How to connect CGDI MB to w164 EIS on bench

Looking for the wiring diagram that CGDI Prog MB connects to w164 EIS on bench? read this post.


my cgdi mb can’t connect to w164 EIS on bench – I have got gateway emulator but need to make proper cable for it, could You help me with wiring diagram ? – I know that aliexpress has got nice kit of cables but can’t wait a month or so for delivery.

I have got XHORSE Power ADAPTER with direct cable for W164, but it doesn’t work with CGDI – I noticed that this adapter doesn’t allow to pass power and data when connected between cgdi and w164 EIS, seems to be useless for CGDI owners for now. That’s why I decided to connect ordinary gateway emulator but need connection diagram to build a cable.

here you go for  wiring diagram that CGDI MB connects to W164


Finally, data gathered with success!!!!

CGDI Prog MB Mercedes Key Programmer

CGDI Prog MB program key to Benz C260: Success


11-39 11-40

CGDI MB Prog Mercedes S350 4Matic add key success

11-41 11-42 11-43

CGDI Prog MB do W166 W211 A166 all key lost

CGDI Prog MB program W221 key: (as good as VVDI MB Tool)

Mercedes E206  2011 year key added done by CGDI MB, fast done

11-44 11-45 11-46 11-47

CGDI Prog MB Program W212 EL200 all key lost FBS3: Done!

11-49 11-50 11-51

11-52 11-53 11-54 11-55 11-56 11-58

Added SLK200 key by CGDI MB !super fast !

11-58 11-59 11-60 11-61 11-40

In summary,

1). CGDI PROG MB can add a key to Mercedes-Benz faster than other VVDI MB key programmer:

data acquisition/collection time: 1’50s

password calculation time: 40s

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it is the fastest key programming tool to calculate the password at present.
2). program a new key when MB lost all keys:

support models including 211,209,204,207,212,166,246,197,172,164 +, 216

3). Free 2 tokens to calculate the password each day

4). work as good as VVDI MB TOOL, but have a better price.