Reviews on Launch X431 CRP909 All-System All-Make Diagnostic Tool

Launch X431 CRP909 scanner arrived me one month ago and I have been playing with it for several times. I think it can do what I paid, it can meet the repair needs of most cars in a workshop, because it can access to all control systems of dozens of car brands, and to perform the diagnostic and service reset capabilities.

Firstly, comes with Launch X431 CRP909 full package:

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I receive one plastic box, not two heavy, as claimed it is 7.17pounds. Open the plastic box, I have one CRP909 tablet with good-quality of rubber shell, one user manual, one 16pin cable, one USB cab le and one power adapter (9volts), also it is built-in with battery.

CRP909 tablet touch screen is 7″ IPS as claimed, I love the smooth rubber shell, the buttons and the bracket.

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Next is to turn on the Launch CRP909 to have an overview:

The function menu includes: diagnose, I/M, OBDII, Reset, battery voltage, upgrade, data, settings etc.

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Tap ” diagnose”, you will be surprised it covers 98% car brands in the market (1996-2019 year).

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After selecting one car brand, I enter ” Smart ( Auto-Detect ) “, it can automatically scan all systems. If Auto-Detect failure occurs, manual diagnosis is also available.

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After that, a diagnostic report will be automatically generated and sent to your email box (if bound)..

It will access to all electronic control systems.

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Next is to enter “OBDII”, it will read & clear DTCS and read live data.

Live data 3 display modes: value, graph, merged.

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Reviews-on-Launch-X431-CRP909-All-System-All-Make-Diagnostic-Tool-13 (2)

Next is to record live data and save successfully.

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Then read freeze frame data.

Clear fault codes.

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Reviews-on-Launch-X431-CRP909-All-System-All-Make-Diagnostic-Tool-16 (2)

Read Vehicle information.

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15 kinds of special functions: Oil Reset Service, Electronic Parking Brake Reset, Steering Angle Calibration, ABS Bleeding, TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System) Reset, Gear Learning, IMMO Service, Injector Coding, Battery Maintenance System, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration, Electronic Throttle Position Reset, Gearbox Matching, AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System) Reset, Sunroof Initialization and Suspension Calibration.

How to do: choose function -> vehicle -> scan

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Enter “Battery Voltage” and find it displays car battery real-time voltage once properly.

Reviews-on-Launch-X431-CRP909-All-System-All-Make-Diagnostic-Tool-21 (2)

Tap “I / M readiness”.

Reviews-on-Launch-X431-CRP909-All-System-All-Make-Diagnostic-Tool-22 (2)

Review the diagnostic test reports.

Reviews-on-Launch-X431-CRP909-All-System-All-Make-Diagnostic-Tool-23 (2)

Retrieve the definition of the diagnostic trouble code.

Reviews-on-Launch-X431-CRP909-All-System-All-Make-Diagnostic-Tool-24 (2)

View live data records.

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Next, let’s have a look what language it is available.

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Connect to Wifi, I can tap “Upgrade” to check what cars have the newest software, then I can update by myself.


Launch crp909 scanner is a great deal at this price! I use it as a secondary scan tool. So far impressive. I use it both at home and work. I upgraded from the Crp229. This tool is fast to boot up and retrieve codes and info. Love the larger touch screen. It’s a simple tool, very straightforward, without all the stuff you don’t really need!

I like the crp909 scan tool, it works well for my 2015 BMW, it automatically scans the VIN and learns the model of your car, you don’t even need to choose any car model, it scans all systems fault codes and determine what is required to fix cars.

What it can’t to do is immo key programming. I wanted to add a key fob to one of my cars and it was not able to do that either.