BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface Cable E-SYS ICOM Coding F-Series

Coding is for people who want to play with the settings of BMW car software to achieve something more desirable. Coding is not really a programming; it is another name for re-configuring the software of your car. There are limited risks of messing up with your car SW but if you are careful, follow step by step instructions and know and understand what you are doing, it may be OK to go ahead. Never try to guess and do it, be absolutely sure for your steps, clarify your doubts before you proceed. There are experts on the forum who are willing to help you, don’t hesitate to ask even a silliest question. Never-the-less, if you want to try new unknown settings which others have not tried, believe me, you are playing with fire.


What do you need for coding?

ENET cable

E-Sys software 3.26.1 with EST token and Pin

psdzdata 54.2

A dedicated laptop with Windows 7 with minimum 16 GB of free space

Backup utility for CAF files (optional), file attached

Useful Cheat Sheet for Fxx, file for F25 attached, others are available in different forums


Prepare your setup:

You can build your own cable or buy from a good source. Use shielded cables only. Cable should be reliable as interruption and electrical noise interference of any kind during coding could be very risky.


Delete unwanted SW and data from your laptop. It may be worthwhile to de-fragment your HD of laptop before installing the coding software as this software will occupy almost 12 GB to 44 GB of space on HD. Use the power adapter to keep batteries charged all the time as installation will take several minutes depending upon the performance of the laptop and data storage media.


Always try to clarify your doubts on forum as it also helps other readers, but you are welcome to contact me directly for any help if that boosts your confidence.


E-Sys Software installation:

Use the following procedure to install software on your laptop:

1.Installation file for the E-Sys is an exe file whose name is like “E-Sys_Setup_3_24_3_RC_b38445.exe”

2.Double click on this file and follow the instructions on the screen.

3.Use default settings.

4.Once the E-Sys is installed, it will create two folders on C: drive, namely Data and EC-Apps

5.Copy your procured psdzdata folder and replace empty folder under “C:\Data\”

6.It will create a desktop shortcut to start E-Sys


Setting up the EST token for E-Sys:

1.Create a folder EST anywhere on C: drive. You can create under C:\Data and copy your token ( a *.est file)

2.Launch E-Sys by double clicking its shortcut on desktop. It might take a minute to start, have patience.

3.Select Options > Settings. Select EST tab.

4.Click on the browse button with three dots ( … ) and navigate to EST folder C:\Data\EST

5.Select file “******.est” and click OK to save the location and close the “Settings” window.

(If you have procured your token from an external source, follow additional supplied directions to complete token installation)


Preparation for coding:

1.It’s a good practice, though not a must, to shut off any wireless or Bluetooth service on the laptop. Let just laptop and car talk to each other with no external interference.

2.As a precaution, disable any firewall on the laptop. I don’t like even any anti-virus software as their behavior is not well known, and may interfere with the communication. It’s advisable to disable them.

3.It is preferred to start with fully charged batteries of laptop and car as no interruption can be tolerated during transfer of data from laptop to Car. For long coding session, a car battery charger may be needed.

4.Car audio and video drain off the battery fast, so better switch them off during coding.


Connect E-Sys to your Car:

1.Connect ENET cablebetween car’s OBD port and network port of laptop.

2.Switch on the ignition of the car, don’t start the engine.

3.You will notice laptop tries to connect to the car. Wait a few minutes until the network icon on laptop shows a Connection with the yellow exclamation point over it. If you don’t see the network icon due to your laptop settings, wait for a minute.

4.Start your E-Sys on your laptop.

5.Press connect button on top row of E-Sys to connect car with the laptop.

6.It opens up a dialog box.

7.Select the correct TargetSelector for your model of the car, e.g. F025 and not F025_DIRECT for X3 model.

8.Select “Connection via VIN” and press Connect.

9.Wait for the Connection message. Click OK. If the connection was established successfully you see the selected target in the status bar at the bottom.


Full backup of Car’s configuration files:

It’s a good practice to take a full back up of Car’s original settings before any changes are made to the car. These files could be used as reference in case it is desired to go back to original settings of any or all features.


Read and Save FA:

1.Connect E-Sys to your car.

2.Select “Expert Mode” on the left pane and click on “Coding” button therein. It will display 4 sections/Boxes on the right side.

3.In Vehicle Order Box (upper left), click on “Read” button, it would display FA of your car under FA List.

4.Select FA and click on “Save” button. Save as FA_original.

5.Test button above will show the path of the saved FA file.


Read and Save SVT:

1.Look at SVT Actual Box (right pane, midway down) and click on “Read SVT” button.

2.SVT box on left will display SVT of different modules of your car.

3.Click on the Save button on SVT Actual box and name the saved file as SVT_original.

4.Text button above will display the path of the saved file.


Read and Save CAFD (ncd) files:

1.Inside SVT box (left side), you see SVT, containing ECUs and each ECU contains files in expanded view.

2.Notice that some of the CFD files will have green check marks. These green marked CAFD files are of our interest.

3.Right click on first green marked CAFD and then press and hold control key on your laptop and click on all other similar marked CAFD files. This way all such CAFD files will be selected for further operation.

4.Now move to right in “Coding” box and click on “Read Coding data”. After codes are read, green icon will change into a folder icon and the files inside will contain the data read from your car.

5.Check the folder “C:\Data\CAF”, this will contain all the read CAFD files.

6.Copy and Save all the files in a safe place. These are your original CAFD files.

7.Alternatively, you can use utility “Copy_CAF_v3.bat”, copy it anywhere on your laptop and double click on it to automatically save the files under a Folder “C:\My_CAF_Files” with date and time stamp.


Reading current Integration Step (I-Step) of your car:

It’s good to know the current I-Step of your car as that decides the minimum version of psdzdata that can be used to code your car.

1.Connect E-Sys to car following the steps given above.

2.Select expert mode on the left pane and click on VCM button.

3.On the right bottom box, select “Master” tab.

4.In I-Steps box, click on “Read” button.

5.Integration Steps boxes above will be populated with the data. Note down the I-Step (current).


Coding CAFD files:

CAFD files (ncd) contain the setting data/ parameters for each ECU. Modifying the values in these files change the behavior of ECUs.

1.Connect E-Sys to car and follow the steps to read CAFD file/s to be coded. (You may take help of cheat files to decide which ECU you would like to code and which are the associated CAFD files).

2.Expand the folder of the selected CAFD file. Right click on the CAFD file and click “Edit FDL”. Enter the pin if asked.

3.Open the module you wanted to edit under “Daten”, click on the Functionen folder, then open the ausgelessen folder of the selected function. It will show the current settings.

4.Change them as per Cheat Sheet and Save.

5.To be on the safer side, edit only one ECU at a time.

6.After making all changes in the CAFD files of ECU as per the cheat sheet for that function, save and go back by pressing top extreme left green arrow “back” button.

7.Now you can see FA again. Right click on it and “Activate FA”. You will see a green active text next to FA. Also FP will open on the right side.

8.Select the edited CAFD file on SVT box and Click on “Code FDL” in coding box on right.

9.Coding process will start and should end with no errors.

10.Take a backup of all the CAFD files again and save in a different folder. Best way is to use “Copy_CAF_v3.bat”. Copy it anywhere on your laptop and just double click on it, all will be done for you and files will be saved under a new date time stamped folder.

11.Great, you coded one module. Disconnect E-Sys by clicking on top Connect button which is showing a red x. You are done.

12.Test the car for the changed feature. Some features require 15 -30 minutes to get activated where as some are instant and few need you to switch off the and lock the car and unlock and start.

Review on VXDIAG VCX Plus 4 in 1 with WiFi for Honda JLR Ford Mazda

Here are real customer feedbacks on VXDIAG multi tool VCX PLUS MULTI Diagnostic Tool for FORD/MAZDA/HONDA/JLR 4 in 1.

Review 1:

So far I’ve used it to read codes and current data in HVAC, instrument cluster, ECU, brakes. Change customization on integrated unit (manual to auto a/c after I did a swap). Will probably be testing the immobilizer soon.
As far as the hardware goes it feels very solid and comes with a nice storage case.


Review 2:

This one works very well, stable and fully functional. I paid for the Toyota license as well. I was able to get in every system on Honda and Toyota and just flashed my Toyota Camry V6 2009 TCM (transmission) with new calibration successfully. Dealer would not do it as car is out of warranty, so I had no choice. One thing to remember – after you reprogram the unit, you need to erase any error codes as some would be present because of unit would be taken offline during an update, so it is expected and clear DTS after an update would take care of those silly errors.

Review 3:

Works so amazing. Wifi function works great as well as usb. The included multi programs works perfect IF YOU FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.

Review 4:

works well on Ford and Honda. reprogram and update modules software without any problems.

Allscanner VXDIAG multi diagnostic tool FordMazda ReviewProgramming,Reprogramming

Do you have any good success with Allscanner VXdiag multi diagnostic tool for Ford/Mazda/Honda/JLR/Toyota/Subaru to programming or reprogramming ?Here are Allscanner VXDIAG multi diagnostic tool reviews.

I own one of them with licence for Ford/Mazda/Honda/JLR.

I’ve been having problems using it with Ford/Mazda IDS at first but now I’ve come to a point where I succeed using it for programming Ford/Mazda cars.

To be honest… that’s the only function I was looking for…. Programming or reprogramming Ford/Mazda modules but I had honda & JLR licence for 10$ extra so I went for it, but Honda HDS software that works with it is very old… (3.014…useless) and I feel safer to run JLR with my cardaq+

I think that’s the main reason I wasn’t able to program module with it… now that I only use VCM2 driver, it’s working.

I’m making a list of the functions I tried and the result of these tests.

2005 Ford Five Hundred (3L)
Ford IDS 101.4 (VM)
GEM module reprogramming – SUCCESS

2008 Mazda 3 (2L)
Mazda IDS 103.02
PCM module reprogramming – SUCCESS

2007 Ford Expedition (5.4L)
Ford IDS 101.4 (VM)
DSCM module installation (PMI) – SUCCESS
LTM Liftgate/trunk module reprogramming – SUCCESS
PCM module reprogramming – FAILED (had to use FMP)

VXDIAG Full JLR SDD Software Not Starting After Enter Password Solution

Device: VXDIAG with full brand 2TB HDD

Problem:  software not starting after enter SDD user name and password







Possible reason:

You didn’t install patch or run offline mode.

OBD2TOOL solution:

Run SDD PATCH offline mode (2nd option) before starting SDD software.  Shown as pictures below:

Follow steps below to use SDD:

1.Install Patch

Free download JLR SDD software incl. patch!JUkTCSqI!bWm6Zm7FdcHtWY2OeWaQDAdftNYZWt-NK6q5UevEDFc

2. Enable network connection

3. Run SDD software on the desktop

4. Enter user name and password on the notepad

5. Software is ready to use.





How to Configure VXDIAG VCX HD Heavy Duty Scanner

Allscanner VXDIAG VCX-HD is PC-to-vehicle interface compatible with multiple heavy duty OEM software applications, minimizing your investment in multiple brand-specific diagnostic interfaces.


Supported Protocols and Standards

RP1210 Protocols
*   J1939
*   J1708 / J1587
*   CAN
*   J1850 (VPW – GM)
*   ISO15765
*   ISO9141 / KWP2000
*   ALDL

J2534 Protocols
*   CAN (Raw CAN)
*   J1850 VPW (GM Class II)
*   ISO 15765-4
*   ISO 14230 (KWP2000)
*   ISO 9141-2
*   J1708/J1587
*   J1939

*   TMC RP1210B
*   TMC RP1210A
*   SAE J2534
*   SAE J1979
*   VEPS J2214 / J2461
*   CE Compliant
*   FCC/IC Certified

Other Protocols
*   J2284 (CAN @500k)
*   J2411 (GM SWCAN)
*   ISO9141 / KWP2000
*   ALDL

RP1210 OEM Diagnostic Software Compatibility

RP1210A compliant and should work with any RP1210A compliant application. It has been thoroughly validated against the following OEM and component applications:

*   Allison DOC
*   Bendix ACOM
*   Caterpillar Electronic Technician
*   Cummins Insite
*   Cummins PowerSpec
*   Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link
*   Detroit Diesel Reprogramming Station
*   Eaton ServiceRanger
*   Freightliner ServiceLink
*   International Diamond Logic Builder
*   International InTune
*   International Master Diagnostics
*   International ServiceMaxx
*   Mack VCADS/PTT
*   Meritor-WABCO Toolbox
*   Volvo VCADS/PTT
*   ZF-Meritor TransSoft

Configuring Applications to Use the Allscanner VXDIAG VCX HD. The following examples show how to select your VCX HD device using the USB cabling method.

Allison DOC 8.0.0

*   Start program.
*   Click Connect to Vehicle.
*   Select the Correct Transmission Type.
*   Uncheck Smart Connect.
*   Click Connect.
*   Click Advanced Setup.
*   Select vendor of VCXRP32 Single Application.
*   Select protocol of J1939 or J1708.
*   Select correct device of VXDIAG, USB
*   Click OK.

 Bendix ABS Diagnostics 6.3 v1.2.19.1

*   Start program.
*   Click on Communication device options, A. Select RP1210, A Device Using J1708 Line: VXDIAG (VXDIAG, USB)
*   Click OK.

Caterpillar Electronic Technician 2014A

*   Start Program.
*   Click Utilities ? Preferences ? Modify
*   Click on Communication Interface Device dropdown box.
*   Select Caterpillar Comm Adapter 3 (RP1210) or Caterpillar Comm Adapter II (RP1210)
*   Click OK

Cummins Insite

*   Start Program.
*   Click on File ? Connections ? Add New Connection.
*   Click Next.
*   Select RP1210 Adapter, click Next
*   Select Vendor of VXDIAG and Adapter of VXDIAG, USB, and protocol you want to use, J1708/J1939.
*   Click Next and a Connection Name screen appears.
*   Click Next and a screen prompts you to indicate whether you want to make this connection active or set up another connection.
*   Click on make this connection active.
*   Click Finish

Detroit Diesel Reprogramming System  07.09.2013

From Windows Start Menu

*   Start ? Programs ? Detroit Diesel ? Reprogramming System ? SID configure
*   Select VXDIAG, USB
*   Click OK.

From Inside DDDL

*   Tools ? Options ? Connections Tab ? SID Configure. 2. Select VXDIAG, USB.
*   Click OK.

Eaton ServiceRanger 3.x

*   Start Program
*   Click Eaton ? ServiceRanger 3 ? Tools . ?Settings ?Connection
*   Under Communication Driver Information
*   Select VXDIAG, USB for both the J1587 and J1939 device.
*   Click OK.

Electronic Service Analyst   ESA (Kenworth/Peletbilt)

*   Start Program
*   Click ESA ? Tools . ?Admin
*   General ?Manufacturer ?DLA
*   Select NEXIQ USB-Link
*   Click OK.

Freightliner ServiceLink   4.93.408.0

*   Start ServiceLink Offline
*   From the top menu bar, choose Admin.
*   From the left menu bar, choose Vehicle.
*   Click on Show All Devices.
*   In the Vendor box, choose VXDIAG Single Application.
*   Select VXDIAG, USB in the J1939 and J1708 drop down items.
*   In the CAN Device item, select the Configure button and choose VXDIAG, USB from the SID Configuration window.
*   Click Save Settings.

Hino Diagnostic eXplorer   3.1.2

*   Start Hino Diagnostic eXplorer
*   Diagnosis-login to input Password which you setup during software installation, click OK
*   Click Option(S), select communication (A), select VXDIAG, to click Config.exe
*   Click OK

Hino Reprog Manager*   3.1.2

*   Start Hino Reprog Manager
*   Reprogram-login to input Password which you setup during software installation, click OK
*   Click Option(S), select communication, select VXDIAG, to click Config.exe
*   Click OK

International Truck and Engine

Diamond Logic Builder (DLB)

*   Start MD32 DLC.
*   Choose File ? MD Settings? COM Device
*   Click OK

Master Diagnostics (MD Fleet)

*   Start MD32 3BX
*   Choose File ? MD Settings? COM Device
*   Click OK

Diamond Logic Controller II

*   Start MD32 DLCII.
*   Choose File ? MD Settings? COM Device
*   Click OK

Meritor-WABCO ABS Toolbox  8.0.0

*   Click System Setup; then select COM Port.
*   Select VXDIAG Single Application; the protocol to use is J1939 or J1708.
*   Select VXDIAG, USB and click OK.

PERKINS OF EST   2010B v1.0

*   Start Electronic Service Tool
*   Click Utilities to select Preferences
*   Click Communications to select RP1210 Compliant Device, then to click Advanced to select VXDIAG, USB (1)-VXDIAG
*   Click OK.

Volvo/Mack Premium Tech Tool (PTT) 1.12

*   Start Program, input User ID of m333422 or m311331, select Work offline, and click OK
*   Select Settings from the PTT menu.
*   Go to the Communication Units configuration tab, select RP1210B adapter
*   Click OK

PIWIS III Porsche Piwis Tester For Porsche Car After 2017

Porsche Piwis III is the newest Porsche Diagnostic Tool in the market. PIWIS III PST3 can replace Porsche Piwis tester II completely. PIWIS III compare with Piwis II, support Porsche new model after 2018. Most client request for Piwis 3 recently.

Kindly note: Only Porsche Piwis 3 Original in stock have Original Piwis 3 with Panasonic CF-54 installed the Piwis III software ready to use for sale.

PIWIS 3 Porsche VCI3 Porsche PIWIS Tester III with Panasonic CF 54 obd2toolcom PIWIS III Porsche Piwis Tester 3 For Porsche Car Till 2018

Porsche Piwis Tester III Package:


It covers all new vehicle models up to 2018
1. Current software version: 36.700 (developer mode enabled)
2. Laptop: Panasonic CF-54
3. Update Method: By SD card

Client will get original PIWIS III Porsche VCI3 with the latest software installed on Panasonic CF54 ready to use from Piwis Tester III support regular software updates, Piwis III full set come with developer mode option for additional functionality, which support navigation map conversion, unlimited license.

1. 911
2. Cayenne
3. Macan
4. Boxster/Cayman
5. Panamera
Piwis III Porsche PST3 can read trouble code, clear trouble code, shows ECU information. It test live data, display actual values, and programs. On all; process malfunction navigation, showing all interior circuit diagram. Especially if Porsche were produced after 2005. The PIWIS III has original oscillometer and multi-meter Function. It is the absolutely necessary tool for the job.
PIWIS Tester III Porsche PIWIS III Software 2 PIWIS III Porsche Piwis Tester 3 For Porsche Car Till 2018


PIWIS3 with Panasonic CF-54 full support Porsche car diagnostic and programming, Piwis III ‘s latest Porsche scanner is only one PIWIS Tester work for Porsche Car after 2017. Piwis III replace Porsche Piwis2 for Porsche new models.

John Deere Service Advisor 5.2.467 2019 Construction and Forestry Equipment

You are buying John Deere Service Advisor v5.2 for Construction and Forestry equipment online on USB HDD with international delivery or easy digital download! If you want to download the program. The download link along with PDF instruction file emailed to your email address within 2 hours (up to 12 hours in a weekend) of your purchase. If you would like the same software shipped to you on a USB HDD please select the appropriate delivery method during checkout.

The John Deere Service Advisor combines several versions of the program. As well as a number of related programs and diagnostic equipment

For Agriculture division please check the John Deere Service Advisor 5.2 2019 Agriculture Equipment Division product link

Before you proceed, please check the product requirements below.
John Deere Service Advisor 5.2 System requirements:

– O.S.: Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate; Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 10 Pro/Home
– CPU: Any CPU for Windows platform
– RAM: 8 GB of system memory (Recommended), 4 GB is the minimum required amount.
– Hard Drive: 150 GB of available space + ~110 Gb for the setup files if you want to download the software.

JD Service Advisor v5.2 support only Genuine JD EDL V3/V2 DLA Adapter kit (The previous version V2 USB and BT is also supported). If you’re using any other diagnostics tool we do not make any warranties

The new version of Heavy Duty Truck Scanner Service Advisor comes as a complete solution for those who do a repair, diagnostics, and maintenance of all John Deere construction and forestry equipment. It’s completely different from its previous version 4.2. JD Service Advisor functions are available from the Internet Explorer Web browser. At this moment this is only one officially supported browser version. To start work with any model, you need to enter the model name or its PIN.

Available program futures divided into a few main sections: – Manuals – Reprogramming – Diagnostics

Manuals Section. First of all, most of the manuals now have a more convenient web interface and you can read/print all you want using Internet Explorer. A part of the manual is still available as pdf files only. So you need Adobe Reader installed.

Reprogramming section requires dealer credentials to access the payload database. At this moment this future is not available.

Diagnostics section. The avaiable menus are

– Codes – Readings – Controllers – Observed Symptoms – Tests – Calibrations

John Deere Service Advisor 5.2 covers:

Hint: Click show all

4WD Loader
Apollo Series
Boom Harvester
CF Management Solutions
Compact Excavator
Compact Loader
Feller Buncher
Felling Head
Forestry Swing Machine
Forwarder Wheeled
Harvester Head
Landscape Loader
Log Loader
Mate. Hand Cut. and Shredders
Measuring System
Motor Grader
OEM Engines
OEM Winch
Planetary Drive
Pump Drive
Skid Steer
Tractor Loader
Utility Vehicles
Worksite Pro Attachment

Models on History DVDs:

Hint: Click show all

4WD Loader
Compact Excavator
Compact Loader
Feller Buncher
Forwarder Wheeled
Harvester Head
Log Loader
Motor Grader
Tree Harvester

John-Deere-Service-Advisor-5.2-1 John-Deere-Service-Advisor-5.2-2

John-Deere-Service-Advisor-5.2-3 John-Deere-Service-Advisor-5.2-4 John-Deere-Service-Advisor-5.2-5 John-Deere-Service-Advisor-5.2-6 John-Deere-Service-Advisor-5.2-7

Lonsdor K518ISE Read Opel Astra 2013 Pin Code Success

How to: read Opel Astra Berlina 2013 turbo pin code using Lonsdor K518S Key Programmer in 5 seconds.


Select Opel->Read Pin Code->Type 1




Lonsdor K518 read Opel Astra 2013 Pin Code success. Very fast.


Lonsdor K518ISE Program Key for Renault Megane 2005 with VF1M

New test report: Megane CC -2008  add key not problem

Renault Megane 2005 with VF1*M. WORK!!!

All done with Lonsdor K518ISE (latest software update) via OBD.


Insert key and turn on ignition switch

Go to Immobilizer-Renault-Select from vehicle- Megane- Megane CC-ore 2008- Program key

Turn off ignition and remove key
Turn on emergency flasher
Open driver door
Read key number and key ID
Insert key and turn off ignition
Turn off ignition and remove key
Program complete. Press OK to program next one.
Insert key and turn off ignition
Turn off ignition and remove key
Program complete
Learn key complete
Test the new key

pictures attached:

renault-megane-2005-key-0 renault-megane-2005-key-1 renault-megane-2005-key-2


renault-megane-2005-key-5 renault-megane-2005-key-6 renault-megane-2005-key-7 renault-megane-2005-key-8 renault-megane-2005-key-9

renault-megane-2005-key-10 renault-megane-2005-key-11 renault-megane-2005-key-12 renault-megane-2005-key-13 renault-megane-2005-key-14