Program BMW M2 2015 FEM All Keys Lost with Autel IM608

BMW M2 2015 FEM all keys lost programmed successfully.

keyless go works as well

Customer had a spare working cluster so plugged in to test.

Devices used:

Autel MaxiIM IM608 + XP400

BMW FEM/BDC test platform

Read ISN code from ECU with Xhorse VVDI PROG on bench. (You need a working key to read isn via obd)

Program-BMW-M2-2015-FEM-All-Keys-Lost-with-Autel-IM608-1 (2)

Program-BMW-M2-2015-FEM-All-Keys-Lost-with-Autel-IM608-5 (2)

Program-BMW-M2-2015-FEM-All-Keys-Lost-with-Autel-IM608-4 (2)

Program-BMW-M2-2015-FEM-All-Keys-Lost-with-Autel-IM608-3 (2)

Program-BMW-M2-2015-FEM-All-Keys-Lost-with-Autel-IM608-2 (2)

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