How to solve the error that BMW ICOM window shows current Firmware 31503 and the supposed firmware 31500?


There is a window showing current Firmware 31503 and the supposed firmware 31500.


Error message in English:

There are ICOM in the workshop network that have invalid firmware.

The listed ICOMs are currently not available for programming.

Please switch to ISTA and carry out an ICOM firmware update.



Solutions for issue: BMW ICOM fimware is too new to work with ista-p.

I have 66.2 installed and the newest icom next firmware.


First solution: override the firmware check

Try this:







Second solution: add firmware version to license

You need to add 03-15-03.

Or use firmware fix (updated for Disables firmware check).!NfoSTKJJ!KadD_76cT-CkxzhPQH_3GcY6wcDFX_vrADfTE4Q9b90