What to do if fail to enter ICOM ISTA-P

Fail to enter BMW ICOM A2 ISTA-P and ISPI-NEXT perfect tools prompt:
Please wait while ISTA-D is starting!
Don’t close ISPI-NEXT Admin Tools when ISTA is Running!




Close the computer.

Connect the icom a2 emulator to the BMW car.

NOT NOT connect icom mux to the computer via the cable until the mux lights on.

Start the computer.

Enter BMW ICOM A2+B+C interface again.

DO NOT click OK after entering the interface.

Wait for another one or two minutes, and the software will go to ISTA automatically.

Click on ISTA-D_DE.


If ISTA/P is forced to exit quickly when entering, it means that ISTA/D has already been opened, please restart the system and enter ista/p again.

NOTE: do not operate quickly during the whole process

BMW ICOM A2 System LED Turns Red and Flashes Always(SOLVED)


BMW diagnostic mux ICOM A2 System LED stays red and flashes/blink always. No problem exists after self-test and firmware update.


Solution 1:
1)-rehot hot a?r gun th?s ?c ..
2)-?f no, replace or change new one ..
3)-problem that ?c..


Solution 2:
Solution of the problem with the nonexistent fun. LED is again green.
The pulse generator to buying on auctions.

NOTE: it’s technical, so if you are not experienced, please be careful to try this; otherwise, you may destroy your Car Diagnostic Tool ICOM mux.

ICOM A2 ISTA-D not registered (solved)

Several months ago, I got BMW ICOM A2 emulator from China, and I’ve installed ISTA-D and ISTA-P like this video tutorial shows:

BMW ICOM A2+B+C install Process Question

ISTA-P seems to work(via Loader) but ISTA-D won’t.

If I open ISTA-D I’m getting the message
Attention – This device has not been registered

If I change the following line from “true” to “false”
<add key=”BMW.Rheingold.CoreFramework.ILeanActive”

I get an other window than the not registered:
License warning!
Unfortunately your local copy is not activated yet or has expired.
It’s necessary to activate your local installation via an
authenticated license. Please follow the steps in the next dialogs.

If I continue there are fields for Name / E-Mail / Comment, after that it shows an key, which should be sent via mail to them. Below there is an field for a license. I also copied the license from an other and earlier version(3.44.30 which seems to be update only) in this field but still can’t click on the next button which is greyed out.

The ISPI Admin Client shows all installed.
ISPI Admin Client: 1.1.808.3
HDD-Update: 2.2.5449.17449
KSD: 2014.12.1.0

After I’ve read it never would activate in a VMware VM I’ve installed it on a physical machine but same problem there.

I don’t know if you need any more information, here are my system information:
Windows 7 x86 in VM, x64 physical, 4GB RAM, 180+ HDD, .NET Framework 4.5, newest Flash / Shockwave (…), “ISTA_SYS_3.48.20.13322.msi”

The only thing you need to do is run the “ID.reg” file so it will add some info to the registry. After this, ISTA/D should work fine!