A++ quality ford vcm FAQ

Hello. Working your version with software IDS 80 ? Thank you for info.

Replied, by admin, at 18:06:00, 2012-10-10

Sorry, our version is v79.


how much shipp to acapulco mexico zp 39670 by EMS… thanks noel

Replied, by admin, at 17:43:00, 2012-10-24

Hello, the shipping fee to mexico by EMS is 88usd, by UPS is 54usd, by DHL is 56usd.


The license link isn’t working. Also where is the link to the ids V80? Also do you supply the calibration files or a link to them? Thank You.

Replied, by admin, at 11:51:00, 2012-11-3

Sorry, there is no link because it is too big. Do you have new order, we can send cd to you.



Replied, by admin, at 15:36:00, 2012-11-6



I bought several interfaces and different from your
including the Ford IDS VCM red rotunda clone (not fly). I’m interested if I can upgrade the computer software to version 80 or 81. because the program still asks me if I want to upgrade … I have a PC installed Mazda IDS V79 and works perfectly. So what? interface is BRICK OR OK ? if I upgrade to V80 81?
me interested to buy a 2013 full upa usb have in stock?
what is delivery time ?

Replied, by admin, at 15:16:00, 2012-11-22

Yes, you can update online. But you need keep its power on always when update, and do not run it.
Yes we have 2013 full upa, we can send soon


all fixed,used another computor all works

Replied, by admin, at 16:50:00, 2012-12-18

Ok, thanks!


Hello! Is there a program of Ford and Land Rover Russian. thanks

Replied, by admin, at 18:23:00, 2013-1-8

Sorry, no.


i recived the tool but no software no manuals nothing

Replied, by admin, at 11:22:00, 2013-2-16

How come? Is there no CD in the package?
Send email to me, i will handle this problem.


why does the jlr134 patch come up as 133 and i was under the im under the impression that you cant use anything newer than 131 with quality clones?

Replied, by admin, at 17:11:00, 2013-7-17

what do you mean? Send email to me.


IF i have more higher software version(original), V85 , can be installed on this kinds ford ids?

Replied, by admin, at 17:29:00, 2013-8-9

Sorry, you would better work our software. Thanks!


my vcm doent work with late modle cars im not sure id purchased this
lets see if theyll make this good

Replied, by admin, at 18:10:00, 2013-11-28

Hello, which car model and year? Thanks!


Hello I just ordered new VCM and it does not communicate with Laptop. The realteak driver is installed properly. Number 1 and 5 amber and number 3 red LEDs are on fixed they never change or blink. This is my third VCM so I am familiar with the operation of it. Can you help me Do I have to return it is it defective

Replied, by admin, at 17:04:00, 2014-1-6

Hello, can we ask our engineer to remote to check it for you?
Service time
Monday ~ Friday from AM 9:00 to PM 6:00 in Peking time
Saturday from AM 9:00 to AM12:00 in Peking time


I bought FORD VCM II, but it doesn not work. Problem – after connection to the car it does not recognize that inigtion switch on and does not start diagnostic window. I check over internet and found that it is common problem for some not original tools, reason – IC probably broken inside the tool.
How I can resolve the problem

Replied, by admin, at 15:03:00, 2014-3-19

Could you kindly send your teamveiwer ID and PW to our support.
He will give you a remote help
Email: sales@obd2tool.com


Hi, for sames key progrmman the original Ford account!! can i do all keys with this scanner

Replied, by admin, at 09:13:00, 2015-4-9

sorry.it has same functions as the original ids. but it can not do all keys with this scanner