1708, J1587, ISO 15765 and ISO 9141 (K and L lines).


How to Install and Setup Nexiq USB Link 2

NEXIQ USB Link 2 Installation Process Outline:

Step 1: Install the USB-Link? 2 drivers and the Device Tester (pg. 9).

Step 2: Choose your connection (wired or wireless) (pg. 24).

If you chose a wired connection, move on to complete steps 4 and 6

Step 3: Install the drivers for the Bluetooth? adapter you are using.

Depending on the Bluetooth? adapter you have selected, you may also
need to configure the Bluetooth? environment (see Configure the Bluetooth
Environment on page 26 of this chapter).

Step 4: Connect the Heavy Duty Scanner USB-Link? 2 to the vehicle.

Steps 4 through 6 are described in Chapter 3 of this manual.

Step 5: Pair the Device:
Step 6: Use the NEXIQ USB Link? Device Tester to test the connection between the
USB-Link? 2 and the vehicle.