Garage guys attention please, this tool is selling like crazy

These days, after Autoboss V30 Elite sell in the market, it is sought after by a growing number of users, take for example, its visits has increase by average 50 visits every day. Why it is so hot? There are mainly two reasons, one is because of its former autoboss V30 and autoboss PC-MAX, they already gain many users’ trust and support; another reason is that autoboss v30 Elite is original which make sure a high quality.

In the following parts, let us unveil the mysteries of Autoboss V30 Elite, from its function, supported car models, update and language.

1) Function-more than just a code scanner
Autoboss V30 Elite is more than a basic trouble code obd2 scanner. It can access the complete vehicle, including: drive line, chassis, body, and the networking/communication modules; it can read & change ECU coding, help coding of the new control modules; besides its special function (Self-Learn function, Comparison function and Record function) make it more intelligent and humanized.

2) Cover a great number of car models
According to the factory testing, Autoboss v30 elite can work with more than 57 makes, 40,000 vehicle systems. Which is a big benefit for garage which will fix all kinds of car makes every day, with only one autoboss in the hand; they will save a lot of money to buy more tools.

3) Update
Autoboss V30 Elite can update via internet. Work in a garage, we have to consider the tool’s update way, the best way is to update via internet, which means we are accessible to download the newest software, and after upgrade the tools can work with more car models and newer year cars.

4) More user-friendly features
Besides, the 7” display, 8G sd card, wifi network connection and built-in Mini printer make autoboss v30 elite more smart and user-friendly.

If you also think highly of autoboss V30 Elite, welcome you share what your options with me, and if you are customer, welcome you share what you experienced with me