2016 FVDI 2 ABRITES Commander V24 For VAG VW Audi Seat Skoda

FVDI2 ABRITES Commander = FVDI V2016 FULL Version + FLY OBD Terminator FULL Version + J2534 DrewTech Software

FVDI 2 ABRITES Commander For VAG VW Audi Seat Skoda highlights:

1. Multi-languages: English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Chinese, Bulgarian

2. Newest version: V24

3. FVDI 2 Update: For customers who bought old FVDI Commander from us before, you can send the FVDI Commander hardware and soft-dongle bakc to us and pay 300.00USD extra, we will replace the FVDI 2 for you,
with same car model software+ free FLY OBD Terminator software + all J2534 DrewTech Softwares.
PS: (if you lose the soft-dongle, you need pay another 90.00USD, if you have both hardware and soft-dongle, you just need pay 300.00USD)

4. Buy FVDI2 VAG, You Can Get Hyundai/Kia/Tag Key Tool Software by default

5. You can choose DAF or Bikes software for free as well

6. Package come with Free OBD Termination software, function including:
-1. VAG-VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda immobilizer Generation 4
-2. VAG-VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda immobilizer Generation 5
-3. AUDI A6/Q7 immobilizer Generation 4,5

7. Package come with Free J2534 Softwares:
-1. Honda HDS V3.016 +
-2. JLR SDD V145.00 +
-3. TIS V11.00.017 +
-4. VCM IDS +

8. Package cancel USB Dongle, dongle has been setup inside the ABRITES Commander Hardware, more convenient.

AVDI ABRITES Commander V2015_6.3 Install on win7 pro 32bit

As known, 2015 AVDI ABRITES Commander Update to V6.2, and able to work with WIN 7 pro 32bit. To give the direction for the beginners, I will share how to install AVDI ABRITES Commander V2015_6.3 on win7 pro 32bit in the following first part, then in the second part I share how to install win 7 pro 32bit.

Part 1: Install AVDI ABRITES Commander V2015_6.3 on win7 pro 32bit

1. Install System Patch.

If the win 7 pro 32bit files are given by obd2tool.com engineer, just go to firstly install ” CH375DllBDExDL_238_xxx”.

system patch-01

2. Create new folder and named “AVDI 6.3″, open “Computer” – DVD Drive (E:) Software, select all files and copy them, then paste to the “AVDI 6.3″ folder.

3. Click “Computer” – “Manage” – “Device Manager”  – “avdi interface 160229″.

Right click and select “Update Driver Software”, click “Browse my computer for driver software”, browse for folder after “Search for driver software in the location”, select “CDM20814″ and click “OK”. Click “Next” to successfully install the driver software for USB serial converter.

select cdm20814-02

4. Back to device manager and right click “USB serial port “, select ” Update Driver Software”, browse “CDM20814″ for driver software in the location,  Click “Next” to install driver (if a window pops up entitled “Windows can’t verify the publisher of the driver software”, click ” Install the driver software anyway”)

Now, the windows has finished installing the driver software for USB serial port. click “Yes”

5. Right click “usb serial port (com4)”, select “Properties” – “Port Settings” – “Advanced”, click “Default “, and click “OK”.

Go to “Driver”, you can see Driver Version is “″ as expected (see followin picture 2).

usb serial port (com4)-03

driver version-04

Install Adobe reader 9

6.  Open folder “AVDI 6.3″, click ” AdbeRdr90_en_US” to install Adobe reader 9 English.

7. Open “Setup” in the folder “AVDI 6.3″ to install Abrites Commander Software on your computer.

8. Click “Computer” – Manage – Device Manager – USB Serial Port – Advanced, reset Latency timer as “1″, click “OK”. You you view “Scanning Plug and Play compliant hardware…”

Latency Timer-05

9. Open ” ABRITES Quick Start” on the desktop.

Connecting to server …ok

Performing activation

Days remain 29 or one year

10. If one windows pops up saying “Access to .\Log\fly_cs.log was denied”,

right click “Abrites Commander Software List ” – properties – Open File Location – AlgoClient – Log, delete “fly_cs” , empty recycle Bin.

11. You are ready to diagnose.

Part 2: Install WIN 7 pro 32bit Procedure

  1. Download win 7 pro 32bit driver and record it into DVD, insert DVD into DVD ROM

WIN 7 pro 32bit download here:



Download all parts

Choose all .zip parts, right click and unzip to current folder

Choose all .rar parts, right click and unrar to a folder.

you can check all files in a new folder.


2. Press Power “ON” button and then “F12″ to enter starup mode to set menu.

Note: which button to press it depends on the computer specific


3. Select CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive to start


4. Press button “Enter” to prepare for system install.


5. Windows is installing, please wait.


6. Select “language to install”, “Time and currency format” and “Keyboard or input method”, then click “Next”


7. Press “Install Now” to install system.


8. Select “I agree”, click “Next”

9. Select the type of installation you want between “Upgrade” and “Custom (advanced)”, I select “Custom (advanced)” as follows.


10. Select the place you want to install between the choice of “Disk O partition 1″ and “Disk O partition 2″, click Next, click “OK” when a warning windows pops up.

11. Review your time and date settings.

12. Type a user name for win 7 account.


13. Do not set password for your account.


14. click “Start” – “Computer” – show on desktop

15. Click “wrar362″ on the desktop to finish install WinRAR.

16. Delete “wrar362″ on the desktop, empty Recycle Bin.


Hope this post helps.