Catch the system log with Autel IM608 – Technical Support

When Autel MaxiIM IM608 meet some network issue or software crash issues or other apk issues, customer can go to Maxitool in the IM608 Tablet main interface to send the system logs to the back end so engineers can further check what is the cause.

Here is the detail steps :

Step 1: After the IM608 function failure, go to main interface


Step 2: Open Maxitool APK to catch the system log and upload:

Step 3: Under Autel Scanner IM608 log menu, click start to catch the log of the failure function

Collecting the log in process:

Step 4: Log collection is done, then click upload to upload the data log to Autel server so engineer can check it.


Then you have sent the system log, you can provide the device series number so tech support can search it for you.

Any other problem please contact us via Email: