How To Obtain System Log From Lonsdor K518ISE

This is a simple guide to teach you how to obtain system log from Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer.
Kindly reminder: Please connect the device to network before any operation.

Step 1:
Hold these two buttons marked in red at the same time, then you’ll go to an interface as below. Press System Information.
how-to-obtain-system-log-from-lonsdor-k518ise-01 (2)

Step 2:
Touch anywhere in the area framed in red for five to eight times in one second quickly. Then touch anywhere in the area framed in green once.
how-to-obtain-system-log-from-lonsdor-k518ise-02 (2)

Step 3:
Now it’s back to previous interface. Hold Return Key on the device for a few seconds, then you’ll see a screen displaying more options.
how-to-obtain-system-log-from-lonsdor-k518ise-03 (2)

how-to-obtain-system-log-from-lonsdor-k518ise-04 (2)

how-to-obtain-system-log-from-lonsdor-k518ise-05 (2)

Step 4:
Press Get System Log, then Quit to exit the interface.
how-to-obtain-system-log-from-lonsdor-k518ise-07 (2)


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