XTOOL X100 Pro2 Update Error & Solution

Recently, some customers gave feedbacks that they failed to update the XTOOL X100 Pro2 auto key programmer. Here have collected the common update error and offered the corresponding solution.

Problem 1: I install the x100 pro2 upgrade tool from xtooltech.com, but it cannot identify the device. The error message is “unknown (error: 9)”. I change another computer to install, but also fails.

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-1 (2)

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-2 (2)

Problem 2: When I input the S/N and password from the Certificate of Quality paper, it prompts “login failed”.

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-3 (2)

Problem 3: After I update x100 pro2 upgrade tool, my device cannot use, it appears white screen with only red bar at the top of the screen. I check the main menu, everything is ok, but when connecting it to the car, it cannot do anything.

Problem 4: I had updated the software from V3.0 to V4.0. When I connected it to the car, it showed “Loading”, but then the screen turned blank and couldn’t work (IMMO, OBD2, Dash Board, Eeprom etc).

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-4 (2)

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-5 (2)

Problem 5: It prompts an error message “Result is null or empty” when updating x100 pro2.

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-6 (2)

Problem 6: When I update x100 pro2, it prompts “Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document” and “SD card invalid. Case: file or folder’s name has invalid character, or file read only. Backup files then format SD card! The path is not of a legal form.”

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-7 (2)

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-8 (2)

The possible causes for the errors above including:

1.You use an incorrect upgrade tool
2.The serial number begins with PRO, but the letter “O” you input is number “0”

The solution:

1.If you cannot update via USB cable, change to SD connection.
You should format the TF card before re-upgrading. Remove the SD card from x100 pro2 key programmer, and insert into card reader, then connect to computer.

2.Use the correct upgrade tool
The step-by-step guide to update x100 pro2 key programmer:
Step 1: Visit the official website http://www.xtooltech.com
Step 2: Select Supports-> Download Upgrade tool-> X100 Pro2
It will start to download TP200Installer automatically

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-9 (2)

Step 3: Extract the installation package into an upgrade tool

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-10 (2)

Step 4: Connect X100 PRO2 to Windows computer with Type-c cable;

Note: If the USB device cannot be recognized. Please solve it by the following method:

1.Insert the TYPE-C connector halfway to make the screen light up

Then insert all of the TYPE-C connector to identify the USB device

Step 5: Open the upgrade tool

Input the Product SN and Password and click login

(Get the Serial number and activation code from Certificate of Quality paper)

Note: The serial number begins with the three letters- PRO

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-11 (2)

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-12 (2)

Step 6: Select all upgrade options and the language you desire

Click on “Upgrade”

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-13 (2)

When the upgrade process is completed, it will prompt “success”

x100-pro2-update-error-solution-14 (2)