ATEQ’s VT55 OBDII is a universal TPMS sensor activator

ATEQ’s VT55 OBDII is a universal TPMS sensor activator that can also program the vehicle ECU, if required. Compatible with all currently known TPMS sensors, it has a built in synchronization software which ensures that it stays up-to-date with all the new TPMS sensors introduced every year.
Designed to last in forceful environments like tire repair shops, the VT55 OBDII can handle high volume testing throughout the day due to its rechargeable battery. The ATEQ VT55 OBDII TPMS is equipped with the latest advanced stream decoding technology that can trigger and decode sensors much faster and more accurately than previous generation devices.

TPMS Support : vt55 ateq is one of the largest companies in the TPMS industry.  ATEQ can supply and service our products all over the world thus providing excellent service standards to our customers. Having a global advantage in the market enables ATEQ to guarantee customer satisfaction in both the quality of the instrument and the level of service and technical support our customers need.

Reference customers :Reference TPMS customers include: Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, Daewoo, Renault, Peugeot, Ferrari, Citroen, Iveco, Land-Rover, Volskwagen, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Fiat, Schrader, TRW, SmartTire, Continental and Siemens.