What Do You Know About MS908CV ?

The Autel MaxiSYS commercial vehicle diagnostics scan tool, No. Autel MaxiSYS MS908CV, performs enhanced system diagnostics on more than 60 commercial light duty, medium duty and heavy duty vehicle brands. The MS908CV is built on the MaxiSYS Android-based platform. The complete tool kit comes with the latest compact size J2534 MaxiFlash Elite to perform pass-thru programming function and complete an array of of tool-guided maintenance services, then diagnose manufacturer specific systems including Allison transmissions, Bendix ABS brake systems, Detroit Diesel Engines and Eaton and Wabash ABS trailer brakes.

As a new member of Autel’s MaxiSys family, the MaxiSys CV is built on the powerful MaxiSys 908 platform and provides a comprehensive disgnostic solution for virtually all commercial vehicles as well as machines made in North America, Europe and Asia. Offering advanced features and extreme ease-of-use, MaxiSys CV is the ideal solution for independent repair shops, owner-operators and various sized fleets seeking a single scan tool for all their professional heavy duty needs.

Built on the MaxiSYS Android-based platform, the MaxiSYS MS908 CV performs enhanced system diagnostics on more than 60 commercial vehicle brands. Read and clear codes, view and graph live data, perform tool-guided maintenance services, complete an array of special functions and diagnose manufacturer-specific systems including Allison transmissions, Bendix ABS Brake systems, Detroit Diesel Engines and Eaton and Wabash ABS trailer brakes. 1-Year Warranty Included.

The complete MaxiSys CV tool kit includes a compact sized MaxiFlash Elite which Autel Maxisys Pro and J2534-2 pass-thru programming and provides bluetooth VCI communication between the vehicle and MaxiSys CV tablet.

Launch X431 V 8inch better than launch x431 v old product

There is new product Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet in the market. it is better than old launch x431 V.

Compare the old launch x431 V. this launch x431 V8 inch is  bigger screen size, better view, launch X431 V 8″ has bigger Bluetooth adapter with LED indicator. launch x431 V 8 inch has higher hardware configuration

This launch x431 V 8inch dealer code is 775D. No need authorization, no country and language limitation, customer can use it directly when receive the package, much more convenient


Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P Key Erase Issue on 2000 Ford Focus (fixed)

Write this blog to share my problem about Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P key erasure on 2000 ford focus and its solution with you

2000 Ford Focus Z-Tech Diagnostic tool used:

Autel MaxiSYS MS908P Issue description:

I intended to replace the PCM in my vehicle With followed all the instruction for key erasure, the MS908P seemed to freeze at the 9 second make on the task bar


The engine told me that I could only program new third key with having 2 already programmed keys, which meant that I couldn’t program new key if I did not have 2 working Keys


1.Download the beta version V6.12.10 to have a test.

2.Try to program key manually. The process bar will appear for 10s after key erasure. Please ignition off and program it as followed

Turn the ignition key to position 0

Cycle keyl in the ignition from OFF to RUN for at least 3 seconds

Cycle key2 in the ignition from OFF to RUN for at least 3 seconds

Cycle keyl in the ignition from OFF to RUN for at least 3 seconds

Two keys are programmed now

Autel MS908P Authorization Check Failed Error Code 3 (Solved)

This is the solution of “Authorization Check Failed” with error code 3 on Autel Maxisys Pro Diagnostic system.
error message:
Authorization Check Failed!
Error Code 3 as below


If you changed language, you can get this error

How to solve MS908P Authorization problem:

connect to the internet

log in PC Suit upgrade tool on networked computers

Obtain authorization automatically

If this serial number to determine the corresponding Autel ID, you can contact technical support queries.

Any further question,please kindly contact our customer service

Email: sales@obd2tool.com
website: www.obd2tool.com

What do you know about Launch X431 Pro

Having a Bluetooth Obd2 scan tool is one of the most exciting things that could have ever happened in anyone’s life. That is especially when you have been struggling with most of the plug- in devices which in most cases leave you your clothes with a good serving of grease. However, depending on the quality of the Bluetooth device in question, you may be at a loss whether you are in the right place.

The Launch X431 Pro from Launch, a direct and improved replacement for the popular X431 Diagun III & the X431 IV, This tablet-style car malfunction diagnostics device has been based on and specifically designed for Android operating systems, allowing users to download any Android software and work with a familiar user interface.

Incorporating the best in already existing Launch diagnostic tools, the Pro can read and clear DTCs, read a car’s data stream, perform actuation tests and much more, at lightening fast speeds. Moreover, the X431 Pro can be perform diagnostics effectively on cars manufactured in Europe, America and Asia, and is completely compatible with all of their individual software.

The Launch X431 Pro has been designed to connect vehicles and workshops, with wireless and bluetooth connectivity. A built-in social network service enables users to connect to a community for help with diagnosis, while remote diagnosis is possible with golo option. Users also have access to a car database and repair tips, allowing for faster and more efficient performance.

How to check launch x431 serial product software version, what vehicles can test and support functions ?

Search Launch X431 V,x431 V+ ,x431 PRO,x431 PRO3,x431 PAD, x431 PAD2 and more Launch X431 product support vehicles models and test function

1.Open the X431 link: http://www.x431.com/service/testListAction.do?method=showVehicle


2. Fill in the vehicle type name you need search, fox example,fill in BMW, click search, picture as following


3.Double click BMW, then you can see launch x431 for sale can test what BMW type name and system


How to get clone VAS 5054A ODIS of high quality?

1- distinguish from board colour
There are mainly three kinds of VAS 5054A ODIS scanners in China, with three different printed circuited boards- green 5054a PCB, blue and white PCB, displayed as follows:
The green 5054A hardware stands out among the three ones, tested by thousands of users without any issue when diagnosing or modifying.
* Reference: How to tell printed circuited board (PCB)?

2- differ from Bluetooth module
You can see two types of Bluetooth modules in the markets:
Bluetooth A:
AMB2300 chip – it’s Bluetooth v4.0 module usually in VAS 5054A OKI Chipvas 5054a (better in Bluetooth performance)
Bluetooth B:
it’s Bluetooth v2.0 module, usually in 5054 plus
High quality VAS5054A with Bluetooth AMB2300 module
Normal 5054 plus scanner with ordinary Bluetooth module
Note: not all 5054a scanners come with Bluetooth module; but you can add it yourself if equipped with knowledge and technique.

3- tell from OKI chip
OKI Chip is an important component that it can support USD protocol for old cars.
The newly designed 5054a can support UDS and PWM protocols for new and old VW, AUDI, Skoda, Seat cars.

So, combined with all good components, a high-quality VAS 5054A scanner should be designed with an AMB2300 Bluetooth module and OKI chip in a green board, verified to run well with ODIS 3.0.3 software from OBD2TOOL.

VAS 5054A ODIS Software Installation Steps with Patch Download

VAS 5054A ODIS Installation Steps

VAS 5054A ODIS New Generation ODIS Diagnostic System Introduction. ODIS System integrates VW Group’s main application system, improves greatly on the efficiency of diagnosis.

If you want to buy it, please check here.

We tried to install the VAS 5054A ODIS in Dell D630 laptop, the installation is smooth, and you need the path to finish the installation, then the software able to work. Here i list the installation steps below:

1.Put the DVD into DVD rom, and right click open

2.Double click to run the setup exe file

3.Choose the language you want to install and press ok

4.Click Next to continue

5.setting as default path, if you click next

6.Click next

7.If you want to define other languages, you can choose here, we click next

8.Choose standard PC/ laptop, then click next

9.Choose the hardware as VAS 5054A

10.Click Next

11.here you choose the VAS 5054A ODIS path location

12.Choose the licence file, double click

13.Click next

14.Virtual Keyboard choose it and click next

15.Click next

16.Click Finish

17.Find the patch folder of VAS 5054A ODIS, then open it

18.Copy this file

19.Paste into the install patch and replace the old file to crack

20.Choose yes to apply the replacement.

21.Now double click the ODIS icon on the desktop

22.You can see the details information here

23.Choose Select the local directory

24.Find the postsetup folder in the Install DVD

25.Click right arrow

26.Click the right arrow again

27.Finish installation now you are able to use the software!
The installation of this software is not difficult, if you need the VAS 5054A ODIS patch, vas 5054a ODIS crack file, please you can download here.

If you need help or assistance with the software installation, please kindly contact with our online customer service or leave comments in this post.

How To Use VAS5054A


Nice! OBD2TOOL just managed to make VA55054 recognize ODI5 2.0 software and detect driver. Put it here for sharing.

The Way To Use VAS5054A:
1.Access Via Bluetooth: After a connection to the VAS 5054A has been set up, the Bluetooth software provides a virtual serial COM port (Bluetooth Serial Port Profile). The Diagnostic Base System uses this COM port to communicate with the VAS 5054A.You need to specify this port when you install the diagnostic application.
2.Access Via USB: You can also connect the VAS 5054A to the application PC by using the supplied USB cable. Windows detects the VAS 5054A through Plug and Play, and automatically installs the drivers copied when you installed the diagnostic application. Setup of the VAS 5054A is then complete and the device is ready for use by the diagnostic application.

VAS 5054A has a rather long title: VW Bluetooth VA5 5054a ODIS interface with OKI chip supporting UDS protocol. Bluetooth is easy to understand. What the ODIS, OKI chip and UDS protocol stands for respectively?

1)VAS    5054a ODIS
ODIS, short form of Offboard Diagnostic Information System, is the newest software, the replacement of VAS-PC software of VA5 5054a. VAS 5054a is the name of hardware. With the ODIS, vas 5054a odis is able to carry out powerful function, like read error codes, clear fault codes, display live data etc.
ODIS Computer requirement:Windows XP (SP2/SP3 operating system)

2)OKI chip
Why do we need this chip and what the difference between VAS 5054a with KIO chip and v/ithour OKI chip? OKI chip is designed to be used for SAE J1850 PMW protocol and UDS protocol. Some people may argue that OKI chip is useless for VAG group, but for Ford PWM/VPW protocols it plays an important role. If you need not need OKI chip, you can still choose VAS 5054 without OKI chip.

3)UDS Protocol
UDS is the short form of Unified Diagnostic Services. The ISO 15765 UD5 Blockset provides a MotoHawk application with an interface to a PC-based diagnostics application or a scan tool.
ISO 15765 is the specification for the CAN transport layer for Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) and also legislated On Board Diagnostics (OBD) protocol as found in ISO 15031. UDS is an ISO standard which can be found in ISO 14229. vas 5054a oki chip is a common way to add OBD and provides the MotoHawk application with the capability of reporting self-diagnostics and trending information. The IS015765 block set by themselves do not provide diagnostics. It is the application logic which must be designed with the diagnostic capabilities and the mechanism for reporting the diagnostic information via a standardized protocol is through the use of these blocks.