WOYO PDR009 Paint Dent Repair Tool Car AL Body Hotbox Induction Removing Dent


Store category Sign Up Now ! You may also like WOYO PDR009 Paint Dent Repair Tool Car AL Body Hotbox Sheet Metal Removing Dent Product Description WOYO PDR-009 DIY Car Body Dent Repair Tool Car Owner Necessary Paintless Sheet Metal Tools Kits For Aluminum Car Body Hotbox WOYO PDR009 Paintless Dent Repair Tool is a fast repair tool for small automotive dents(no sharp impression, and no creases,like hail dents).
It is easy to use, any worker with a background in metal composition can master it in three minutes,fix soft dents on aluminum surfaces in only thirty seconds.
It can help you recoup investment after repairing only six cars.
Product Feature:1.
Simple, easy to use, low cost of learning2.
Compared with the traditional way of demolition and repair, speed 6 times faster delivery of owners, improve shop utilization, rapid recovery of investment3.
Two operating modes to adapt to different needs: .
Time mode .
Power mode4.
High-precision control, quality assurance, operational safety5.
Large-screen display, precise control, real-time monitoring6.
Voltage: 220~240V / 110 ~120V Max Power 1500W Frquently Asked Questions:How to work? ( What is the theory?)Unlike traditional PDR, the PDR adopts magnetic induction heating and releases the dents tension, then adsorbs the depression parts, and finally recovers to original state.
What are the differences between PDR and traditional dent remove tool?Free disassemblyTraditional repair tools use hook, reach into the interior of sheet metal, and then pull the dent parts.
Disassembling auto doors or windows may be necessary.
But, PDR can work directly on the dent parts.
Efficiency increased significantlyPDR may take 30s-3min.
the traditional repair tool takes at least 30 minutes.
Besides the spray shall take 24 hoursExquisite workmanshipthe dent part is smooth after PDR.
the traditional repair tools may leave some small bumps.
What kind of dent can be repairedAdaptive RangeNote:The amount of heat and the length of use have an effect on the color of the paint, especially the white car.
Package Include: 1 * PDR 0091 * Main Cable1 * Power Cable1 * Repair Handle1 * Instruction Manual

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