How to Install VAG-COM / VCDS 12.12 Cable Software on Windows

How to install VAGCOM 12.12 wire on VCDS and Home windows software. let me tell you.

There’s a number of edition of VAG-COM twelve. 12 online. Unfortunately 99% of these are using low-grade equipment chip with extra associated with cracked VCDS software program ( occasionally needed an uncomfortable 2013 date adjustment). In the event that you own this type or kind of version, beware 1 / 2 of functions will not function. For that good reason we recommend you obtain the entire VAG-COM 2015 cable with unique, unlocked plus full edition of VCDS software program from obd2tool? — by clicking here.

Step one 1: Install obd2tool VCDS Software

USUALLY DO NOT plug VAG-COM wire into computer however. Furthermore don’t launch software program after install.

Install VCDS 12.12 first. twelve software that was included with the particular package.

Leave original set up route of: C: \Ross-Tech\VCDS

Step two 2: Plug VAG-COM 12. 12 Cable In to Computer

Plug VAGCOM wire into any USB slot on your computer.

Allow about 2-4 minutes for Home windows to automatically install motorists.

VAGCOM If Home windows says that motorists are successfully installed,

VAG-COM 12. 12 UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS If Windows does not set up drivers, continue steadily to Step three 3 below then.

Step three a few: Install Driver Files

1) Head to Control Panel.

Windows Vista/7/8/10: Control Panel ? Program ? Device Manager
OR WINDOWS 7: The control panel ? System ? inch Equipment ” tab ? Device Manager

2) Increase “Ports (COM & LPT)”.

3) Right- click on upon “Ross-Tech” ? Up-date Car owner Software.

4) Choose “Browse Pc for Driver Software”.


5) Browse in order to: “C: \Ross-Tech\VCDS”. So that it ought to appear to be this…


6) Click “Next”. Once you obtain below message, select “Install this driver software program anyway”.


That’s it. {{Cable is now installed.|{Cable is installed now.}|Cable is installed now.} Go to {Step 4|Step} 4 {below|beneath}…

{STEP 4|Step} 4: Disable {Internet|Web} & {Launch|Release|Start} Software

{Before|Prior to|Just before} launching {the software|the program}…

{{You MUST|YOU NEED TO} disconnect from {internet|web}/WIFI before launching software program .|You disconnect from internet/WIFI before launching software {MUST|Need to|Have to}.} {If you’re|If you are|In case you are|Should you be|For anyone who is} {connected to|linked to} internet – {then|after that} VAGCOM cable {won’t be|will not be} {detected|recognized|discovered} by VCDS software program.

{Launch|Release|Start} software from {Start|Begin} {Menu|Menus}. Or from C: \VCDS\VCDS. exe

Head to: Options ? {Test|Check} ( {leave|keep|depart} {it|this} as USB)

{It should|It will} {show|display} ” {Interface|User interface} Found”, {as|because|since} {seen|observed|noticed} below…


{Click|Click on} “Save”. You’re {now|right now|today} {ready to|prepared to} scan your car.