How to fix Citroen Picasso 2009 BSI flash problem using DP3

Car information:

Citroën Picasso 2009 with BSI and 95128 eeprom / Johnson Controls.

Mileage Tool to use:

Digiprog 3 (DP3)

Spend $179


Error description:

DigiProg 3 has done writing the new km value by “flashing” by OBDII “reading, verifying, writing” but only until 99 %.

Now car is “dead”, no functions anymore.

Need to tell also that i forgot to put extra battery charger, so this was happen when voltage dropped and now car is “dead”

Re-write with DP3 is possible apparently, recognize BSI number (but NOT the VIN) and does automatically pick-up the saved

“flash-file” and will try to recover, BUT DP3 don’t flash anymore when arrived @ 99%….

EEprom data looks okay

Put all FF in eeprom also don’t wake up the car.


Reference number on label:

PSA = 96 640 590 8002

V 05.01



boot 28120836-4

hard 28119248-3 C

BSI 04 EV K04 – 00 020309


Finally solved after all I managed to “repair” it as follow:

Please firstly look at the flash dump “BSI_JC_FLASH_M00″

full of area’s with “00″, so its corrupted in my opinion.

Each time DP3 will try to restore, also as commanded in the log-file, the original flash.
But for some reason DP3 take all time the “BSI_JC_FLASH_M00” and stops at 99%.

In the MCC card/storage there is some other 992 kbyte flash with name “BSI_JC_FLASH_01″ which is the +/- SAME as “JCI_BSI_678A”


This flash is the real original flash, and the “…M00″ is the modified flash.

Now the trick is : change the name from the “01″ flash into “M00″ and the “M00″ into “01″.
Then DP3 will AGAIN try restore the flash with of course “M00″, but this time the content is the good one because i “misleaded” DP3 by changing file-names

And indeed, this time until 100%, car start and you only need to re-do the whole procedure “read, verify, write” BUT THIS TIME WITH AN EXTRA BATTERY CHARGER .

Hope this will help some members with the same problem.