CK 100 Related Products

CK-100 V99.99       quality : good            Price $80

feature: price is good for a useful tool.



CK-100 V45.09       quality: better         price: $138

feature: good quality with reasonable price.


CK-100 V45.06      quality: best              price: $115

feature:  best quality worth the price, works stable on most models.


CK-100 PLUS T300    bottom price: $268

the most popular programming tools to be your great helper.



CK-100 Key Programmer Newest Version V99.99

The latest versionCK-100 V99.99 auto key programmer

CK 100

The latest one has the same functions as the previous CK-100 V45.02. But it is cheaper. It is a new generation of the SBB Key Programmer. I will continue to use it and find out more functions of it. By the way, I should mention one thing. If CK-100 V99.99 fails to adapt to the key during programming, disconnect OBD16 adapter and car. Then connect again after 10 seconds, otherwise immobilizer system may be damaged, and the device will be locked.

How to install Tis2000 software and how to connect gm tech2 interface with computer

GM tech2 is a very popular diagnostic scanner. Below is some question asked by customers. Technician’s answer may help you using the GM tech2 easily.

Question one:
I installed the Tis2000 software on a VMware, my car is SAAB 2003, when I want to get the security code, the software show me a prompt “ ERROR! Registry access error” as following picture show. What’s the problem?
Tis2000 software
The error shows the driver software of USBKEY has not been installed successfully on your computer. You should notice the driver software CAN NOT be installed on Virtual Machine.

Customer Feedback: I install the driver software again on a new computer with Win XP, it is installed smoothly. After the installation finished, the error never show again.

Question Two:
After I installed the software of GM tech2 on win xp, I want to program ECU for my SAAB. But there shows a error, it says ” E2106: No connection with the handheld device”. Here is the error picture:
software of GM tech2
This error shows you did not connect your tech2 device with the computer. To solve this problem, you should connect your gm tech2 with computer by internet access. After they are connected, you can continue programming the ECU.

Customer Feedback: it is right. I connect the GM Scanner with computer by internet access, and i go on programming the ECU. All works fine now.

Garage guys attention please, this tool is selling like crazy

These days, after Autoboss V30 Elite sell in the market, it is sought after by a growing number of users, take for example, its visits has increase by average 50 visits every day. Why it is so hot? There are mainly two reasons, one is because of its former autoboss V30 and autoboss PC-MAX, they already gain many users’ trust and support; another reason is that autoboss v30 Elite is original which make sure a high quality.

In the following parts, let us unveil the mysteries of Autoboss V30 Elite, from its function, supported car models, update and language.

1) Function-more than just a code scanner
Autoboss V30 Elite is more than a basic trouble code obd2 scanner. It can access the complete vehicle, including: drive line, chassis, body, and the networking/communication modules; it can read & change ECU coding, help coding of the new control modules; besides its special function (Self-Learn function, Comparison function and Record function) make it more intelligent and humanized.

2) Cover a great number of car models
According to the factory testing, Autoboss v30 elite can work with more than 57 makes, 40,000 vehicle systems. Which is a big benefit for garage which will fix all kinds of car makes every day, with only one autoboss in the hand; they will save a lot of money to buy more tools.

3) Update
Autoboss V30 Elite can update via internet. Work in a garage, we have to consider the tool’s update way, the best way is to update via internet, which means we are accessible to download the newest software, and after upgrade the tools can work with more car models and newer year cars.

4) More user-friendly features
Besides, the 7” display, 8G sd card, wifi network connection and built-in Mini printer make autoboss v30 elite more smart and user-friendly.

If you also think highly of autoboss V30 Elite, welcome you share what your options with me, and if you are customer, welcome you share what you experienced with me

How to register LAUNCH X431 tool ?

How to register LAUNCH X431 product? When you buy X431 tools,like LAUNCH X431 IV,LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN 3,LAUNCH X431 V,LAUNCH X431 V+ and so on,you may ask how to register and activate the X431 product?

Good questions!You need to go to to register LAUNCH X431.The first thing and the important thing is REGISTER an CC account!But some customers even have problems in registering user name on the webiste.Please see the below    picture shown.

dbscar-website-register-How to solve this problem? 【Don’t input phone number when you register an account, because it may be the mistake of phone format,thus, try to leave the phone number bar alone.】

For more information please visit
or contact us at

Four recommended obd2 tools for Asian cars

It is upset to find no suitable obd tools for proper car makes. Thus, I am recently collecting some suitable obd2 diagnostic tools for people needed. And today, let us start from 4 recommended obd tools for Asian cars.

Autoboss v30
Super scanner as autoboss v30 supports English, Spanish and Russian. It supports complete vehicle modules, such as drive line, body and so on. V30’s functions includes data and graphing, coding, internet update, testing and so on, working with exceeding 57 makes from Asian and other areas.

Autel DS708
Cost-effective one professional scanner for technicians DS708 covers European and American car models, but also that of Asian. Of course, it is with many powerful functions and features which make it the favorite tool among mechanics.

X431 series
Launch X431 series is professional for vehicle diagnostics featured with portability, wide coverage of vehicles models, full functions and flexibility to use. Usually, this series also featured with supporting multiple languages and covering array of car models including Asian car models.

Here recommends you diagun3 or IV.

This is an obd2 diagnostic tool with multi-language for over 47 car brands, including Asia car models, Audi, Benz, BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Ford EU, Jaguar, Lancia, LandRover, MINI, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Vauxhall, Volvo, VW.

And now it is totally with 16 languages available, not only supports in Asian car makes but also for other countries’ models.

In fact, there are also other ones suitable for Asian countries cars, of course, usually covers the cars from European and USA

follow here for more:

BMW E46 ABS SRS/Airbag reset Tools Recommend

Torque pro is still flaky and limited:

Torque Pro is not designed, marketed or claim to support more than basic OBDII. I do not know of any low cost smart phone Apps that support ABS or Airbags at this point in time, there are some medium cost Apps that claim they support ABS and/or Airbags and more, but these are still flaky and limited. There are also some issues with the low cost wireless interfaces where the will not even communicate with anything other than the DME/ECU.

Not sure why everyone wants to cheap out on OBD2 tools? I understand everyone has a budget, but at the end of the day, with shop labor rates close to or over $100 per hour, even a $250 will pay for itself very quickly.

BMW Scanner 1.4.0:

BMW Scanner 1.4.0

OBDII scanner will only read OBDII codes. You need to get a BMW Scanner 1.4.0.

You can get it to run on Xp system or XP Mode in Windows 7 (Step-by-step ), or vmware XP in windows 7, you just have to figure it out.

Although BMW Scanner 1.4.0 may be an option, it does have its uses, it is a PITA because it is PC based and any PC based product to use in the car can be very difficult to deal with for many reasons.

These are decent tools and also support ABS and SRS/Airbags:

Launch Creader CRP129

CRP123 can do:

I actually have a CRP123 and it is a decent tool, it supports more advanced live data as well as ABS and Airbag(SRS). There is on tool graphing that can be helpful, however, a smart phone App for Logging will almost always blow any tool, even in the $5k range, out of the water IMHO.

Autel Autolink AL619:

I have not had my hands on the Autel, however, I have a more advanced Autel Scanner and it likely is a big brother to the tool linked. Updates are pretty easy and overall use of dedicated scan tools is much easier than smart phone Apps or even BMW Scanner 1.4.0.

Autolink AL619 is claimed to do OBDII CAN ABS and SRS, it should be more professional on working with ABS and SRS.

Launch Creader CRP129 can do:

If you plan on investing in something more expensive, suggest you also check out the Launch CRP129, it supports electronic parking brakes and a few other things like service indicator resets as I recall.

The most vesicles and low cost set of tools for an E46 is a smart phone App and BMW Scanner 1.4.0, however, if you own other model vehicles or work on them, you will need a scan tool that is not so model specific. It is also much easier to use a dedicated scan tool in the car as there is little to no boot time, it is powered off the car and can easily be taken out on the road or on trips. I DO NOT travel without at least a smart phone App and interface, but I often will take one of my more advanced tools with me.

There may be some other options on the market as well depending on your requirements and budget.

AVDI ABRITES Commander V2015_6.3 Install on win7 pro 32bit

As known, 2015 AVDI ABRITES Commander Update to V6.2, and able to work with WIN 7 pro 32bit. To give the direction for the beginners, I will share how to install AVDI ABRITES Commander V2015_6.3 on win7 pro 32bit in the following first part, then in the second part I share how to install win 7 pro 32bit.

Part 1: Install AVDI ABRITES Commander V2015_6.3 on win7 pro 32bit

1. Install System Patch.

If the win 7 pro 32bit files are given by engineer, just go to firstly install ” CH375DllBDExDL_238_xxx”.

system patch-01

2. Create new folder and named “AVDI 6.3″, open “Computer” – DVD Drive (E:) Software, select all files and copy them, then paste to the “AVDI 6.3″ folder.

3. Click “Computer” – “Manage” – “Device Manager”  – “avdi interface 160229″.

Right click and select “Update Driver Software”, click “Browse my computer for driver software”, browse for folder after “Search for driver software in the location”, select “CDM20814″ and click “OK”. Click “Next” to successfully install the driver software for USB serial converter.

select cdm20814-02

4. Back to device manager and right click “USB serial port “, select ” Update Driver Software”, browse “CDM20814″ for driver software in the location,  Click “Next” to install driver (if a window pops up entitled “Windows can’t verify the publisher of the driver software”, click ” Install the driver software anyway”)

Now, the windows has finished installing the driver software for USB serial port. click “Yes”

5. Right click “usb serial port (com4)”, select “Properties” – “Port Settings” – “Advanced”, click “Default “, and click “OK”.

Go to “Driver”, you can see Driver Version is “″ as expected (see followin picture 2).

usb serial port (com4)-03

driver version-04

Install Adobe reader 9

6.  Open folder “AVDI 6.3″, click ” AdbeRdr90_en_US” to install Adobe reader 9 English.

7. Open “Setup” in the folder “AVDI 6.3″ to install Abrites Commander Software on your computer.

8. Click “Computer” – Manage – Device Manager – USB Serial Port – Advanced, reset Latency timer as “1″, click “OK”. You you view “Scanning Plug and Play compliant hardware…”

Latency Timer-05

9. Open ” ABRITES Quick Start” on the desktop.

Connecting to server …ok

Performing activation

Days remain 29 or one year

10. If one windows pops up saying “Access to .\Log\fly_cs.log was denied”,

right click “Abrites Commander Software List ” – properties – Open File Location – AlgoClient – Log, delete “fly_cs” , empty recycle Bin.

11. You are ready to diagnose.

Part 2: Install WIN 7 pro 32bit Procedure

  1. Download win 7 pro 32bit driver and record it into DVD, insert DVD into DVD ROM

WIN 7 pro 32bit download here:


Download all parts

Choose all .zip parts, right click and unzip to current folder

Choose all .rar parts, right click and unrar to a folder.

you can check all files in a new folder.


2. Press Power “ON” button and then “F12″ to enter starup mode to set menu.

Note: which button to press it depends on the computer specific


3. Select CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive to start


4. Press button “Enter” to prepare for system install.


5. Windows is installing, please wait.


6. Select “language to install”, “Time and currency format” and “Keyboard or input method”, then click “Next”


7. Press “Install Now” to install system.


8. Select “I agree”, click “Next”

9. Select the type of installation you want between “Upgrade” and “Custom (advanced)”, I select “Custom (advanced)” as follows.


10. Select the place you want to install between the choice of “Disk O partition 1″ and “Disk O partition 2″, click Next, click “OK” when a warning windows pops up.

11. Review your time and date settings.

12. Type a user name for win 7 account.


13. Do not set password for your account.


14. click “Start” – “Computer” – show on desktop

15. Click “wrar362″ on the desktop to finish install WinRAR.

16. Delete “wrar362″ on the desktop, empty Recycle Bin.


Hope this post helps.

How to marry ECM / ECU to Saab car

This post is about how to marry ECM / ECU to Saab car with GM tech2 and TIS 2000.

Tools to use:

GM tech2:

Recommend the best quality


TIS 2000 may be required

Recommend this version, which work with Saab

Pre required:

– To marry a used ECU to the car with a GM tech2, you do need the original ECU to copy files from…

– You also need to make sure the software on the used ecu is right for your engine…


You do not need to divorce any module. You just enter your VIN when you get to that screen on the Tech2.


Think about it this way, if the ECU was completely fried it could still be replaced with a new one. The old (any old module – not just ECU) needs to be removed via Tech 2 from the car that is getting a replacement module. The donor car does not matter at all. Then the replacement module gets added to the car via Tech 2 needing a replacement module. The module may need SPS programming to load the correct version of software based on Engine, Market and other options depending on the module.

These are the procedures (Saab 9-3 (9440) 4 2004 for example):

Procedures before dismantling control module:


The control module is sensitive to electrostatic discharges. In order to prevent damage to internal components in control modules, they must be changed very carefully in the following manner:

Never touch the pins on a control module with your hands or clothes.

• Ground yourself by touching the car body/engine. Unplug the connector on the car’s control module.

• Ground yourself by touching the car body/engine. Plug-in the connector on the car’s control module.

When the control module is to be replaced

• Place the old control module in the return packaging without touching its pins.

• Keep the new control module in its packaging as long as possible.

Before removing a control module, Tech 2 must be used to separate the control module from the car. From the “All” menu, select the control module under “And/Remove”. Then select “Remove” and follow the instructions. The ignition key must be in the ON position. TIS 2000 may be required. Once the control module has been separated from the car, turned the ignition key to the OFF position. The control module can then be removed. Carry out the “Remove” action with Tech2 even if the control module cannot be contacted or is completely missing because data in other control modules must be changed.

The action involves the following:

Security codes will be reset, bus lists updated, data in other control modules updated and data that may have to be written into a new control module read and displayed.

Measures after changing the control module:

SPS programming

Connect Tech 2 and use TIS 2000 to check whether the control module needs to be

programmed. Access the menu “SPS”, select “Read control module data” and follow the

instructions. The intention is that the control module shall be loaded with the latest available

software and in addition adapted to the car model and market.

After SPS programming: Check that the clock is set correctly and that pinch protection is

working. If necessary, set the date and time and carry out Calibration of pinch protection.


When the control module is fitted and in some cases SPS programmed, Tech 2 must be used

to “marry” the control module to the car. Access the menu “All” and select control module

under “Add/Remove”. Then select “Add” and follow the instructions. The ignition key must be

in the ON position. TIS 2000 may need to be used.


This happens with regard to data:

Characteristics files are downloaded, security codes are loaded, bus lists are updated, data in

other control modules is updated and trouble codes are deleted from all control modules.

Trionic T8 control module replacement:

Trionic T8 control module (589)

To remove

Carry out actions before removing control module.

1. Ignition key in LOCK position.

2. Remove the upper engine cover.


Carefully press down the catches and carefully unplug the connectors from the control module one at a time so that the connection pins, etc. are not damaged.

4.Remove the control module.

To fit

  1. Fit the control module. Do not forget the ground cable.

Tightening torque 10 Nm (7 lbf ft)


Take care when plugging in the connector so as not to damage or press out the pins/sleeves in the connector. For further information regarding connectors, refer to Connectors, handling and inspection.


Plug in the connectors and check that they are locked.

  1. Fit the upper engine cover.

Carry out actions after replacement of control module.

Launch X431 Creader VIII(CRP129) only 218USD

I love to use Launch Creader CRP129 also named Creader viii , I only want to read error codes, not reprogram anything, it is from Launch with good quality and can update on Launch official website. I used to get from Aliexpress and ebay, they all sell about 299USD (198EUR), but may 1 I find only sells 218USD from may 1 to oct 15, then I ordered one, at may 4 I got it, I was very impressed with the quality of the product and the nice clear screen, CRP129 was supplied with a 2GB TF card fitted inside the tool and another 1GB TF card fitted inside the TF/USB adaptor. I used to doubt why it is so cheap, but after I received it and tested, it works exactly the same as that I bought from others, It cover more than 20 main car models in America, Europe and Asia and  test Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag systems, it read & clear trouble codes, Read Dynamic Data Stream and more.


It works great.