Program Renault Sendero 2018 Remote Key with Autel IM608

How-to: program remote key for Renault Sendero 2018 using Autel MaxiIM IM608 via OBD.

Network connection is required.
Select IMMO->Renault->Manual Selection-> Dacia Logan->2016 up->Keyless System (CAN)->Key learning-> Learn the key

autel-im608-2018-renault-sendero-1 (2)

autel-im608-2018-renault-sendero-2 (2)

autel-im608-2018-renault-sendero-3 (2)

autel-im608-2018-renault-sendero-4 (2)

autel-im608-2018-renault-sendero-5 (2)

autel-im608-2018-renault-sendero-6 (2)
Switch hazards ON and ignition OFF
Password reading in progress

autel-im608-2018-renault-sendero-7 (2)
Checking flash data

autel-im608-2018-renault-sendero-8 (2)
Insert key. Switch ignition on. Max 4 keys allowed.

autel-im608-2018-renault-sendero-9 (2)
Program successfully.

autel-im608-2018-renault-sendero-10 (2)
Remove key, insert next key. Switch ignition ON

autel-im608-2018-renault-sendero-11 (2)
Program 2nd remote successfully.
Remove card and disconnect the Autel Scanner IM608.Insert card, start engine to complete procedure.