Xtool X100 PAD Change Mileage for Fiat Punto 2005

Using the scanner XTOOL X100 PAD, we will change mileage for Fiat Punto’s 1.2 MK3 petrol-powered 2005 Europe.

Approximate process:
1.Enter mileage adjustment menu
2.Choose vehicle model
3.Input new mileage and Done!

Device: XTOOL X100 PAD Tablet Key Programmer

Vehicle: Fiat Punto’s 1.2 MK3 petrol-powered 2005 Europe

Current mileage:

Connect X100PAD with your Fiat Punto

Open it and click on [X-100 PAD]

Then choose [Odometer adjustment]

Agree the disclaimer

Choose your vehicle: FIAT-> Punto


Select [Punto 95040]


Then click on [Change Mileage] on Bottom left corner
Input the mileage of the adjustment and click OK

Done! Adjustment complete! Click OK

Let’s see the current mileage
(Due to the algorithm, the input value may slightly deviate from the displayed value)

X100 PAD is very easy to operate, the total process only need several minutes.
Mileage adjustment is one function of XTOOL Diagnostic Tool X-100 PAD, it can also perform key programming, oil service light reset, timing belt service light reset, tire pressure warning light reset , EPB reset, throttle body reset, DPF reset, battery reset, steering angle calibration and OBD-II engine diagnosis.

Ktag v7.020 read 2013 Opel Insignia EDC17C59

This is how to use KTM100 KTAG version ecu programming tool to read EDC17C59 ECU from 2013 Opel Insignia, including EDC17C59 and ktag ksuite cable connection/pinouts.

Here you go.
Ktag fw 7.020 clone is working with EDC17C59 ECU

Select the model

Ktag v7.020 master clone warnings, notice, recommendation, instructions

EDC17C59 connection instructions

Direct connection

EDC17C59 and cable pinouts
Pin 5, 46 — red— +12v
Pin 2 — black — ground
Pin 66 — white — CAN-H
Pin 65 — green — CAN-L
Wire soldered to the two pins —- gray with alligator clip — BOOT
Soldered wired — blue with alligator clip — CAF1

Select the plug-in you need

Ktag firmware 7.020 is reading EDC17C5919

car diagnostic scanner EDC17C59 ECU reading successfully

Save data

Dimsport Trasdata issue solved by Ktag KTM100 7.020

Last week, I did a test on Trasdata with my China clone KTAG KTM100, for I got info that Trasdata is compatible with K-Tag firmware v7.020- supports the same cars/ecus but shows how many tokens you have left and can supposedly be used with internet connection (ksuite cannot).

I downloaded Dimsport Trasdata software on the web:Dimsport Trasdata.zip

But KTAG ecu tuning master has no tokens showing on trasdata and when switch back to ktag.ept when opening ksuite it says “update not complete connect tool to internet to complete update”? I have noticed though on the old laptop when you open trasdata it has pop up message saying “there is update available”, possibly installing today update automatically and block ktag

Then problem solved! Trasdata is automatically downloading an update now and blocking unit so be careful! I had to flash ktag.ept back, put 6.070 update files in 2.08 update folder and put 6.070 sd files on a NEW sd card.

Unluckily, connection damaged the KTAG V7.020! A friend in mhhauto said something about this, that “you will have to switch back to ktag.ept and put new sd card in with sd files on to fix, when installing this now trasdata automatically updates to the latest version, if you had installed it before the update was released then you just receive a message asking to update when starting trasdata.”

Having read lots of post on forums to find a way around this at present for new installations, and finally, the problem is resolved by taking a version of Chinese KTM100 FW 7.003 Auto ECU Programmer, installing and replacing Trasdata.exe; ChksumDll.dll; TrsdtDLL.dll from the download software.
Infoplugins.dat file I left by Chinese because the reserves more info from Chinese, you have to try … And everything works fine.
Thar is,

First, install KTM 100 from China, then they replace files from the download zip, all as described by in but no update !!!
(((Copy Trasdata.exe from archive to “Program Files / Dimsport / Trasdata”. CopyFolder “Settings” to “Program Data / Dimsport“. Copy files from folder system32 to “Windows / System32)))
Next, use the program online.
Because of an error:
“K-Tag work OK.I try VAG edc17cp20 i have same error (Crp file not found ). K-tag read and write .”

The correct Protocol of KTM100 HW 7.020 are located in “Program Data / Dimsport / pack / ntdpack.zip” they should upgrade to SD card, einetlich to 7003

Ps. Free download KTM100 2.13.ISO [1.58 GB]

How to unlock radio code and use vin relearn by gm tech 2?

Here is the step-by-step instruction on clear radio theftlock for GM (GM, SAAB, OPEL, SUZUKI, ISUZU and HOLDEN) models with GM Tech 2 scan tool.
Tools needed:
GM Tech2 diagnostic scan tool
Candi interface


Tech II Theft-lock procedure:
Well setup CANDI module with automotive diagnostic equipment Tech 2 main unit, connect Tech2 scanner with vehicle
1.       Select “Diagnostics” at the Main Menu screen
2.       At the “Vehicle Identification” screen, select the following options:
– Model Year >>> (radio came from an 04 Escalade or whatever)
–LD Trk, MPV, Incomplete;
3. Select “Body” at the “System Selection” Menu screen
4. At the “Vehicle Identification” screen, select the following:
–          Appropriate model
–          Appropriate Air Conditioning
–          Navigation Radio
5. Select “Navigation Radio” at the “Body” screen
6. Select “Special Functions” at the “Radio” screen
7. Select “VIN Relearn” at the “Special Functions” screen
8. At the “VIN Relearn” screen, the Tech2 will display “Do you want to clear radio theft information?”
9. To begin clearing, press the soft touch key on the top right of the scan tool. The scan tool will display “Clearing Radio Theft in Progress.”
10. Press “EXIT” on the scan tool and cycle the ignition.
1.       The radio theft will learn the VIN. Without learning the VIN, the radio will display a locked message (LOC or LOCKED).
2.       Another way is to see if the sound works by installing the radio, and not turning the key to ON, just ACC. that will work the radio for a test.

GM Tech2 Clone Diagnostic Scanner Feedback

I start this post for tech 2 scanner Clone Diagnostic Scanner from Obd2tool.com to put together the feedback of the users what’s working what’s not working?
– Used my GM tech2 to retrofit tcs and marry a non divorced cd changer.


-It is a tech 2, reads everything a genuine one does. Heck, it’s probably made in the same factory as a genuine one with a different sticker on it. Used it to pinpoint bad air bag sensors, turned on the tpms on both our Z’s.

– It works exactly like any others I’ve used at gm dealers over the years

– $339 for a brand new tech2 with a CANDI module all the cables and adapters and case is great

-connected to my intimidator ss and everything was there


– Change one of my c5s that is canadien to US to disable the auto headlights because they don’t always open when they should and when they do work right they come on too early.

– You have to specify GM English when you order the unit. There are a lot of other cards for different languages Saab, Holden, etc

– Is now fully functional for F body, C5 and C6, It cost me a lot more than the initial $1000 that I thought was a good deal.

– Plugin to my ’08 93 Aero and play around with the typical body and key features. My primary reason for picking up the Tech II was to program a spare key. I figured ~$500+ at a dealer or ~$400 on my own would be well worth it…obviously if I received a working, defect free, unit.

– Programming a key and changing some of the standard comfort features.

– Able to get security access using an old Dell laptop from my IT guy’s graveyard.

– Programming a new key was easily as 1-2-3

– Changed my key-unlock settings to all at first press, and then lock on drive off/open on key out was a snap.

– If you had a Tech2, you could possibly talk to the dealer and have them access their TIS system to load the BCM or PCM calibration to your Tech2. Some may do it.

If you can’t do that, just buy additional TIS2000 with USB key.

– Hooked it up to test engine, ABS, transmission etc, stored DTCs, Freeze Frame, live data all the test result were displayed on the large, easy –to-read backlit screen. It helped to carry out accurate and stable diagnostic function.

– Compared with GM MDI, Tech2 covers more vehicles including OPEL, GM, SAAB, and Isuzu.

–  used it on my GMC for air bag warning

–  Tried it on my 2006 Silverado & worked ok.

– The tis 2000 needs windows XP, Vista, win8.1, Win 7 32 bit.

– Able to easily and completely program out the TPMS system

– I have used mine to do two crank sensor re=learns and did the brake bleed on mine for the EBCM flush and it worked fine

– I am fairly certain it works on all GM cars til 2013. I have used it on my 03 GMC full size pickup, and my sisters 07 Trailblazer !!!! (and my 99 vette of course).

– If you have a 1997-2000, the TPMS is in the firmware and cannot be programmed. With the addition of the Z06 in 2001-2004, it can be programmed.

– Bleed the ABS ok.

– Used to cycle and bleed the ABS brakes on my C6 ok

– Plugged it in to my 2011 Z06, and activated the Afterblow feature. I also cleared some old DTC codes that were in history. It works just fine and the quality feels genuine. It’s a pretty good knock off. Even came with all of the stickers from the Veltronix manufacturer. I assume they are knock off too.

– Used it to program my key fobs for my malibu but also have 4 other chevys

– GM tech2 would NOT work with All C5’s, if you are going to use it on a C6,, make SURE you have the CAN D modules.

– Cars only, no trucks, you are advise to use VXDIAG VCX NANO heavy duty.

In conclusion:
Tech2 GM clone will never let you down, all works fine.

How to Repair BMW E90 2011 FRM Module by Launch X431 Pro

Many BMWs have a Foot Well Module or FRM that controls electrical functions such lighting.

This is the module that sits on the drivers side foot well, behind the hood release (in US cars).

Which vehicles are affected?
E90 Series BMW 3 Series Cars
E70 X5 Series
E81,E82,E87,E88 1 Series

What Faults are covered?
Various faults including
Reversing Lights Not Working
Number Plate Lights Not Working
1 or more sidelight,headlight,brake or tail lights not working

What causes these problems?
The FRM Footwell Module monitors & detects short circuit’s either in the wiring (common in the
E90 boot area) or a short circuit bulb. If you do not get the fault repaired quickly then the module
will eventually permanently switch off that particular output. Once it’s switched off it doesn’t make
any difference if you have repaired the fault the light will stay off.

BMW Diagnostic Tool replace the complete FRM module at a cost of several hundred pounds including coding the module to your car. Here is the procedure in action on a reset we did to a E90 recently.

Load/re-write the original eeprom dump (parts requires coding as well)

Vehicle model example:
2011 BMW 3-series E90

Read FRM module CPU data with VVDI Prog, Xprog or CG100 ecu programmer. Follow the wiring diagram and read eeprom data.
CPU type 9S12XEQ384


You can see all data shows F, blank data, CPU data may has been lost


Load the original eeprom dump and re-write to CPU.

When do you need coding/don’t need coding?
There are many variants of FRM (Footwell Module) FRM1, FRM2, and FRM3 which all have different controls and functions such as lights, windows and doors. If the eeprom data is exactly the same as your car original data, you do not need coding.  If fog light or aperture still flashes after load original data, you need to do coding.

Device optional:
BMW ICOM Engineering software Ncs expert, Launch X431 V pro, Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P etc
Here is the instruction of Launch X431 Pro, it is easier than ICOM engineering software.
Select vehicle make: BMW
Select Coding/Programming


Select detail model: 3 series E90


Select data stream: FRM Module has been replaced


Select FRM module


Download file


Flash/Reset FRM




FRM module is repaired.

How to repair BMW 328xi E90 window regulator by Autel MS908P?

The story is that: a 2006 BMW 328xi E90 rear right window was not working, replaced window regulator but it was stuck not all the way up and down. Used Autel MS908P to repair window regulator OK! So share this success case here.




How Autel Tool MS908P initialize BMW window regulator, reset BMW auto window?

Plug the J2534 ECU Programming Device into car OBD port. Then you can use it to connect Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P with car via Wi-Fi.


Click “Diagnostics” and choose “BMW”.




Or you can directly click the VIN button at left upper corner, choose “Auto detect” and it will read VIN automatically and show vehicle information.




Now you need to connect car with power charger over 12V. Then put remote key into key slot and press car Start button.


Then go to “Hot Function”.


Choose “Window, door and roof” then “Initialize window regulators” function.




Follow the tips “Switch on terminal 15 (ignition)”, keep remote key in key slot and do not press the brake pedal, press car Start button to turn ignition to terminal 15.
Choose to initialize the “Passenger’s side, rear” window regulator.


The rear right window will automatically open and close.
After that you can roll up and down that window normally.
MS908 PRO successfully initialize BMW 328xi E90 rear right window regulator! BMW auto window reset OK!


2017 ktag master V7.020 adds lots cars & 100+ ECUs

New arrival

2017 ktag master V7.020 ECU programming tool with unlimited token


Toyota 76FXXX, PSA 17.4.4, Ford E83, VW 17.5.5 (1766), Mercedes-Benz 276ECU,Toyota 76F
100+ ECU types works


No tokens limitation

With token reset button

KTAG master V7.003 update to V7.020:

Send back the full set of KTM100, the update fee is 140USD, Not including the shipping cost.

100+ ECU types works

Coming soon

Auto ECU Programmer 2017 ktag master V7.020 images


2017 New Launch CRP329 CReader Professional 329 full systems Diagnostic tool Scanner

CRP 329 is a Comprehensive Diagnosis Instrument. It Includes full function of OBD11/EOBD, and supports more functions of the full system (Engine, Automatic Transmission, Airbag, and ABS etc.) of certain models of caar, such as read and reset code, multi language, data stream picture display, storage and playback of dynamic data stream, as well as reset function (Reset Brake, Oil, SAS, Battery, DPF, TPMS, etc.) It has touch screen, Android system, wifi communication and powered by a battery.

1.Reads & clears codes on full systems
2.Reads live data stream on full systems
3.Support all 10 test modes of OBDII Auto module search
4.Supports vehicles 1996 & newer (OBDII & CAN)
5.Retrieves generic PO, P2,P3 & UO codes, along with manufacture specific P1, P3, & U1 codes-both permanent & pending
6.Read & clear check engine lights
7.Turn off MIL & reset monitors displays DTC definitions right on the screen
8.View freeze frame data & I/M readiness monitor status
9.Display Live PCM data stream & 02 sensor test data
10.Graph, record & replay data in full color
11. Code Cause/solution tips guide users to the root cause of trouble codes faster
12.Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN, CVN)
13.Support reset function of certain models of car

Android 6.0
1.0GHz Quad-Core Processer
1G Memory
16G HD, Extended Micro SD(TF)Card up to 32G.
3450mAh Polymer Lithiumlon Battery
7’’ Color Capacitive Touch Screen
Support Wi-Fi Network
Support BT 4.0, GPS
Support Camera Shooting

Porsche PIWIS II 16.800 Upgrade

Porsche PIWIS II 16.800 Upgrade

What’s New
1.Wireless working now possible through WLAN connection to vehicle interface and to network by way of a router
2.Very robust design (resistant to splash water and impacts)
3.More comfortable to work with through high-performance processor (No long waiting periods)
4.Integrated keyboard
5.Diagnostic scopes for Porsche Panamera
6.Simultaneous communication with several control units possible
7.Docking station with flexible mounting capabillity

Porsche diagnostic tool Porsche PIWIS TESTER II release last version: 18.100, Contact us for support.